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How to quickly obtain information about the real - Forestry Cloud

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How to quickly obtain information about the real state of forest resources and
increase profits from timber harvesting?
It is a commonly held belief that forestry is a low efficiency business. However, the foundation of the forestry
business is often forgotten – it is a renewable resource that grows rapidly under effective management. Is it
possible to make the forestry business more profitable with up to date information about the forest? What areas
will maximize profits, and where will harvesting lead to losses?
Forest management services are expensive and their execution time is measured in years. The Internet service offers a unique opportunity to rapidly assess forest resources on the basis of satellite
data. The satellite images are instantly processed into geo-referenced maps depicting growing stock, species
composition, volume of trunks, and timber pockets. Maps can be instantly transferred to the GIS and loaded into
a mobile phone or tablet.
This allows data to be quality checked and refined through sample plots on the site of interest. Inventory data
from is available in real time anywhere in the world. The service enables users to save
money and time, as well as receiving quality information on forest resources. Using this information, many
companies are now focusing their efforts on profitable areas.
The project was created in Joensuu, Finland. Joensuu is also known as the "Forest Capital of Europe" owing to
the presence of leading scientific institutions and companies specializing in the forest sector. Joensuu is also the
center of expertise in the field of forestry, including a group of young Russian scientists working in the area.
Online forest inventory for anywhere on the globe
The required data can be obtained by first registering with Then the border area of
interest must be drawn and the available satellite image and the appropriate information product must be selected.
Processing begins after payment is received. If sample plot data is required, an email with the coordinates of
proposed sample plots will be issued. The analysis data model of showed results with an
error rate not exceeding 20%. After processing of images, a report is provided showing the resulting accuracy of
information products for every plot and the distribution of errors is mapped. Currently,
offers a range of information products: Forest maps, maps of growing stock, monitoring of logging and fires,
maps of existing forest roads, business plans development, evaluation of resources for investment in bioenergy,
Example: Forest map
The forest map is based on the processing of a series of satellite images on the same territory taken in different
years. For most areas it is possible to obtain images from 1972 to 2014. The result is a series of maps with two
types of objects: "forest" and "non-forest". The additional value of such maps for different years is that forest
areas and deforestation data can be mapped against the year of harvesting. The "forest" category refers to an area
of the forest not exposed to harvesting during the last 42 years. Within this category, the age of stands can greatly
exceed 42. Often these areas are promising for wood harvesting. The map calculation process is fully automated.
Typically, results are available within 10–15 hours of payment. Preparation time depends only on the area of the
selected site.
Online forest inventory for anywhere on the globe
Maps can be used for rapid assessment of the forest area. It is possible to determine the existing forest roads, past
year cutting, and promising areas for harvesting. The map does not show whether there is a stock of wood in the
area, and only the presence or absence of the stand.
Example: Map plantation stocks
The map of growing stock distribution species and forest categories is based on co-processing of the satellite
image and sample plot measurement. Immediately after receipt of the order, the area of interest will be used to
simulate the variants of network sample plots. The purpose of the simulation is to minimize the number of plots
and the theoretical error of the inventory data. Coordinates of the plots are sent to the customer with instructions
on how to carry out the inventory. After receiving the inventory results, the data is analyzed, and the customer
receives a map of growing stock, species distribution, volume of the poles and other inventory data. Maps are
provided for all inventory parameters obtained in the field or on the basis of field measurement processing.
Besides processing of the results, information on the accuracy of the data will be provided. If the error level in
determining the growing stock is too high, it can be reduced by defining additional sample plots.
Image processing is fully automated. In the case of mobile applications (available for iPhone, iPad and devices
running Android), data processing begins immediately after establishment of the last plot. Results are sent to the
customer within 1 hour of the time of receiving the sample plot data.
The map allows the actual state of growing stock within the area of interest to be estimated. It is possible to
identify areas with high concentration of growing stock and areas of summer harvesting.
Online forest inventory for anywhere on the globe
The example above shows the "bitmap" option for presenting the results of image processing. The data can also
be presented in the form of stands. In addition, for assessing the status data of the area of forest, resources can be
presented in tabular format in the form of reports and graphs.
The cost of analysis can be calculated by selecting from the available images on the site and order processing is
very simple. This is achieved by going to, registering, drawing on the area of interest on
the map, submitting payment and receiving materials. Credit card payment is accepted on the website; in this case
the result of processing will be provided within a few hours. already provides services
to a number of companies from Russia, Finland, Romania, and Nepal. At the same time, the service guarantees a
100% refund in case of dissatisfaction with the results. Currently, there is a minimum order of 2,000 ha for credit
card payments, and 10,000 ha for contract and invoice.
Online forest inventory for anywhere on the globe
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