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How to set the APN for GPRS dongle

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How to set the APN for GPRS dongle
1. Open the APNSettings file folder,Run the “install.bat” at first,allow the PC can run this
2. Use the RS232 cable to connect the GPRS dongle and PC.power on the dongle
(please notice the power adapter,the GPRS dongle power is DC 5V)
3. Run the APN setting tool,the OSD as below:
4.Choose your RS-232 cable COM port on your PC,for example com3.com4…
5.Input your SIM card APN(APN:Access Point Name)
if you use the SIM card to online the internet,it need input User name and Password,please
input it;If it don’t need,you also don’t need input anything.
For example,if we use the China Mobile SIM card to online the internet ,the APN is “cmnet”,
it don’t need User name and password,you can set the APN like this:
6.If all setting is ok,please press “set” button to set. In the bottom of the APN setting tools,it will
display “write the APN”,then “write OK”.
7. After the settoing has finish,use the RS232 cable to connect the GPRS dongle and receiver.Set
the receiver Y4 protocol status “On”,then wait a moment,the encrypt channel will be open.
W hen the GPRS dongle power on,the power LED will become red,if the GPRS network init
OK,the LED will blinking, if the LED is not blink, it may be that's the reason:(1)APN setting is
not right;(2) the SIM card not inserted.(3)the SIM card not open the internet function..
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