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ACI Instructions on how to create, save and upload an XML file

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ACI Instructions on how to create, save and upload an XML file
Please upload the XML File and Invoice to MIS. Please do not upload the
PDF File. If you are having difficulty uploading the XML file and need
additional instructions; please call ACI tech support: 1-800-234-8727 -orMIS for assistance: 1-888-901-4647 x1309
1. Open a report in ACI.
2. Click File > Send Web Services > MISMO 2.6 GSE / MISMO 2.6 Errata Delivery, or
eServices > Send Report > MISMO 2.6 GSE / MISMO 2.6 Errata Delivery.
3. If prompted, enter the Web Product Permission Password and click OK.
4. UAD Validation rules automatically run against the file to verify UAD compliance.
NOTE: Errors must be corrected in
order for the report to receive a
Pass rating. Double-click a
message to jump to the
referenced field. After making
corrections, re-submit the file for
delivery. The report passes
when no errors are found in the
5. Select the Print Components and click OK. Select all Includes all forms.
Deselect all Excludes all forms. Manually select the forms to print.
Invert Automatically deselects the previously selected forms and selects the
previously unselected forms.
TIP: For forms with multiple sections
(for example, the 1004 Single
Family 2005), click Details and
select the sections to print.
6. Enter the E-Mail Information for the file delivery and click OK.
7. A send confirmation is returned. Click OK.
8. Open the report in your e-mail by double clicking on it.
9. Click File at the top left corner.
10. Click Save as
11. Choose the location (remember the location to retrieve the report for future use)
12. Click Save
13. Go to: to upload your report to MIS.
14. Enter the upload code that was provided on the engagement instructions; click
15. Verify that the address is correct; click Continue
16. Click Browse (Please upload the XML FILE only; we do not need the PDF) Go to the
location you choose to save the report in; click on the report; click Open. Repeat
these steps. to upload the invoice. (note: when uploading a revised report; please do
not resend the invoice)
17. Click Submit
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