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Tutorial: How to install an APK file downloaded from - Energy Sistem

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Tutorial: How to install an APK file downloaded from
your computer.
Valid for models ENERGY TABLET i724/i824/i828HD.
1) Make sure that the debugging mode of your Energy Tablet is off.
a) To do that, click on “Options”, you will find on the desktop.
b) In the options menu, click on “Settings”.
c) Now click on the “Applications” option.
d) Click on “Development”.
e) Make sure to turn the option “USB Debugging” off.
2) Use the USB cable to connect your Energy Tablet to the computer.
3) It will appear a screen with the option of “Connect USB storage”. Click on it.
4) Now you will have access to the folders of your Energy Tablet from the computer.
Drag the file APK from your location in the computer to a folder of your Energy Tablet.
The folder “Download” is the most appropriate.
5) Once the file is copied you will have to disconnect your Energy Tablet from the
computer, by clicking on the icon of the Windows notification area on the taskbar (down
– on the right side) and on “Safely remove USB Mass Storage Device”.
6) You can safely remove your USB cable.
7) We are going to locate the file copied on your Energy Tablet. From the desktop, click
on “Apps”.
8) Click on “Files” to open the File Explorer.
9) The folder “Download” -where we have copied the file APK- is in the internal
10) Click on the icon of the folder “Download”.
11) Here you will find the copied file, it will also appear all the files downloaded from the
web browser of the Tablet. Click on the file you want to install.
12) A menu will be open, click on “Install” and the installation will start.
Copyright В© 2012 Energy Sistem Soyntec S.A.
All Rights reserved.
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