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Running Avid Storage Manager (ASM). This document explains how

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Running Avid Storage Manager (ASM).
This document explains how to setup an ASM sequential read test on the following
Unity Lanshare EX, LP. Unity Mediarray ZX, LP, XT.
Unity Media Engine.
NOTE: The ASM software is not installed with the original installation of the Unity File
Manager, or Mediarray software. You must install ASM separately.
If you have a copy of the Unity software downloaded to your CPU, or if you have an
official installation disk, the installer for ASM is found inside of the Unity\WIN\ASM
folder. You can download the latest version of the Unity software from
Once ASM is installed, you will want to ensure that nobody is currently connected to the
Unity. Once everyone is disconnect you can stop the File Manager service. The ASM
software will not run if the File Manager service is running. Be sure that your Monitor
Tool says the server is not running before proceeding.
1. You can run ASM directly from Unity Lanshare EX, LP, Unity Mediarray ZX, LP,
XT, or Unity Media Engine. Launch ASM from the following directory.
C:\Program Files\Avid\Utilities\Avid Storage Manager
The ASM software will launch, and will open by default to the Physical View.
If you’re running ASM from a Lanshare EX, LP, or Mediarray ZX, LP your drives will
be split up into two groups.
If you’re running ASM from a Media Engine, or Mediarray XT your drives will be in one
2. Select one of the drives labeled “MediaNet Stripe”. You will get the following
Select Yes, and all of the drives with the “MediaNet Stripe” label with be selected.
3. With the drives selected the Test option on the right of the screen will become
available. Click on Test, and the test options will appear.
Change the test type to Sequential Read, and take note of where the log file will be saved,
then click on the Start button. A message will appear reminding you to turn off the File
Manager Service. Double check that the FM service is off, and click OK.
The status bar will turn Blue, and eventually will show you your progress.
In Progress… This can take 2+ hours to complete.
When the test is complete the Physical view will give you an overview of which drives
passed, and which drives failed.
The log file that was saved will give you more details about why drives passed or failed.
The log will also provide you with serial numbers for each drive that you can match up
with the drive Unit numbers in the Setup Manager software.
From Setup Manager you can take the steps necessary to remove/repair any failed drives.
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