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How to Apply for Camp I Am Special

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How to Apply for Camp I Am Special
***Please read through all instructions before beginning***
The system cannot save partial applications and will time out after approximately 30 minutes.
Go to
Click on Apply Here and select the appropriate category—Buddy, Camper, etc.
If you applied for a mini-camp, log in using your email address and password that you used for the mini-camp.
If you have not applied online for any of our camps, click on New User.
Click on the session that you wish to apply for. When applying for Summer Sessions, you will have an
opportunity to select your top 3 weeks once you are in the application.
Enter your information in all required fields. Continue through until you reach then end of questions. Please
remember that the application times out after approximately 30 minutes. If you are worried about running out
of time, please make sure to have information ready prior to beginning the application process. You will need to
have information for 2 Emergency Contacts, including phone numbers and addresses. You will need Insurance
information and Physician information.
If your camper requires detailed explanations of Bedtime, Meal and Morning routines, please consider typing
your responses ahead of time and copying and pasting them into the application. The system cannot save
partial applications. There is a 1000 character limit.
Consider doing the same on the Behaviors section, particularly if your camper’s behaviors require extensive
explanation. The Behavior categories are: biting, spitting, frequent crying, screaming, pushing, kicking, pinching,
hitting, withdrawing, running away, self-abuse, throwing objects, hugging/kissing, hoarding/packing food,
additional issues. There is a 250 character limit for each of these categories.
Typing these responses ahead of time can allow you to be as detailed as possible while not running out of time
when completing the application.
Continue clicking through. If you are applying more than one applicant, select “Add a New Participant”. If not,
click Checkout. At this point, you will be asked to create an online account if you are new to the system. Please
complete all fields on this page.
Congratulations! You made it through the application!
Once all applications are in, we will make decisions regarding placement. Once you are placed in a Session, you will
receive notification of your placement. You will then log in using the username and password you created and will be
able to accept your placement and make a payment. You can still send a check to the office, if you would prefer.
Please feel free to contact the office with any questions!
235Marywood Drive St. Johns, FL 32259
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