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Step 1: CALL US FIRST- AAA Certified Roofing (Headquarters 937-265-0415 or your
local branch) to schedule your FREE inspection and damage assessment.
We will do a thorough inspection of your property. We will show you what we find and give
you an honest professional opinion on whether or not you should file an insurance claim.
If we don't find sufficient damage, we will not waste your time trying to get your insurance
company to buy something they aren't responsible for.
If we do find sufficient damage, then you will need to contact your insurance company and
file a claim. Visit our File Your Insurance Claim page to view a list of insurance company
Step 2: File a Claim
Contact your Insurance Agent and let them know you have a claim to file. You are welcome
to give them our name and number as well and let them know we will be working on your
behalf to resolve the claim. That way they can talk directly to us regarding the damage and
we can work directly with them to make sure everything gets covered.
Claim # _______________________
Step 3: Insurance Adjuster Meeting
You will be notified by your insurance company of a date and time when your adjuster will
come to see the damage. Let us know ASAP! We want to meet your insurance company
when they come out. This usually saves a lot of time going back and forth with the company
if their adjuster misses something that we think they should pay for.
Adjuster name _______________
ph# ___________
Date of inspection_________
Step 4: Insurance Paperwork Review
After the adjuster completes his inspection, you will usually receive a loss summary report
and initial check within a week. We will need to see this report to ensure they didn't miss
anything. Give your AAA Certified Roofing representative a call and they will meet with you
to review the loss report to make sure it is complete and accurate. If there are any
discrepancies, we will contact your insurance company and make sure they are addressed.
Now you can select your material and colors. Your representative will complete all final
paperwork and work with you to determine a date and time that is agreeable to complete
the repairs. We will collect an initial deposit and sign a contact outlining the specifics for
your job.
Step 5: Restoration!
We will have your materials delivered where you specify and our crews will begin working
on your property immediately after. Your AAA Certified Roofing representative will oversee
the entire project.
Step 6: Payment and Final Insurance Paperwork
Upon completion of each trade, AAA Certified Roofing will collect payment from you. We will
also contact your insurance company to release any depreciation or supplemental money.
You are responsible for your deductible and any requested upgrades. You will be provided
with any necessary paperwork upon completion of work and payment in full.
Once entire job is complete, a certificate of completion will be presented to you for
signature. That document will be sent to the insurance company so that they will release
any withheld funds to you.
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