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How To Locate properties in designated Target Areas of the County

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How To
Locate properties in designated Target Areas
of the County of Riverside.
In this example, we will assume you have located a foreclosed
property that appears to initially meet eligibility requirements and,
at this time, only an address is known. If you have an APN number,
enter APN when you get to Step #2.
Step #1
Visit the Riverside County EDA website at
Locate the following picture/icon at the bottom left-hand corner of
the screen.
Click once to begin search.
В Step #2
Enter the property address. Skip APN if it is not available. Click
Search and an address should appear below the Search button. Click on
the listed APN number.
  Click “Print APN listing” for your records. Go to Step #4.
If an APN number and address do not appear, you will need to retrieve
the APN from the County Assessor office at
and then go to Step #4.
Step #4
Close the search window and click “Property Locator” on the left hand
side of the screen as shown below.
В Step #5
The Riverside County Land Information System.
Click “Accept” to enter mapping system and allow time for the map of
the county to load.
Enter APN at the top left box and click “Go”.
The parcel will be outlined in black and streets will be identified.
Click “Print” at the top right side and then click “Display printable
map” at the bottom right hand corner. Go to “File” and “Print”.
This map will assist you when verifying properties in the Target Area
Maps and should be added to the file.
В В Step #6
Close the Riverside County Land Information System window.
Click on “NSP Target Areas” shown below.
Select the appropriate target area map and click link at the right.
В Step #7
Target Area Maps require Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you are unable open
and view maps, you will need to download the Free Adobe Acrobat
Reader to view these files.
Print Map and mark location for records.
Step #8
Zoom-in and scroll to location. Use your Parcel Map from Step #6 to
help you with streets. You can also search street names.
Unfortunately, not all streets are listed, so try looking at other
surrounding streets to help you locate property.
В В В Step #9
Pinpoint and mark the location clearly.
  To print the “zoomed-in” portion of the map, click the printer and go
to Step #10.
Step #10
Select “Current View” and under Page Scaling, select “Fit to
Printable Area”.
Provide a print out of ALL maps to expedite the review of your
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