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How to prepare for PARS - Registrar of Community Housing

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PARS Assessment Overview Sheet
Making a PARS application
Download the PARS Guide for Aboriginal Community Housing Providers
Look at the questions in the PARS Guide and prepare answers to the
questions. These are the questions that will be in the on-line PARS
application form
(Note, however, that there are some questions that may differ
depending on your class of registration. As a guide, Class 3 providers
manage 31 properties or more and Class 4 providers manage up to 30
Look at the documentary evidence that you need to submit. This is listed
under each Performance Requirement, and also in the Required
Documents Checklist at the back of the PARS Guide (see Class 3, page
52 and Class 4, page 54).
Review your organisational and housing processes against the PARS
Guide. This could include policies and procedures, written and unwritten
documentation, financial documents or systems which are established
within your organisation.
It is suggested that all providers attend information and briefing sessions
and workshops conducted by the Aboriginal Housing Office, the
Registrar of Community Housing and the NSW Federation of Housing
Associations. Briefing sessions and workshops can assist providers in
understanding PARS and the PARS process.
The Aboriginal Housing Office regional staff can be of assistance to
providers during the PARS process.
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