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How to Buy the Cheapest Granite Countertop - ANO, Inc.

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How to Buy the Cheapest Granite Countertop
1. Don't ask for insurance.
Paying for insurance is
expensive and once your
top is in you cannot see
your contractors insurance
policy in the top. If one of
the workmen get hurt they
can sue you, as the homeowner, if the contractor cannot cover the claim. If the
installer damages your house and disappears there will be no insurance
company to stand behind you. Covering these risks cost money so do not ask for
an insurance certificate.
2. Don't visit the shop where your countertop will be built. Well equipped shops
that are clean and efficient are expensive. The cheapest contractors work out of
garages, storage warehouses or even fabricate in your driveway where they do
not have to pay rent or for expensive equipment to do the job right.
3. Find out if your contractor has a land line for a phone number or works strictly
off a cell phone. Guys who run an office and plan to be around for the long haul
like when you need warranty work will have an office and a permanent phone
number. The cheap guys will have a cell phone only that can be changed at a
moment's notice and no office or location where you can find them when you
need warranty work.
4. Don't ask for references.
5. Don't approve the slabs that will actually used in the in your project. Slabs will
be different depending on the lot number and when they were quarried. Getting
slabs that match is expensive. Let the contractor find you the cheapest slabs.
6. Pay for you slabs at the slab supplier. This will save the middle man charges. It
also means the contractor is cut off for credit reasons at the supplier but what do
you care if the contractor has credit problems. You won't have warranty
ANO, Inc. Midwest Distributors of Eclipse Stainless,, 8847-740-0208
7. Don't ask what grade of granite you are getting. Premium and Commercial grade
slabs even if they have the same name can be very different. Having countertops
with uniform color and free of blemishes is expensive.
8. Don't ask which direction the veining in the slab will run or where the seams will
be. Properly seamed countertops and countertops where the direction of the
veining is properly planned are much more expensive.
9. Let the contractor pick the edge finish and put wax on the edges instead of
polishing them. Polishing edges takes expensive equipment and a lot of time.
Waxing is cheap and you clean it off so you can get the dull natural just sawed
10. Make sure you get a "free" sink. Don't ask it if it meets building code or who will
handle the warranty. The very cheapest sinks have no manufacturers name on
them so you cannot track down the manufacturer if the contractor disappears.
But it was free.
copyright 2012 Thomas Robinson
ANO, Inc. Midwest Distributors of Eclipse Stainless,, 8847-740-0208
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