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How to Use This Book 5 - Healio

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How to Use This Book
Figure 2-1. Completed clinical
skill assessment.
tial statement of the skill, each individual task that contributes to that skill is listed. Blank circles, labeled Y or N
(for yes and no), are provided next to each component of
the skill. A response of yes indicates that the component
of the skill was performed correctly. A negative response
indicates that the component of the skill was either performed incorrectly or not at all. Note that the skill assessments in this section of the text are not weighted.
The correct responses for each yes or no section are
objective; however, unless the instructor weights each
response, the final score is somewhat subjective. The tester may choose to use different colored markers and/or use
the corresponding letters of the method for testing (L, C,
P, A, or S) in order to document which circle was checked
at a specific interval. The observed responses should be
the same, whether they are checked by a peer or by a clinical instructor. However, the level set for mastery is subjective and should be determined by the ACI. For a student
preparing for entry into the Athletic Training profession,
the goal for mastery should be 100%. The student should
strive to have as many yes boxes checked as possible.
This section (Figure 2-1B) may be used during the
instruction, practice, or testing of a skill. During instruction, the student may use this score sheet, along with
note-taking from class and review of other recommended
references, to learn the skill. Each score sheet was
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