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Public and Private Students
Sign, Date, and Submit…
2014-15 Season
Purpose of the M-BAR-T program
Big Sky Resort proudly continues the Moonlight Basin Aspirations Reward Team (M-BAR-T), offering reduced rate season
passes, to:
п‚· Inspire young people to achieve academic growth and excellence
 Provide outdoor recreational opportunities to the area’s youth
п‚· Promote skiing as a lifelong activity to be shared with the family
п‚· Allow young people to experience the beauty, freedom and physical challenge of snow sports
Types of Passes Available
There are two types of M-BAR-T passes available. Eligibility, qualifications, and rules are applicable to either type:
п‚· Pass 1: Moonlight Basin terrain only. $99.00 plus 3% resort tax ($101.97 total)
п‚· Pass 2: All-Mountain terrain. $399.00 plus 3% resort tax ($410.97 total)
Eligibility – Public and Private School Students
M-BAR-T season passes are available to 6th through 12th grade students in Gallatin, Madison, Beaverhead, Park, and Sweet
Grass counties. Only students attending a public or private participating school are eligible to receive an M-BAR-T pass.
Qualifying Criteria – Public and Private School Students
п‚· Achieve a 3.0 GPA or higher for the 1st applicable grading period of the 2014-15 school year
The grading period is different for each participating school and is determined by Big Sky Resort and the participating school.
Contact your individual school for the agreed upon dates. No refunds are provided to any student, which for any reason,
lose their pass privileges. This applies to both types of passes – no exceptions.
Grade Verification Methods – Public and Private School Students
There are two verification methods available. Only one method of verification will be utilized by each individual school.
Each individual school determines their preferred method of verification.
 Method 1: School provides to Big Sky Resort a list of “Eligible Students” that meet the 3.0 GPA grade requirements
at the end of the pre-determined 1st grading period.
 Method 2: School provides to individual students a “Letter of Eligibility” on school letterhead indicating the
student met the 3.0 GPA requirements at the end of the pre-determined 1st grading period.
1) Parent and Student must each read, sign and date this informational document.
2) Determine your school’s grade verification method. Confirm with your school that the student’s name is on the list
of “Eligible Students” sent to Big Sky Resort – or – obtain a “Letter of Eligibility” on school letterhead. Original
signed letters only – no copies will be accepted.
3) Parent and Student must complete, sign and date the 2014-15 M-BAR-T season pass agreement.
4) Submit your informational document, season pass agreement, original Letter of Eligibility (if applicable), and
payment form to Madison Base pass office (formerly Moonlight Basin season pass office) or the Mountain Services
office at Mountain Village (base camp). Applications must be submitted in person – no exceptions.
PRINT Parent/Guardians First and Last Name
PRINT Students First and Last Name
Signature of Parent/Guardians
Signature of Student
Questions? Call Sara Sipe at (406) 995-5822 or email to
All Students
Complete and Submit…
2014-15 Winter Season
Select Type of Pass:
Moonlight Basin terrain only / $99 + 3% resort tax = $101.97
All-Mountain terrain / $399 + 3% resort tax = $410.97
Authorized by and for:
PRINT Parent/Guardian’s First and Last Name
Signature of Parent/Guardian
PRINT Student/Pass Holder’s First and Last Name
Select Payment Type:
Check (please include driver’s license number and phone number on checks)
Credit Card (please complete the below authorization form)
Account Type:
Cardholder Name _________________________________________________
Card Number
Expiration Date
Security Code
Billing Zip Code
I authorize Big Sky Resort to charge the credit card indicated in this authorization form according to the terms outlined above. This payment
authorization is for the goods/services described above, for the amount indicated above only, and is valid for one time use only. I certify that I
am an authorized user of this credit card and that I will not dispute the payment with my credit card company; so long as the transaction
corresponds to the terms indicated in this form.
Questions? Call Sara Sipe at (406) 995-5822 or email to
of Last
Last, First
I acknowledge that skiing, which means any activity that involves sliding or jumping on snow or ice, involves inherent
dangers and risks that are part of the sport and cannot be eliminated including: changing weather conditions; snow
conditions as they exist or as they may change, including ice, hardpack, powder, packed powder, wind pack, corn snow,
crust, slush, cut-up snow, and machine-made snow; avalanches; collisions with natural surface or subsurface conditions,
such as bare spots, forest growth, rocks, stumps, streambeds, cliffs, trees, and other natural objects; collisions with lift
towers, signs, posts, fences, enclosures, hydrants, water pipes, or other artificial structures and their components;
variations in steepness or terrain, whether natural or the result of slope design, snowmaking, or snow grooming operations,
including but not limited to roads, freestyle terrain, ski jumps, catwalks, and other terrain modifications; collisions with
clearly visible or plainly marked equipment, including but not limited to lift equipment, snowmaking equipment, snow
grooming equipment, trail maintenance equipment, and snowmobiles, whether or not the equipment is moving; collisions
with other skiers; the failure of a skier to ski within that skier's ability; skiing in a closed area or skiing outside the ski area
boundary as designated on the ski area trail map; and restricted visibility caused by snow, wind, fog, sun, or darkness. I
accept all legal responsibility for injury or damage of any kind to the extent that the injury or damage results from
inherent dangers and risks of skiing.
I agree that I have a duty to ski at all times in a manner that avoids injury to the skier and others and to be aware of the
inherent dangers and risks of skiing. The skier using this pass shall: know the range of the skier's ability and safely ski within the
limits of that ability and the skier's equipment so as to negotiate any section of terrain or ski slope and trail safely and without
injury or damage; know that the skier's ability may vary because of ski slope and trail changes caused by weather, grooming
changes, or skier use; maintain control of speed and course so as to prevent injury to the skier or others; abide by the
requirements of the skier responsibility code that is published by the national ski areas association; obey all posted or other
warnings and instructions of the ski area operator; read the ski area trail map and be aware of its contents.
I assume all such risks and agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, DEFEND AND INDEMNIFY Big Sky Resort, Boyne USA, Inc. its
agents, employees, and instructors from any and all claims and liabilities arising out of or in connection with the use of this pass
and/or all of the associated premises. If I am signing on behalf of a minor, I verify that I am the parent or guardian of the minor
and have authority to enter into this agreement and I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS, DEFEND AND INDEMNIFY Big Sky
Resort, Boyne USA, Inc. its agents, employees, and instructors from any and all claims of the minor.
I have carefully read this complete form, fully understand its contents and sign the same of my own free will and accord.
PRINT Student/Pass Holder’s First and Last Name
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Signature of Student/Pass Holder
HOME phone of Student (if different)
CELL phone of Parent/Guardian
CELL phone of Student (if different)
Street Address of Parent/Guardian
Street Address of Student (if different)
City, State and Zip of Parent/Guardian
City, State and Zip of Student (if different)
Type of Pass:
HOME phone of Parent/Guardian
STUDENTS Date of Birth:
Moonlight Basin terrain only, $99 plus 3% resort tax
All-Mountain terrain, $399 plus 3% resort tax
Pass Type
PRINT Parent/Guardian’s First and Last Name
Your Responsibility Code
At ski areas you may see people using alpine, snowboard, telemark, cross country, snowshoes, and other specialized
recreational equipment, such as that used by disabled or other persons. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy the slopes,
always show courtesy to others and be aware that there are elements of risk in winter recreation that common sense and
personal awareness can help reduce. Observe the code listed below and share with others the responsibility for a great
winter experience.
1. Always stay in control, and be able to stop or avoid other people or objects.
2. People ahead of you have the right of way. It is your responsibility to avoid them.
3. You must not stop where you obstruct a trail, or are not visible from above.
4. Whenever starting downhill or merging into a trail, look uphill and yield to others.
5. Always use devices to help prevent runaway equipment.
6. Observe all posted signs and warnings. Keep off closed trails and out of closed areas.
7. Prior to using any lift, you must have the knowledge and ability to load, ride and unload safely.
This is a partial list. Be safety conscious at all times.
A copy of MCA 23-2-736, Duties of Skiers, is posted at the Ticket Sales office and must be read and understood prior to
accessing these premises.
Big Sky Resort Season Pass Guidelines
Season Pass Holder Regulations:
Individuals who misuse pass privileges by allowing their pass to be used by others invalidate the pass and are
committing a crime punishable under Mont. Code Ann. В§ 45-6-305. Individuals that misuse their pass, operate
recklessly, ski out-of-bounds or in an otherwise unsafe or inappropriate manner shall be subject to pass revocation
without refund and in some cases may be subject to criminal charges under Montana Law. Those having misused
Resort privileges will not be eligible for a season pass during this or future seasons.
M-BAR-T Pass Holder Specifics:
There are no blackout dates for M-BAR-T passes. However, Big Sky Resort does not encourage nor condone students
to miss class to utilize their M-BAR-T season pass. Big Sky Resort reserves the right to contact school administrators
and parents/guardians when students are on the mountain during scheduled school days and may deactivate passes
at its sole discretion.
Lost, Stolen or Damaged Season Passes:
Lost or stolen passes must be reported immediately to the Ticket Sales Office (995-5749). There will be a replacement
fee of $25.00. Passes that are lost or stolen and not reported immediately will be handled in the same manner as a
misused pass. Damaged passes which do not work properly will be replaced free of charge.
Presentation of Passes:
The holder agrees to wear the pass in an accessible pocket or around the neck and to keep the pass visible when
boarding the lift. Ticket scanners will need to quickly scan the barcode of each pass before the holder can access a lift.
At any time, the holder may be required to present their pass to a Big Sky Employee.
Season Pass Photo Requirements:
Applicants agree to have a photo taken for their pass and for the Guest Services Database.
I have read this form, understand its contents, and wish to apply for a Big Sky Season Pass.
PRINT Parent/Guardian’s First and Last Name
PRINT Student/Pass Holder’s First and Last Name
Signature of Parent/Guardian
Signature of Student/Pass Holder
In case of emergency, phone # of Parent/Guardian
Name of School:
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