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Parents: Do Your Children
Know How to Call 911?
By: Angie Privitt
“911 operator, state your emergency.” It’s a simple statement, but not the easiest to answer if you are a child calling when someone you love is hurt. Parents are
the best teachers to prepare children in case of an emergency. Although a sensitive
topic, teaching your children the basics of calling 911 can provide them with a feeling of security and love because they know that help is just a phone call away.
Here are some suggestions on
teaching your children how to make a
proper 911 call:
• Make sure your children know that
they need to remain calm and talk
clearly so they can provide the
information the operator needs to
send help. The operator will ask such
questions as: What is the emergency? What happened? Where are
you? Who needs help? Who is with
you? Are you safe where you are?
Children need to know NOT to make
up stories but to tell the truth when
answering these questions. If they
are unable to answer a question, it’s
okay for them to say “I’m not sure”
and move on to the next question.
Children also need to be reminded
that the dispatcher cannot see them
pointing or making head gestures.
• Have your child practice making a
911 call with an unplugged phone
and you as the dispatcher.
• Tell your children when it is necessary to call 911. Basic concepts
are: when adults fall and need help;
there’s a fire and an adult is not
present; there is an intruder in the
home. If your children are away
from home, teach them to be aware
of their surroundings and know what
to do if they are in danger. Encourage
them to trust their “gut” feelings, and
if in doubt, to call. Most importantly,
they need to understand that they
should NEVER call 911 for fun.
• Have a family discussion about
calling 911. This would create a
better understanding of emergency
communication and minimize fear.
Create a list of emergency family phone numbers, addresses and
cross streets that is easily accessible.
Knowing where they could find the
information could prevent anxiety.
For more information on calling 911, please visit the Anthem
Neighborhood Watch website at; Click on the
Community Directory tab and select
“Anthem Neighborhood Watch.”
The Anthem Neighborhood Watch Committee
The overall emphasis of the Anthem Neighborhood Watch Committee
(ANW) is two-way communication and education between neighborhoods
and law enforcers. The ANW committee holds monthly meetings and events,
which are a great chance for residents to meet other neighbors, get the latest information on crime issues, hear informative speakers discussing crime
prevention and safety, and speak with local law enforcement.
If you would like to know how you can become more involved in your own
neighborhood and community, please contact us through Anthem’s community website, You can find Anthem Neighborhood
Watch under the Community Directory tab.
16 April 2011
Below are some stories of how
children who called 911 became
little heroes.
A 3-year-old boy was with his grandmother when she passed out. Knowing
something was wrong, he did what his
mother told him to do just days before
- he called 911. The dispatcher asked
him what the emergency was, and the
toddler responded “Mom’s mom sick.”
He was able to stay calm and give the
necessary information. His grandmother is doing well - she had fallen because
she had a stroke.
A 2-year-old girl saved her mother
when the mother collapsed. The girl
watched as her mother fell while they
were playing together. The toddler
picked up the phone on the coffee table
and dialed 911. She told the operator
“mommy ouch.” Her mother was saved
because the girl knew how to dial 911.
A 7-year-old called 911 while his
family’s home was being robbed. The
police were able to come and arrest the
A 4-year-old boy found his mother on
the floor in the kitchen. She had passed
out due to a minor heart attack. He
called 911 and the paramedics were
able to come and help. He saved his
mom’s life.
A 9-year-old boy saved his grandmother’s life when she collapsed from
a serious heart condition. Any delay
would have been detrimental. Even
though other family members were
present, it was the boy who had the
presence of mind to call 911.
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