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Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Your - McCart Group

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News from The McCart Group
Employer Services & Risk Management
November 2013
Explaining the Affordable Care Act (ACA) to Your Workers:
A How-To Guide
Information on the Affordable Care Act is coming at your workers from all sides. They will have questions for
you. Here are 10 tips for communicating with your workers on the Affordable Care Act:
Explain ACA simply and concisely. The law and its regulatory guidance are far-reaching, complicated
and lengthy. Stick to the basics when communicating with your participants.
Focus on the most immediate changes. Cover what is happening during open enrollment and what
changes are coming in 2014.
Focus on the areas that most impact your workers.
Clarify that your workers do NOT need to purchase health insurance through the public exchanges.
(Most employers are maintaining their coverage. If you are dropping coverage for some or all of your
employees, be explicit in the steps they need to take.)
State the value of your health coverage in dollars per person. You may also include total cost spent
by the organization or cost per payroll, but a worker will better appreciate and understand the value
when positioned per individual rather than the organization’s perspective.
Remind workers of the health care providers available through your plan.
Inform workers of any existing or changing cost-sharing provisions. Clarify provisions such as
deductibles, copayments, premiums, etc.
Explain design changes to your plan due to ACA. Cover changes that may impact your workers
including preventive services coverage and elimination of out-of-pocket maximums.
Emphasize your company’s commitment to providing health care in the future.
10. State why you offer benefits in the first place. Whether it is to attract the best talent, be competitive
or to take care of workers, explain to your workers what you offer and why you offer it.
“People still have a lot of questions regarding the Affordable Care Act and many are concerned about how it
might affect their benefits,” says Julie Stich, research director for the International Foundation of Employee
Benefit Plans. Stick with these IFEBP guidelines for communication and your workforce should have a clear
picture of the Obamacare landscape.
International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans – 10-2013
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