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How to add Student and Parent Email Addresses in ABI

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How to add Student and Parent Email Addresses in ABI
Teachers now have the option of adding or editing student and parent email
addresses in ABI. With the new ABI email capabilities, the school benefits from as
complete a database as possible. When a teacher logs in to ABI, they should select
the major tab of Student Info. Next select the sub tab student data and select a
student. You will see something similar to the image below:
In the area circled on the right hand side, you can see the location for a student
email address. (The parent email goes in a different location) If the student has an
email address, it will be listed here. To edit or add an email address, please click on
the pencil and piece of paper icon. When you click on this icon you will see the pop
up window shown below:
Revised November 15, 2006
Just type in the new or revised email address and a student account is created. An
email is sent to that student’s email address giving them a login link and a
temporary password. They will change the temporary password immediately upon
logging in to the site.
Students should not be given parent accounts. A parent account has some change
ability that student’s do not.
Teachers also have the option of adding parent emails through ABI. At the
Student Info screen click on the “contacts” link. For each contact, you will see an
email address or the icon to add one.
If you add them for anyone else, it will create a parent account for them. You
cannot add an email address without creating an account. See below.
Revised November 15, 2006
When you click on the icon, you will see a box just like the one shown below. Once
you make the change, just click on the Change Email Address button and you are
done! It will add or change the email address everywhere within the student
Revised November 15, 2006
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