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The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring about a revolution

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Vol. I, No.l?>, Week 11-18 November 2012
(?>2n~ $un~ay in Or~inary Time - Year B)
"The greatest challenge of the day is: how to bring
about a revolution of the heart. A revolution which
must start with each one of us. -Dorothy Day
What we would like to do ig change the
wotld make it a little gimplet fat people
to feed, clothe, and gheltet themgelveg
ag God intended them to do.
"The mygtety of povetty ig that by
ghating in it, making outgelveg
pOOt in giving to othetg, we
incteage out knowledge of and
belief in love."
By embtacing volu
povetty, that ig, by
cagting out lot fteely
with thoge whoge
impovetighment ig not a choice,
we agk fat the gtace to abandon
outgelveg to the love of God.
Thig putg Ug on the path to
incatnating the Chutch'g
ptefetential option fat the POOt."
by ctying out unceagingly
fat the tightg of the
WOtketg, the POOt,
of the degtituteof the wotthy and the
we can, to a cettain extent,
change the wotld; we can wotk fat
the oagig, the little cell of ioy
and peace in a hanied wotld.
Today's Gospel reminds us of the high esteem given to "the poor" in the Kingdom of God
We see the widow giving all she has ('out of her poverty', we are told). I am certain that few
of us can truly be said to give out of our poverty; although there may be a few exceptions
amongst us. A modern day example of someone who practiced this ideal is Dorothy Day.
Dorothy, is most well-known for being the founder of the Catholic Worker Movement, an
organisation which still runs today. She was a humanitarian who constantly championed the
cause of the poorest in society, devoting most of her life to eradicating poverty in its many
forms. She recognised in a profound way that in serving the most needy we are serving
Christ-who calls us out of ourselves. The Church recognises her extraordinary and selfless
efforts in service of the poor and has begun the investigation for her canonization (to be
given recognition as Saint Dorothy Day). In recognition that the process for being recognised
a saint is under way, Dorothy is given the title "Servant of God". Above, I have offered a
series of quotations by Dorothy for our individual reflection through the week.
On 1st December 2012, our parish at Holy Trinity will
host the Annual Street Peoples' Christmas Lunch in the hall.
Wouldn't it be wonderful if students from the 6pm Mass
volunteered to host a table or two?
Please email or speak to Ricardo (details to the right) for more details if you are
willing to host a table. We understand that you may not be able to afford food for the
table but your support in serving and cleaning-up would be greatly appreciated.
Like Acts Wits
Remember your chaplains are
available if you need to chat.
Call Ricardo
or Fr. Russell
on 011 3392826
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