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How to use the download device kit (Windows 2000 - ACUVANCE

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How to use the download device kit (Windows 2000/XP Edition)
Thank you for purchasing the Aggressive Drive Effector “TAO”. We at Keyence have
substantially expanded on the originally scheduled functions (as mentioned in the
TACHYON instruction manual) so that you can enjoy an even larger variety of settings
without concerning about a category/course layout. Due to this expansion, you may
not be able to control all functions of this product using your current “TACHYON”.
By downloading this “download device kit” software, you will not only improve
compatibility with the “TAO” but you will update the TACHYON to the latest version.
Before using the “TAO”, ensure you observe the following steps to download the
TACHYON. Once you have completed downloading the latest software, all setting
changes, and so on, are conducted via this product, and you will not require the use
of a PC.
In addition, in regards to the version update, ensure you are compliant with all of
the items described below.
Setting up
I. Installing the download software to a PC.
*Items you will require: “CD-ROM”
(1) Insert the CD-ROM into the PC drive.
This CD-ROM is an 8 cm card CD-ROM. If the disc-tray is positioned upright
NOTE and there is nothing to fix the disc in place, please use a “CD single adapter”
(commercial product).
(2) After inserting the CD-ROM, the following screen will appear. Follow the
instructions on-screen and continue to the next step of the installation
by clicking on the buttons outlined in red (Figure 1 to Figure 6).
Items included
(Figure 1)
• USB adapter
(Figure 2)
• RX connecter communication
cable (for “TAO” version update)
• Installation CD-ROM
Windows 2000
Windows XP (32-bit Version)
Windows Vista (32-bit Version)
(Figure 3)
Before starting
(1) The copyright for this version update software is owned by the Keyence
(2) In regards to indemnity liability, Keyence takes no responsibility for
accidental, consequential or implicit damage (including damage to the
PC) including any data loss during use of this product.
(3) This product is a version update tool specifically designed for the
Keyence brushless system. This product is not compatible with any other
non-Keyence product.
(4) This product is a Windows-specific application (please refer to above for
supported OS).
(5) The accompanying CD-ROM contains the latest “TACHYON” software.
(6) When updating the “TACHYON” software version, any settings saved to
the TACHYON memory will be deleted. If you require each of these setting
values, ensure you record these values prior to updating the software
The following is a set of instructions how to update the version of the
“TACHYON” (amplifier). For this task, you will not require the “RX
connector communication cable”.
You will require the “USB cable” that comes attached with the “TAO”.
Once you have completed the following sequence of steps, after the
second TACHYON version update, you only have to follow step IV.
(Figure 4)
(To Figure 5)
(Figure 5)
(2) Then, the message shown in Figure 10 appears on the PC screen.
Click on the button outlined in red.
(Figure 10)
(Figure 6)
(3) While the search is in progress, the message shown in Figure 12 will
appear. Click on “Continue” as outlined in red in the figure.
(Figure 11)
(3) Once setup is complete, an icon will appear on the desktop (Figure 7).
(If you check the “Create a desktop icon” (refer to the blue outlined
section in Figure 4) during setup, this icon will be created.)
(Figure 12)
II. Confirming the software is running after clicking on
the desktop icon (Figure 7).
(1) By clicking on the desktop icon, this task is complete once the screen
shown in Figure 8 appears. Click on the X button outlined in red in the
top right of Figure 8 to close this screen.
(4) Installation will begin (Figure 13). Once installation is complete, the message
shown in Figure 14 will appear. Now, the “USB adapter” is recognized by the
PC. Click on the “Finish” button outlined in red on Figure 14 to finish.
(Figure 7)
(Figure 13)
(Figure 8)
III. Preparing for USB adapter recognition in the PC prior
to updating the TACHYON version.
*Items you will require: “USB cable (attached to the TAO) (B)”; “USB adapter (C)”
(Figure 14)
USB cable
USB adapter
(1) First, insert the “USB cable (B)” attached to the TAO into the USB port of
the PC (A). Next, insert the “USB adapter (C)” to the other end of the “USB
cable (B)”. Only when you first insert the cable will the message shown in
Figure 9 appear on the PC screen. (If you are using the same PC, after the
second time you insert the cable there is no need to follow step III)
(Figure 9)
Continued on the back
How to use the download device kit (Windows 2000/XP Edition) <Continued>
IV. Making connection preparations for TACHYON version updates.
*Items you will require: “USB cable (attached to the TAO) (B)”; “USB adapter (C)”;
“TACHYON that requires the version update” <Note>
Once connected correctly, the red sign outlined in red in Figure 16 will turn green.
Connection diagram 2
When rewriting data, preparations in advance of connecting the battery on
(Figure 16)
NOTE the TACHYON are required (Refer to P7 of the TAO instruction manual).
Connection diagram 1
USB cable
USB adapter
Once the TACHYON (TAO) is connected correctly, the red sign turns green.
Connection diagram 2
(5) Preparation is now complete.
RX Connector
USB adapter
Push and hold down the switch to
change to “CARD Mode”. (The red LED lights up.)
V. Rewriting the “TACHYON” with the latest software by selecting
the software to be updated (upload).
One type of uploading software is preinstalled to this CD-ROM.
(1) Click on the “Keyence Update (Figure 7)” icon on the PC screen to run
the update software (Figure 8).
Do NOT disconnect the connections (IV) made in the previous section while
NOTE uploading the software.
If disconnected, the “TACHYON” may not function properly.
(1) Click on the “Update” button outlined in red in Figure 17.
(Figure 17)
(Figure 7)
(Figure 8)
In this situation, the sign next to “USB State” and “Device
State” on the screen will both be red (not connected).
(2) Insert the USB cable (B) into the USB port of PC (A), then connect the
USB adapter (C) on the other end of the USB cable. If connected
correctly, the red sign in (Figure 15) will turn green.
(2) The “Open” screen in Figure 18 will appear. If you select “My Computer”
for “Look in:”, the loaded disc drive name is displayed as
“Keyence_Setup”, as shown in the figure below.
Connection diagram 1
(Figure 18)
(Figure 15)
Once the USB adapter is correctly connected, the red sign will turn green.
(3) Connect the RX connector (D) of the TACHYON (E) to the USB adapter
(C). Next, hold down the TACHYON (E) switch button to change to
“Program card mode”. The main LED on the TACHYON will turn red.
(Refer to page 7 of the TAO instruction manual or page 10 of the
TACHYON instruction manual.)
Follow the instructions on the adhesive placed on the USB adapter, being
NOTE particularly careful not to insert the connector incorrectly. The connector may
be damaged if inserted incorrectly.
By opening “Keyence_Setup”, a single file is displayed as shown in
Figure 19.
In the unlikely event no file is displayed, enter “*.kyc” in the file name field, then
click on the “Open” button outlined in red. The file should now be displayed.
By clicking on the file outlined in blue, the letters invert. Then, click on the
“Open” button outlined in red.
(Figure 19)
(3) The “UpdateOnly” screen shown in Figure 20 appears. Click on the
“OK” button outlined in red to start writing.
(Figure 20)
(4) Writing now begins. The progress rate (%) outlined in blue is
displayed (Figure 21). (Writing time is approximately 3 minutes.)
(Figure 21)
(5) Once writing is complete, “OK” as outlined in blue is displayed (Figure
22). This completes the update.
(Figure 22)
(6) Click on the cross outlined in red on the top right of the screen (Figure
22) closing the software.
VI. After referring to “calling the preset program (ROAD)”
on page 13 of the TACHYON instruction manual, load the
preset program to your liking (off-road, drift or touring).
* Directly after update is complete, each of the setting values are not fixed.
Please ensure you fix these values.
* After update is complete, the setting items/setting values may have
changed. Confirm these by downloading the latest instruction manual
from the Keyence homepage.
•This concludes the TACHYON version update.
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