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How to Advertise your Special Event Newspapers - Chatham-Kent

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How to Advertise your Special Event
The local newspapers will print a story on your event if you send a media release. A media
release (also sometimes called a press or news release) is information that you wish
released to the media pertaining to a specific issue or event that affects your organization.
The following steps will guide you through the process of writing a media release and
contacting the local newspapers:
1. How do I know? If you’re wondering whether your event or information is
newsworthy, one option is to phone a local newspaper for their opinion. As a basic rule,
local newspapers are interested in what local residents are doing because their readers want
to know what’s happening in the community.
2. Write everything down. Put the basic information about your event onto paper.
Don’t get too detailed. Keep it simple. Use the W5 rule (or the five Ws) to make sure you’ve
covered everything- who, what, when, where, and why. No need to write anything flowery,
just stick to the facts. Always include a contact name and as many ways of reaching you as
possible (home phone, business phone, cell phones or email.)
3. Give the newspaper a call. Once everything is down on paper or on your
computer, pick up the phone. Call the assignment desk of the newspaper(s) you would like
your story published in. Tell them who you are, what you’re planning, and ask how best to
get the information to them. E-mail is usually the best option, fax will do, or you can drop it
off in person.
4. Follow it up. Once you’ve faxed or emailed the info, wait a few minutes and pick
up the phone. Ask whether it’s been received.
Handy things to remember
1. Don’t show up unannounced: Never drop something off without calling the
paper first. Since newspapers usually have so many articles and other information in
circulation, the risk of losing your article is higher if no one is notified.
2. Last minute club: Newspapers generally have to deal with a lot of last-minute
crises. Please don’t give them another one by procrastinating until the last minute! If you
wait until it’s too late, you might not get your story published. Remember that a number of
papers are now weeklies only – consider the publishing date.
Free Online Community Calendars:
o Chatham-Kent Events Calendar:
o Chatham Daily News:
o Chatham This Week:
o Kijiji:
o Cogeco:
o “A” Channel:
Online newspapers:
o CK Times:
o CK Seek:
o Chatham This Week:
Social Media:
o Facebook: (create free fan pages, event listings, side
bar advertisements for specialized market audience $)
o Twitter: (invite people to follow your event)
Radio Stations:
UCB 89.3 FM serves the greater Chatham-Kent area and can be heard in Windsor,
Leamington, Sarnia, Chatham-Kent, and parts of London. If you add the following contact
information to your group faxes or email they will try to promote as many local events as
possible. They also book interviews during the morning show.
Contact Information: Contact Person: Al Baker Phone: 519-351-1118 Fax: 519-351-0992
CKXS 99.1 FM Radio Station serving Wallaceburg and Dresden area. Contact Rochelle for
advertising opportunities, and for community events: 519-627-0007
CKSY 94.3 FM, CFCO 630, 95.1 The Rock: If you would like your non-profit event
advertised on any station owned by Blackburn Radio, which reaches Chatham, Leamington,
Sarnia, Windsor, and Wingham, Just phone: 519.354.2880. Additionally you can call the
local radio station to book an on air interview.
Note: Don’t forget to post flyers around your community or office to advertise your
event. Please make sure to ask for any permission before posting. Email friends
and relatives!
Newspapers – (click Ctrl + link below to visit their websites for contact / submission info)
The Chatham Daily News – Daily
Chatham This Week - Weekly, Free of Charge
Chatham Pennysaver - Weekly, Free of Charge
Blenheim Tribune News - Weekly 519-676-3321
Tilbury Times - Weekly 519-682-0411
Thamesville Herald - Weekly 519-692-3825
Wallaceburg Courier Press - Weekly
Bothwell Times - Weekly 519-692-3105
North Kent Leader-Spirit - Weekly or
Ridgetown Independent News - Weekly 519-674-5205
Wheatley Journal - Weekly Today's Farmer – 519-825-4541
Weekly C-K Times - Web-based, Weekly
The London Free Press - Daily
The Londoner – Weekly
The Windsor Star - Daily
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