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How to transfer your old mail from to Live@Edu

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How to transfer your old mail from to Live@Edu
Log in to your email account (Live@Edu) on
Go to Options in the upper right corner and choose See All options
Select Account – Connected Accounts and choose New
State your BTH email address and add �old’ after the @ sign.
Password can be anything.
Click Next.
You will receive a pop-up that says ”Searching …” and after that a new window.
In the next window, click on the word IMAP.
Fill in all the fields as described below. State your own userid (for example abcd12) in all required fields. Also change
your email address to include old - for example
If all fields are filled in correctly the account will be added and the status will be Downloading. When the first
download is complete, the status will change to OK.
You will have to wait for several minutes before you can see downloaded email. Folders can take up to 2 hours to be
downloaded. If you have large amounts of mail it can take several hours or even days to download.
Mail that was placed in the Inbox in the old mail system ( will be placed in Inbox, your
previous folders will be created, and so on.
To view your imported email, click on Mail in the upper left corner.
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