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How to form an Alumni Association/Group
We welcome alumni to form alumni associations/groups to reinforce the bonding between
peers of a hostel, student society, sport teams, academic department, etc. Interested alumni can make
reference to the following procedures on forming an Alumni Association/Group.
1. Form an Executive Committee
Gather the alumni (e.g. a core group of 3 -5 alumni) and form an organizing committee. These
core group members may eventually become executive committee members of the association and take
up the major posts such as Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.
2. Determine the nature of an Alumni Association/Group
The alumni associations/groups are independent entities from HSMC, which could be
incorporated as either a limited company under the Companies or a registered society under the
Societies Ordinance of the Laws of the HKSAR Government. Decide whether a society or an association
should be formed, and the name of the Alumni Association/Group.
When forming a Society, the Alumni Association/Group should:
i. register with the Licensing Office of the Hong Kong Police's Societies Office
ii. decide on (a) objective of group, (b) forming an executive committee, (c) membership, (d)
financing, and (e) future plans, etc.
When forming an Association, the Alumni Association/Group should:
i. appoint a legal advisor to assist in drafting the Memorandum & Articles of Association (M&A).
The M&A as the skeleton guiding the association’s/ group’s operation, organization and
development, should consist of the mission, objectives, organization structure, membership,
roles and responsibilities, etc.
ii. have a group of subscribers to M&A who are the first batch of members of the association
Updated in March 2013
iii. register with the Companies Registry (
iv. form the first executive committee appointed by the subscribers
v. open a bank account and appoint an auditor
3. Decide the Name of the Alumni Association/Group
If alumni associations/groups are planning to use the College’s name (i.e. Hang Seng
Management College (HSMC) and Hang Seng School of Commerce (HSSC)) or logo(s) in any activity or
manner of association, please refer to the document "Policies and Guidelines on the Use of the
College’s Name and Logo". However, please note the use of the names of "HSMC" and "HSSC" as well
as the College’s logo is subject to the College’s approval.
The procedures of applying for the use of the College’s name and logo are as follows:
i. Send the request to Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) in writing by using the form "Application for
Usage of College’ Name & Logo"
Email : /
Address : Room M406, 4/F, Main Building, Hang Shin Link, Siu Lek Yuen, Shatin, N.T.
ii. Please attach the following documents in the application:
- Application Form - "Application for Usage of College’ Name & Logo"
- the list of Executive Committee Members of the prospective Alumni Association/Group, stating
the full name (in both Chinese and English), graduation year, HKID No., and the post in the
Alumni Association/Group
- the M&A or Constitution of the Alumni Association/Group
With the endorsement letter/notice issued by the College, the Alumni Association/Group could
submit the application for registration as a Society or a Company Limited by Guarantee under the
Ordinance mentioned in item 2.
4. Inform the College
All alumni associations/groups should inform the AAO (Rebecca Tam) about their establishment
and update us with the following information:
- Name of Alumni Association/Group
- List of Executive Committee Members
- Constitution or M&A
- Contact Details (include name of contact person, phone, email, website and correspondence
All alumni associations/groups should contact AAO immediately whenever there are any
future changes to the information about the alumni associations/groups itself and/or alumni
association’s/group’s contact details.
5. Linkage with the College
i. Information and linkage on the HSMC AAO website. We can link up your website and email
(You are welcome to visit our web: for reference)
ii. Activities and news of your association/group in the Alumni e-Newsletter. The Newsletter is a
regular publication for all alumni in our alumni database and staff of HSMC.
iii. Alumni are invited to join College functions/activities and vice versa.
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