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How to get there - Finca Buenvino

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How to get there
Getting to Finca Buenvino
Airport Recommendations:
We suggest that you use Seville airport (90 mins) or Faro or Jerez (150 mins each). (Malaga is further; about three hours
and a half.)
Ryanair's daily, direct flights from Stansted, Liverpool, Dublin, DГјsseldorf and Pisa to Seville make a long weekend a
perfectly viable option.
Clickair also have daily flights from Gatwick - Seville .
Aer Lingus fly several times per week from Cork to.Faro, which is only two and a half hours away.
Easyjet fly to Faro from Bristol, Belfast and Newcastle.
flybe fly to Faro from Exeter.
bmibaby flies to Faro from Cardiff
Globespan fly to Faro from Edinburgh and Glasgow
Click map to see where Aracena is in relation to western Andalucia, Aracena & Seville.
Driving Instructions:
From Seville Airport (Code: SVQ), 90 mins:
Turn left out of the airport towards Sevilla. After 1 Km or so take the 1st turning on the right signed Isla de La Cartuja and
MГ©rida A66/Huelva.
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Follow this road round the north of the city. It takes you over 4 roundabouts, the last of which is just after the looming
greyish Olympic Stadium on your left.
At this last roundabout follow the signs to the left (Todas direcciones) and up the ramp signed MГ©rida A66.
This brings you out onto the causeway heading west over the Guadalquivir Canal. Take the 1st turning right (Blue sign)
for MГ©rida via the A66.
Continue up the M'way for about 35Kms or so and you'll see the turnoff for Aracena and Portugal (N433)
Get onto this road and continue until Km marker number 95, which is right outside our gates, on the right. (You’ll
see little white posts every 100 metres, and then the larger red and white Km signs, so it’s easy to count up from
the beginning.)
The important thing is to count carefully so that you do not overshoot. Give adequate signals as you come down the hill,
as sometimes drivers don't believe there can be anything to turn off into, and are driving right up behind you. Some
manual slowing signals sometimes help if this is the case!
Turn down ramp, through gates and then after 100 metres fork left up the hill. (Unless you are staying in a cottage in
which case keep on down the valley) It’s a rough country road, about three quarters of a kilometre from gate to
main house.
• From Jerez Airport (Code: XRY): Take N1V or Motor way A4 to Seville, then the A66 & N433 towards
• From Malaga Airport (Code: AGP): Take N340 by-pass on to N331 (signed Antequera) then A92 to Seville, then
continue as directions above.
• From Lisbon airport (Code: LIS) : Take the new Vasco de Gama Bridge and then the motorway south as far as the
turnoff for Beja and Serpa. Follow the road through to Spain and you will be on the N433, which goes past our gate.
• From Faro take the road signed LoulГ© and shortly after the Almancil turnoff drive past the stadium and get onto
the motorway to Spain (signed Espanha).
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Cross the bridge into Spain and then continue past Ayamonte and Huelva on the motorway (signed Sevilla). When you
reach the turnoff for San Juan del Puerto and Beas/Trigueros, turn off and head northwards (signed Badajoz) .
Shortly after the town of Zalamea la Real you’ll see signs for Rio Tinto. Turn off to Rio Tinto and then follow signs
for Aracena. When you reach Aracena follow signs for Portugal. This will bring you out onto the N433 heading in a
westerly direction. We are at Km 95 marker on the right hand side (don’t overshoot!) It’s about 10 minutes
from Aracena to our gate.
..if approaching from the West (Portugal direction).
Finca Buenvino is on the left hand side at the 95 Km marker on the N433 road which is the continuation of the BejaSerpa Rd.on the Spanish side of the border. You are not allowed to turn left off the road, so continue as far as Los
Marines, turn into the village, execute a U-turn and come back towards Km 95.
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