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How to Rebuild Small-Block Ford Engines pdf ebooks by Tom

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How to Rebuild Small-Block Ford Engines
By Tom Monroe
How to Rebuild Small-Block Ford Engines Details:
Description The slip sheet is used as a unit load support device in vehicle delivery and
transportation of products. When slip sheets are supported by a pallet board, roller
conveyor surface, flat load carrying surface, or a cart or lift truck, the structural strength of
the slip sheet supports the product loads weight. With the slip sheet supported by one of
these transportation devices the unit load can easily be transported both internally within a
facility and externally between two facility locations. Slip sheet types There are several
types of slip sheets that can be used for the transportation of a unit load depending upon the
desired use of the sheet. The slip sheet is shaped and dimensioned to the size of the product
or unit load. The type of slip sheet varies depending on both the number of lip extensions
and the material from which it is manufactured. The variation used would depend on the
loading patterns, unit load parameters, and desired maneuverability of the slip sheet/unit
load. Normally, the thickness of the slip sheet is less than 0.5 inches. For most warehouses,
plant functional material handling equipment, and the travel-path clearances, this fraction
of an inch height increase does not stage a problem. When designing an in-house
transportation path for the slip sheet unit load, the slip sheet has a four to six inch lip (tab)
that extends beyond one or more of the sides of the slip sheet. The lip extensions permit a
push-pull device to lift the slip sheet unit load. Single lip The first type of slip sheet is the
single lip (tab) slip sheet. With a single lip, the lip faces the narrow part of the rectangular
shaped unit load and the delivery truck door. This slip sheet variation maximizes the
delivery truck space utilization and loading and unloading process productivity. Also, with
a single lip, the travel path clearance is minimized as the lip facing the unit load carrier.
Multi-lip The second type of slip sheet is the multi-lip slip sheet. This type of slip sheet is
generally used on a container placed onto a railroad car or an ocean delivery vehicle due to
the necessary loading/unloading patterns. This allows a loading device to load the slip sheet
unit load from one side and an unloading device to unload the load from another side
depending on the number and pattern of the remaining lips. Lip handling options During
the transportation of your slip sheet, there are several options for handling the slip sheet lip.
Leave the lip extended allowing for additional clearance for the travel path. Tape the lip
against the unit load if additional push-pull activities are required. Cut the lip from the slip
sheet if no additional push-pull activities are required. Slip sheet materials Corrugated The
corrugated fiberboard consists of two kraft liner board outer surfaces with a corrugated
interior that is bonded together with adhesive or glue. This bonded material provides the
necessary strength for the push-pull device to clamp the slip sheet once or twice. There are
several disadvantages associated with this type of slip sheet material including that it is not
very durable, moisture resistant, resistant to high humidity or usable in cold storage areas.
The advantages associated with this material are low cost, one-way use, and its ability to be
moved by a conveyor or lift truck with a slip sheet device. Fiberboard or solid kraftboard
The fiberboard (thick paperboard) slip sheet consists of several layers of solid kraft
paperboard sheets laminated together. The bonding of layers of several flat solid
kraftboard sheets increases the slip sheet non-tear strength. This, in return, allows the slip
sheet to be used several times and in different temperatures. In addition, some fiberboard
slip sheets are coated with a plastic coating to improve its use in humid environments. The
disadvantages to this type of slip sheet are that it has a medium cost and is not very durable.
The advantages with this material are its multiple uses, ability to withstand humid and cold
environments, and ability to be handled by conveyors, AGV, or other power unit load
transportation devices. Plastic The plastic slip sheet is made from recycled high density
polyethylene or polypropylene materials. This type of material allows for greater non-tear
strength and an increased number of uses in cold and humid environments. The only
disadvantage to the plastic slip sheet is the high cost. Yet, its advantages include longer
sheet life, durable lips, ability to be stored in cold or humid environments, and can be
handled by a roller conveyor, slip sheet lift truck, AGV, or powered unit load
transportation devices. Slip sheet vs. pallet When considering the use of a slip sheet vs. a
pallet, there are several advantages and disadvantages associated with both. Slip sheet
advantages Using slip sheets instead of wooden pallets allows for 12-15% more products in
material handling containers. Slip sheets do not require maintenance, but can easily be
replaced. Significant reduction in material handling costs. Decreases loading/unloading
time by up to 60% Weighs 20 times less than wooden pallets, saving shipping weight. Can
be customized to fit any size load. Eliminates the need for pallet exchange. Reusable and
reliable. Most are recyclable. Is cost-effective. Unlike wooden pallets slip sheets are not
subject to phytosanitary restrictions. Slip sheet disadvantages Pallets provide a greater
clearance between the floor and the unit load. An advantage when loading extra cargo into
a container (provides extra cube). Slip sheet usage requires special attachments on
transportation devices such as a lift truck (but are fairly cheap). When used alone, pallets
provide more structural support than slip sheets. Pallets are easily compatible with crane
devices. Lift truck attachment reduces load capacity. Except when 'Roller Forks' are used.
Slower handling. Except when 'Roller Forks' are used. Overall, the advantages of slip sheets
vs. pallets highly overrate the disadvantages associated with the two. See also Stretch wrap
Packaging and labeling References ^ North Carolina State University /pushpull.aspx
Further reading Brody, A. L., and Marsh, K, S., "Encyclopedia of Packaging Technology",
John Wiley & Sons, 1997, ISBN 0-471-06397-5 Fiedler, R. M, "Distribution Packaging
Technology", IoPP, 1995 McKinlay, A. H., "Transport Packaging",IoPP, 2004 External
links Slip sheet patent and method of use Categories: Commercial item transport and
distribution | Packaging I am a professional editor from China Manufacturers, and my
work is to promote a free online trade platform. / contain a great deal of information about
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