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Notes from How to Win Friends and Influence People - Art Society

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Notes from How to Win Friends and Influence People: Getting involved
in the Calgary Art Scene.
Part 1 of Art Survival 101: Getting Your Sh*t Together
A lecture by Sharon Stevens
Below is a collection of organizations, groups, venues and resources in Calgary that are helpful and
accessible to Calgary artists. This list contains links to any available websites and includes some brief
info on what these places are, and how one could get involved with them.
Some helpful links to local organizations and good places to get involved with!
Community Wise
The Old Y
Calgary Cinnemateque
Free Mason's Hall
The Royal Canadian Legion
Kahanoff Foundation
Endeavor Arts
City Hall (the glass palace)
-phone your Alderman, the decisions made at a municipal level effect us right away!
-Aldermen do pay attention, so don't be afraid to build those relationships
-For every one of us that says that art is important, there is someone saying they don't want to
see any more funding going to the arts – they would rather have a 5 million dollar interchange
Arts Plan – a proposal from CADA to City Council about the future of the arts in Calgary
Twitter – don't be shy about social media
#yyccc (hash tag for city council)
#yycarts (hash tag for calgary arts and CADA)
Old Telus Centre Planetarium
MOCA Calgary
(Jeffrey Spalding is the Artistic Director)
Art Central
The New Gallery
Stride – next(ish) to City Hall
Start Residency Program
Art Club!!
Fridays at 5PM at the Legion – get a membership, hang out and have a pint. Don't be shy! Come down
and visit us, there's always an artist there on friday nights.
EPCOR Centre
-interesting place to get familiar with
-lots of +15 window spaces, programed by the Artist Run Centres and by EPCOR Visual arts
-EPCOR also programs the Ledge Gallery – pays CARFAC fees, and gives you ample install
Jubilee Auditorium has an art space above it – Alcove Gallery
-they have a HUGE library of social justice videos
-the integrate art into activism and challenge the status quo
Bow River Flow aka Open Streets Calgary
-keen to get artists involved in activism
ArtsVote Calgary
Calgary Public Art
Beth Gignac – former head of Calgary Public Art
Rachel Supersati – super intendant of Calgary Public Art
Elephant Artist Relief
Calgary Sexual Health Centre
(AGM june 19th)
FairyTales Presentation Society
Art Rubicon
Calgary Culture (CADA's art event classifieds)
Alberta Foundation for the Arts
-call them 2 or 3 months in advance and ask them if your project might get funded
Inglewood – a great art neighbourhood!
Pith Gallery and Studios
-artist run centre that has studios
Eskar Foundation
Inglewood Art Supply
Fringe Festival
The Area
-permaculture garden
-art exhibits and music shows
-shut down, but in the process of getting fixed up
-they also run courses
Cantos Music Foundation – National Music Centre
Calyx Distinctive Arts – a higher price-point arts market
ATD – Across the Deerfoot
-developing inexpensive studio space
-monthly bus tour of restaurants
Sled Island – music and arts festival
Prospect Human Services and Studio C
Disability Action Hall
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