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How to make decent PO Luggage Tags Step 1 Write your mobile

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How to make decent P&O Luggage Tags
Step 1
Write your mobile phone number in the box provided,
and crease along all dotted lines.
Step 2
Fold two side edges in behind front of tag (however
do not fold in half)
Step 3
Place folded luggage tag, inside a laminating pouch.
Step 4
Check the laminating pouch back and front, so that it
is not creased and will slide through the laminator
easily (without getting caught).
Step 5
Place the laminating pouch in to the laminator.
Two P&O Luggage tags will fit on one A4 size
laminating pouch.
Tag going through laminator.
Step 6
Cut surplus laminating material from side of tag.
Step 7
Fold tag in half (do not crease)
Hole punch the edge of the tag, through both sides.
A close up on the holes punched through the tag.
Step 8
Attach the tage to you lugage with string, or a spare
shoe lace.
By Lynda Barry, May 2010
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