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Fitoess for Army Flying
Seme ci EguilibriumOneof the Most Important Tests
Applicant Must Pass
. *.v _".'J '...
For Dangerous, Obstinate
Cold*. No. Injurious Drugs.
Never w a i t for a cold to w e a r o t f r it wears a w a y t h e ; l u n g s Instead.
Neglected colds often lead t o pneumonia. F a t h e r John's Medicine gives
prompt relief from colds and t h r o a t
Guaranteed free from Alcohol and
nerve-destroying drugs upon which
many medicines depend for their
temporary effect, and which are
dangerous,- because" they weaken the
body and allow the disease to get a
deeper hold.
Does Your Back Ache?
Jt difficult to
DOholdYOUup find
your head and do
your work? Distressing symp-
toms caused' by unhealthy conditions. Generally no medicine
is required, merely local application of Piso's Tablets, it
valuable healing remedy- with
antiseptic, astringent and tonic
effects^simple in action and
application,.soothing and refreshing. The fame in the
name Piso guarantees satisfaction.
' 60 Cents
SmBlphMailed'FneтАФmddreaa poatcard
400 Piao Bids'.
That Old Guy.
тАв Mrs. "Carico, a middle-aged and talkative curalist, was appearing in a suit
brought by her husband. She insisted
on loudly commenting on each answer
given by tile first witness. Repeatedly
the judge requested her to keep quiet,
but she .persisted in audibly disputing
the words of the witness. Finally the.
judge said:
"Mrs: Carico, the court demands that
you remain, quiet. Unless you do so
you mill be held in contempt."
Giving the judge a savage look, the
woman turned to her attorney and inquired :
"Who is t h a t old guy that's buttin' in
all the time?"тАФHarper's Magazine.
Green as Grass.
"I heard -you had a cow for sale,"
began the lady who had just moved
out from the. city, "and as I'm thinking
of buying one, IтАФ"
"Wall," interrupted the farmer,
"thar's that Jersey. Tliar's one good
p'int in her thatтАФ"
"Oh* gra-cious! That would never
do; I'd need a quart at least," exclaimed the' lady.тАФBoston Evening
Honesty Is the .best policy for the
inan who can't Steal'enough to pay a
good lawyer.
-" - - - тАв
The man who boasts of near success is like the chap with a nickel in
n six-centrfare trolley car.
.as a "saving" food for
these serious times, rests
upon real merit
Unlike the ordinary
cereal Grape-Nuts requires no sugar, little
milk or cream, and requires no. cooking or
other preparation in
*.*** ^
A trial is well worth
while lor those who
sincerely desire to save.
"There'* a Reason"
Common Curs Possess War
Service Qualifications
j Mother's Cook Book, j
If I have faltered more
or less
In my great task ofvhappinesa
If I have moved among my race
And shown no happy morning face
(H beams from happy human eyea
Have moved me not, if morning skies
Books, and my food, and summer rain
Knocked on my sullen heart in vain.
Lord, thy most pojnted pleasure take
And stab my Bpirft broad awake.
" тАФR. L. Stevenson.
Food for the Family.
Com meal dishes are very good when
good meal and careful preparation is
thought worthy of attention. Even the
member of the family who doesn't like
com meal, may be won over if appetizing dishes, well prepared, are served.
As a mush with good top milk there is
nothing better for the youngster's supper, and even grandfather longs for it,
If he has had New England training.
Then what was left may be molded and
fried for breakfast, a dish fit for the
Tamale Pie.
Make a mush by stirring two cupfuls
of com meal into six cupfuls of boiling
water, add one and one half teaspoonfuls of salt and cook 45 minutes.
Brown one tmion sliced in hot fat, add
a pound of hamburger steak and stir
until well seared, then add salt and
pepper and two cupfuls of tomato. A
sweet red. pepper or a green one as an
addition. Grease a baking dish and
put a layer of tile mush then a layer
of the meat and cover with mush. Bake
one-half hour.
English sparrows make fine eating.
In many places they are caught with a
trap and a dozen or fifteen make a
good meal for a large family. They
may be baked in a pie like the Mother
Goose rhyme of four and twenty black
birds baked in a pie,
A Conserving Food
The recognized value
While half the trades seem to' be
busy, to judge by advertisements,
producing coffeeless coffee, tanninless
tea,- and tobacco without nicotine, it
does seem a bit incredulous to learn
of seedsmen offering seeds guaranteed
to produce tobacco with from three to
ten times, as much nicotine content as
is found in ordinary smoking and
chewing grades* observes a writer in
the New York Times. Of course,
that is n o evidence that the time-honored belief that nicotine harms humans h a s been discarded, for in the
same seed catalogues one finds tobacco
seeds commended to the planter because they1' will produce leaf with the
minimum of the supposed poison. Doctors still tell us to smoke mild tobaccos, and the cigarette with its claim
that its makeup carries little nicotine
continues 4o grow in popularity.
T h e physical examination of candidates for t h e aviation branch of
tKe a r m y is.more rigid than t h a t for other branches. A m o n g i h e most
important tests a man has to pass is that of his sense of equilibrium. How!
this is d o n e is described-hy Dr. Charles P . Small of Chicago in t h e Journal
of the American Medical Association.
T h e candidate is seated in a Barany chair:тАФso called after t h e discoverer o f . t h e organs of equilibration. This is a swing with footrest,:
a.lbrjglhandle with which it can be whirled around and a catch by -which
it Can b e stopped at once with t h e examiner's foot. The man's eyes are.
closed^ a n d his head i┬╗ tilted at .about thirty degrees. The chair is then
rotated'"'to the right, t e n revolutions i n twenty seconds, and suddenly
stopped. 'Theapplicant is told-to open his eyes and look straight i n front!
But there-are not a few uses for
of him a t soine objec.t. , If he be normal, his eyes will make jerky movetobacco other, than smoking, chewing,mehts t o the left for about twentyrflve seconds.
and snuffing, and nearly all of these
T h e - t e s t is repeated, with t h e chair whirling toitlie left, тАвwliich will demand a .weed that has lots of poison
in It.
Florists buy thousands of
produce eye-jerks fo the right.
-pounds every year to burn in smolder-'
T h e examiner stands in front of the still blindfolded candidate, tells ing piles in their greenhouses to kill
him to extend his r i g h t arm directly in front of Mm and with his fore- Insects and eradicate the tiny moths
finger t o u c h the tip of the_examiner's. Then he is told to Taise his arm that lay eggs that produce plant destroyers. And it is the nicotine In t h e
above his "head and bring it down to exactly the same spot. This is repeated smoke t h a t kills the pests.
with the left arm. T h e chair is swung around ten times in ten seconds,
Nicotine is about the most efficaciousand the instant it stops the examiner touches the candidate's forefinger remedy when garden plants are atas before and tells h i m to repeat"the raising and lowering of the hand. tacked by sucking insects. These destroyers cannot be harmed by eating
If he be normal he will not touch the finger, but will "past point" several foliage and stems with paris green and
inches t o t h e right of it. The test is repeated to the left, and the normal arsenic of lead, for they have long,
sharp beaks; some carry probosr
man " p a s t points" to t h e left.
cises proportionately as long as
Those experiments test the normality of the horizontal canals. That an elephant's, and these they drive
for the perpendicular canal follows. The candidate bends forward a t an Into leaf and blossom stems and suck
out the vital juices. Only a contact
angle of 90 degrees>, eyes .still blindfolded^ his head resting on his fists poison will kill them, and nicotine does
held on h i s knees. T h e chair is rotated to the right' ten i n t e n sec- it most surely. A green or pink or
onds. T h e instant it is stopped t h e man is told to sit upright. If normal, white plant louse, busily sucking the
life out Of a plant, turns brown the
he will f a l l toward the right. The-test is then made by swinging t o tho instant nicotine touches his body,
stiffens his legs, draws out his beak,
left, when he will fall to the left.
and drops dead,
T h i s method of testing the sense of equilibrium has superseded all
^Tobacco solutions that carry 80 per
others because i t is the most exact.
cent of nicotine sell for $1.50 a pint,
hence t h e ambition to grow tobacco
rich in the deadly essence.
тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв тАв a Says Hunting Dogs and
тАв Good Pressed Meat.
тАвBoil two pounds of pigs 1 hocks In
salted water until t h e meat drops from
the bones. In a separate pot, cook a
pound of lean beef until tender. Mix
the meat adding such seasonings as
desired a n d mold in a loaf. The liquor
In which t h e meat was cooked may be
used for soup Or to cook corn meal
mush, giving it a most appetizing
Special Njcqtine Tobacco
Grown foivOther Purposes
t h a n Chewing and Smoking
"French war dogs are not the only
ones that could be taught to do great
service in the world struggle," remarked H. R. Turner, a Kentuckian,
discussing the marvelous feats performed by some of the dogs on the
battlefields of France..
"The dog of America commonly
called a cur has instinct for such secvice. Some patriotic women in the
West have undertaken to train dogs
for Bed Gross work, and they have
found that the 'cur' dog is possessed
of,all the natural qualifications for
war service. But, in my judgment,
the Kentucky hunting dog Is better
adapted for this woijk than any other
because of his wonderful Instincts. A
few years ago a sportsman of Iowa
had a hunting dog bred in Kentucky.
It was an unusually.fine dog and during the 'racing' season in Kentucky he
sent his dog back to Kentucky to take
part In the fox chasing. After the
sport was over the friends to whom
the animal had been sent lost him.
They were much perturbed, because
they had promised they would see
that the dog was sent safe back home
to Iowa. After many days of searching, however, they sent word to the
owner that the animal had disappeared. Sixty days afterward tho'y
were informed that the dog had returned to his home in Iowa."
Brief Facts.
There are nearly 500 sulpTiur %
mines on the'lsland of Sicily.
Chairs, are being made of pa- *
per, twisted and re-enforced *
with steel rods.
A mustache guard that can be Jj;
attached to any cup is an Eng- *
lish Invention,
For portable electric lamps a *
screen to check their glare has %
been inverited.
Fireproof barrels made from %
sugar mill refuse have been in- *
vented in
in Hawaii.
A Japan has be- *
gun the production of soda by *
an electrical process.
Baking for a few minutes in %
a hot oven will add to the life t
-of sachet powders.
Farmers Would Save Quail
to War on the Boll Weevil Texas Farmers Urged to
When a Georgia farmer found the
crop of a quail that he had killed on
his farm loaded with boll weevils he
immediately conferred with county authorities to ascertain if he could keep
hunters off his land, which is not
fenced. H e was very much disappointed when informed that he could not do
It is stated on good authority that
in farms in this part of the county
where the quail and other insect-destroying birds have been protected the
boll Weevil is but seldom seen, While
on adjoining farms, where the public is
permitted to hunt, cotton crops have
-been practically devastated by them.
A concerted movement is now on
toot among the farmers to conserve the
quail in an effort to combat the boll
weevil. T h e jnatter will In.all probability be brought to the attention of
the legislature when It meets this summer, with the Idea of "having more
stringent laws passed fo* the protection of insect-destroying birds.
Produce Peanuts for Use
in Both Meal and Butter
That former peanut manufacturer
who said that people could exist for a
long time on nothing else but peariut
butter and crackers was doing a little
gratuitous advertising for crackers,
asserts the Houston Post. There is
no reason why Texas peanuts should
not furnish both bread and butter for
all Texas people and there might be
enough for a few favored mortals In
other states. If the food and feed;
campaign which is being conducted
should result In the pi anting of 1,000,000 acres in peanuts (his year, Texas
farmers will be richer by some $50,000,000 and the food, supply will contain,
a plenty of one of the best foods in
the world. And then if the food administration shall force the peanut
factories to make a reasonable proportion of the nuts into edible meal the
country Will have plenty of bread material as well as a liberal layer of butter for every slice.
At a recent hearing of the Federal Trade Gommission there
was intrdduced correspondence taken from the private files of
Swift St Company, which showedthat the Company had been considering for some time an educational advertising campaign.
The need for this publicity has been apparent to us for sev1
years* The gross misrepresentation to which w e have
recently been subjected has .convinced us that w e should no longer
delay in putting before the public the basic facts of our business,
relying on the fair-mindedness of the American people.
, The feeling against the American packer is based largely on
the belief that the income and well-being of the producer and
consumer are adversely affected by the packers' operations,
resulting in unreasonably large profits.
Swift & Company's net profit is reasonable, and represents
an insignificant factor in the cost of living.
For the fiscal year 1917 the total sales and net profit of Swift
& Company were as follows:
This is equivalent to a $3,465. profit on a business of $87,500.
Swift & Company had m a d e no profit at all, the cattle raiser
have received only one-eighth of a cent per pound m o r e for his
o r the consumer would h a v e saved only one-quarter of a cent per
on dressed beef.
Swift & Company, U. S. A.
Got Even.
"He called you an Insignificant little
noodle, didn't he?"
"Yn-as, but I got even wilh him,
bnh Jove 1 I wrote him a lettnh, signed It 'yemahs, wcspectl'ully,' and then
schwatched out the 'wespectftilly,' ball
Win the War by Preparing the Land
Sowing the Seed and Producing Bigger Crops
Accounts for It.
"I was told
Work in Joint Effort the Soil of the United States and Canada
bors, the Spats,
were breaking up
T h e Food Controllers of the United States and Canada are asking for
"Oh, that acere┬╗ter food production. Scarcely 100,000,000 bushels of wheat are availcounts for the
able to be sent to the allies overseas before the crop harvest. Upon tho
racket we heard
Ii the Tins to G.t Rid of Tkeie Uflr Spott efforts of the United States and Canada rests the burden of supply.
in their flat this тАвNow
There'H no longer tho slightest need of
fcellnff aBhnmod of your freckleu, as the pre- Every Available Tillable Acre Must Contribute; Every Available
The Reason.
"The fortune-telling business Is a
paying one, isn't It?"
"It ought to be when it starts off
with a prophet."
Social Ambitions.
scription othlncтАФdouble strengthтАФla GuarFarmer .and Farm Hand Must Assist
anteed to removo these homely BPOIH.
Simply get an ounce ot "othlncтАФdouble
Western Canada has ┬лn enormous acreage to be seeded, but man power
utrensthтАФfrom your druKSlot, and apply a
llttlo of It night and morning and you should
Boon see that oven the worst freckles have is short, and an appeal to the United States allies is for more men for seedbegun to disappear, while tho lighter ones ing operation.
have vantshod entirely. It Is Heldom that
more than ono ounce Is needed to completely
clear the skin and gain a beautiful clear Canada's Wheat Production Last Year was 226,000,000 Bushels; the
Demand From Canada Alone for 1918 is 400,000,000 Bushels
Be sure to ask for the double strength othlnc. as this Is sold under guarantee of money
T o secure this she must have assistance. She has the land but needs
back If It falls to remove frecklcB.тАФAdv.
"Mrs. Comeup is not stopping at
any expense to break into society.
Her prizes at her charitable card parKnew She'd Bought One.
ties are really princely."
WifeтАФ"I attended t h e mammoth
"What are they?
Jeweled orna- sale today." EluljтАФ"Wlioi'e are yuu going to keep the darned thing?"
"No, nothing so common as that.
At her last patty t h e first prize was
Important to Mothers
Examine carefully every bottle of
a ton of hard coal."
CASTOKIA, that famous old remedy
for infants and children, and sec that i t
"I understand it was a gasoline car
which struck Henry."
'^Exactly, and that is one reason he In Use for Over 30 Years.
Is 'smelling out a s u i t ' "
Children Cry for Fletcher's Castoria
the men. T h e Government of the United States wants every man who can
effectively help, to do farm work this year. It wants the land in the United
States developed first of course; but it also wants to help Canada. W h e n ever we find a man we can spare to Canada's fields after ours are supplied,
we want to direct him there.
Apply to our Employment Service, and we will tell you where you can
best serve the combined interests.
Western Canada's help will be required not later than April 5th. W a g e s
to competent help, #50.00 a month and up, board and, lodging.
Those who respond to this appeal wil get a warm welcome, good wages,
good board and find comfortable homes. They will get a rate of one cent
a mile from Canadian boundary points to destination and return.
тАвтАвFor particulars as to routes and places where emplovment may be had
Safe Enough.
The prodigal son gets the fatted. apply to: U. S. EMPLOYMENT SERVICE, DEPARTMENT OF LABOR
Bon VlvantтАФHaven't seen Jack a t veal, but the prodigal daughter Is
There's a Reason.
Choice of Evils.
lucky if she gets ii plnte of cold hash.
the club for a week-.
HubbyтАФ"I never realized you wero
"Why do you let your wife rule the
Mrs. JackтАФNo, Jack's been out of
house?" "Because If I didn't let her so tall before." WifeтАФ"I'm supposed
To restore a normal action to Liver, reign she'd storm."
to be. Am I not your better half?"
GarBon ViVantтАФOh, we were beginning
field Tea, the mild herb laxative. All
to worry about him. We feared he druggists. Adv.
Took the Right Train.
A walking stick has beeu invented
was staying at home.
"He came home on a freight train." that can bo converted into a camera
."What was Ms hurry?"тАФBuffalo Ex- tripod.
Barcelona, Spain, h a s 80,000 inhabpress,
Not to Be Disputed.
"Have you any
Of 80,000 gnulunle nurses In this
definite theory as
Some people's Idea of sympathy is country 2,000 already are in active war
Man worries quite a little here heto why the cost
lowтАФand the u n d e r t a k e r does the rest. to make the gloom thicker.
of living has increased?"
think it is because prices have
gone up."
Talking Photoplays Next;
Eliminates the Phonograph
and Utilizes Film Record
Numerous attempts have been made
to link the phonograph with the projector and give speech to the silent
drama. Inability to obtain perfect
synchronism of sound and motion has
been only one of the bugaboos encountered. The limited capacity of
talking-machine records, the difficulty
of amplifying the sound suflicientlj
for theater purposes Without increasing the foreign noises to an objectionable degree, and t h e Impossibility of
cutting or mending a film without destroying the usefulness of the sound
record have been other of the bewildering enigmas. Their solution has
finally been undertaken in a new way
and highly promising results attained.
The newest system of talking cinematography eliminates the phonograph
and utilizes a film record that is produced by photographic and rendered
by magnetic, Instead of mechanical,
means. This enables the sound and
the picture records to be of corresponding lengths and synchronous. This
method is described in the Marti Pipulur Mwhrnlcd Magazine,
How to Make Oatmeal Bread
Healthful to EatтАФSaves the Wheat
1 cup flour
l?g cup* corn meal
1 teaspoon salt
5 teaspoons Royal Baking Powder
2 tablespoons sugar
1 cup cooked oatmeal or rolled
2 tablespoons shortening
l | r cups milk
N o eggs
Sift together flour, com meal, salt, baking powder and sugar.
Add oatmeal, melted shortening and milk. Bake in greased
shallow pan in moderate oven 40 to 45 minutes.
This wholesome bread is easily and quickly made with the aid of
If used three times a week in place of white bread by the
22 million families in the United States, it would save more
than 900,000 barrels of flour a month.
Our new Red, White and Blue booklet, "Best War Time Recipes",
containing many other recipes for making delicious and wholesome
wheat saving foods, mailed freeтАФaddress
ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO., DeptW, 135 WiMiam St., New York
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