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How to have your BEST Oklahoma Aquarium adventure!

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How to have your BEST Oklahoma Aquarium adventure!
March through May is our busiest time of the year for field trips, so here are a few tips
for your field trip day:
п‚· Class times begin at 10:15, 11:15 & 1:15, make sure to arrive early to allow time
for check-in and potty breaks. Due to scheduling, your group will forfeit your
classroom program if more than 20 minutes late.
 Make sure that students remain on the bus during our peak season (March – May)
until an aquarium representative can board the bus and explain the rules.
п‚· The admissions line can be very long! To save time, have one person from your
group check in and pay for both students AND adults. This is not mandatory, but
collecting money from chaperones and parents before hand can save quite a bit of
time, and free up the admissions line.
п‚· Student entry IS NOT covered by an aquarium membership. Parents/chaperones
MAY use their membership for entry.
п‚· Due to limited classroom capacity, parents may not always be allowed into the
classroom for the 25 to 40 minute program.
п‚· You are welcome to bring in your own sack lunches and store them in the Great
Hall while you tour the aquarium.
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