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How to use Max Mobile Security
Although Windows Phone is the safest operating system, if you are browsing internet or sharing files
using SD card or Drop Box, OneDrive or ftp sharing or downloading from internet or emailing your
personal documents to someone through email, you can expose their mobile device or PC/Mac to a
number of security risks. Also, unsafe browsing can download viruses on your device. You can also synch
your phone numbers to your email accounts and take back up in .vcf format on Dropbox.
Please note that, on windows phone file or process access is not given to running or installed Apps, so
we cannot scan the device for the presence of any malicious app. Even email attachments are not
accessible to us for scan. This is designed to make Windows Phone more secure. But there are other
places from where you can get an infected files.
Max Mobile Security enhances security and privacy of your Windows Phone.
Files on the following locations are available for scan:
1. SD card scan
2. Drop box Scan
3. OneDrive Scan
Also, Contact Back up and Safe Browser are 2 additional features to keep your contacts safe. You can
add websites to block list in the safe browser, then that site will not be browsed. Also, malicious
websites are automatically blocked from being browsed.
How to do SD Card Scan?
Step 1: Tap SD Card Scan Option
Step 2: Tapping on SD Card scan start scanning files in the SD card
Step 3: Infected virus files are shown in a list
How to Scan Dropbox Files?
Step 1: Tap Dropbox Scan Option
Step 2: Enter Login-id and password in Dropbox login page
Step 3: Tap on Allow Button.
Step 4: You can see all Dropbox files and folders in your account
Step 5: Tap any file to scan for malware presence
Step 7: You can view detail of detected virus files
How to scan OneDrive?
Step 1: Tap OneDrive Scan Option
Step 2: Login to OneDrive if not already logged in
Step 3: Tap on Yes Button.
Step 4: Now you can see files and folders on your OneDrive account.
Tap on any file in the list to start scanning
Step 6: If any virus is found then it is shown in the list
Step 7: You can view details of infected files. You can manually delete
the infected files
How to use Safe Browser?
Step 1: Tap on safe browser to open web page. Frequently visited
pages can be added as favorite.
Step 2: Max Mobile Security checks for malicious websites and blocks
the inappropriate content. You can also add your own websites and
they will be blocked from being browsed in this Safe browser.
You can delete browsing history, cookies, temporary internet sites
and blocked sites.
How to use Contact Backup?
Step 1: Selected contacts can be backed up or restored from OneDrive
in .vcf format to MaxSecure folder. From there they can be used on
any mobile device.
Step 2: While restoring, contacts can be synched to email clients
such as Hotmail or gmail. To restore on Windows device, you can
only restore one contact at a time. This is due to Windows
phone accessibility and security design. Existing contacts are
overwritten while restoring.
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