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How to register for adult non-athlete AAU Card: Then: Forward

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All Coaches and Assistant Coaches must register online for non-athlete AAU card at
How to register for adult non-athlete AAU Card:
First: go to and register as 2013 non-athlete: (you will be asked to
create a user name and password).
Next: enter your information and include the following:
Step 1 Program: Choose “Youth Program”
Step 2 Membership Term/Category: Choose “Extended Benefit Membership $18.00” (per year)
Step 3 Sport: Choose Boys Basketball or Girls Basketball
Club Name: Davis Hoops
Club Code: XTFD96
Then: Forward membership confirmation email to Karen at
The AAU National Office is happy to announce to its members, FREE Coaches' Education for all AAU
Non-Athletes. This exciting program will be administered by Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), using
their Double-Goal CoachВ® Online Course, which helps coaches pursue their first goal, winning,
while pursuing the second, more-important goal of teaching life lessons through sports. This
program will give all team administrators, club directors, and coaches the tools they need to help youth
athletes improve. PCA's online course is filled with powerful coaching tools that are based on the latest
research in sports psychology and reflect the "best practices" of elite coaches and athletes, including
such PCA National Advisory Board Members as Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach Phil Jackson, Boston
Celtics Head Coach Doc Rivers, Naismith Hall of Fame basketball coaches Dean Smith and Larry Brown,
former Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach Herm Edwards, Olympic Gold Medal Gymnast Bart Conner,
Olympic Gold Medalist and former WNBA star Ruthie Bolton and Olympic Gold Medalist swimmer
Summer Sanders, just to name a few.
Everyone will enjoy the interactive video and audio segments, featuring many of these top coaches
and athletes, throughout the course's four dynamic modules. Course users who complete all the modules
and achieve an 80% approved rating will receive a completion certificate. For 2012-13, you must
complete the Level 1, 2 and 3 of the coaches' education program. Note Level 3 course just added
September 2012.
"We are taking this bold and unprecedented step for two reasons. First, AAU always has believed in the
power of sport to develop character in youth, and there is no better way to do that than through DoubleGoal Coach training for all our coaches. Second, AAU has always been a pioneer and it is keeping with
our tradition to stake out a leadership position in this important area." - Bobby Dodd, President & CEO Amateur Athletic Union
Mandatory. All registered non-athletes must take all free courses as part of gaining membership into the
AAU. The AAU is proud to be a leader in the youth sports market and looks forward as being the
trendsetter in coach education in years to come.
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