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General Grants - Funding Round Now Open How to apply

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General Grants - Funding Round Now Open
The Australia-Thailand Institute (ATI) provides financial support to selected projects
which aim to promote and enhance bilateral links between Australia and Thailand.
Applications are now being invited for funding in the 2010-11 financial year, for
projects commencing between July 2010 and June 2011.
Funding is awarded through a competitive selection process. Applications should
further the mission and goals of the ATI. Applications with an identified Thai partner
will be looked upon favourably. Applicants may consider the following ATI
priority areas, but should not feel limited by them:
Education, particularly English language training and the promotion of sociocultural understanding
Science, technology and innovation, including environment and sustainability
Developing emerging young leaders in building Australia-Thai relationships
Australia-Thailand collaboration in the areas of trade advocacy and public
How to apply
Application forms, funding guidelines and further information about the ATI’s
mission and goals can be found on the ATI website:
Applications must be submitted in English. Thai language applications will not
be accepted for this funding round.
Applications will be considered by the ATI Advisory Board at its next meeting.
Applicants will be advised of the Board’s decisions in July 2010.
Further information can be obtained by contacting the ATI Secretariat on
+61 2 6261 3202 or via email,
Closing date: Completed applications must be submitted by
2:00pm (AEST) Friday 7 May 2010.
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