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Do You Know How To Stop Deadly IV Contamination? - Catheter

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Do You Know How To
Stop Deadly IV Contamination?
Male Luer
(IV tubing end)
Introducing the DualCap Systemв„ў
for IV Connector Disinfection and Protection.
Landmark clinical evidence shows that the exposed end of the IV administration set (male luer) is more susceptible
to contamination than a needleless connector port (luer access valve), and routinely causes vascular device cross
contamination.1 The male luer cannot be swabbed because swabbing could introduce toxic disinfectant into the IV
fluid pathway. In the past, the male luer has been overlooked as a source of infection.
Preventing IV catheter related bloodstream infections requires disinfection and protection of every port and male
luer.2 DualCap is a disposable, single-use device containing two caps – one for the port and one for the male luer.
Each cap contains 70% isopropyl alcohol and a patented delivery system that keeps the alcohol out of the fluid path.
Now clinicians have a quick and easy way to keep all male luers and ports disinfected right from the start and keep
them disinfected every time the IV line is accessed.
Disinfects and Protects
the Male Luer
Disinfects and Protects
the Port
(1) Lopansri, et al, Does the Partner Matter? (SHEA 2011, paper 4539).
(2) 2011, CDC Guidelines Category IA: access the port only with sterile devices
В©2013 Catheter Connections, Inc. Covered by one or more of the following U.S. patents: 8,177,761;
8,197,749; 8,172,825; 8,231,587; 8,328,767; 8,343,112. Other U.S. and foreign patents pending.
Stop Deadly IV Contamination.
Use DualCapВ® on every valve, every line, every time.в„ў
Sterile Pouches
IV Pole Stripsв„ў
Use when disconnecting IV line
DualCap Soloв„ў
Use when only port needs capping
DualCap Duoв„ў
Use when IV line has multiple ports
DualCapВ® IV Pole Stripв„ў
Use when frequently accessing patient’s IV
The DualCap Systemв„ў
Solutions for IV Disinfection & Protection
Protect & Disinfect: Each cap contains 70% isopropyl alcohol
Save Time: No swabbing when accessing capped ports
Smart Options: IV Pole Strips and pouches
Safe Design: Reliable luer-locking caps stay connected
Breakthrough: The only patented system for safe disinfection of male luers and ports
DualCap hospitals report fewer infections, learn more
at or at 888.706.8883
Available through your Local Distributor
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