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How to Create and Grow a Successful Biotechnology Cluster

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www.gate2biotech.czтАВ тАвтАВ
How to Create and Grow
a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
22.тАЙ October 2008тАВ тАвтАВ Brno, Czech Republic
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Welcome address
The Czech Republic does not have any big deposits of raw materials, and it has big problems maintaining a┬аclean
environment. For that reason, all high-tech technologies that make no big demands on raw materials or energy, and,
at┬аthe same time, do not produce significant amounts of waste are ideal for the Czech Republic. Modern biotechnologies,
and cellular and gene engineering in particular, meet those criteria. It therefore comes as no surprise that biotechnologies
have for many years been among topics at the top on the priority list for public funding. Such topics do not include only
basic research projects in such fields as molecular genetics, immunology and others, but, especially, projects closely
linked to a┬аpractical implementation.
While basic тАУ and oftentimes even applied тАУ research is well established at Czech universities and in institutes of the
Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and is of high quality, the number of new themes for production in existing
undertakings, or for the establishment of new undertakings, remains insufficient. This is then reflected in the small
number of biotechnology companies and in unsatisfactory numbers of employees in this field, and in a┬аlow turnover
We are now facing a┬аbig challenge for the development of biotechnologies in the Czech Republic, which is the
implementation of the Operational Programme Research and Development for Innovations (OP RDI). A┬аnumber
of┬аinstitutions in the main biotechnology centres in Brno, Olomouc and in the Central Bohemian region near Prague
have┬аjoined forces to work on projects that may substantially boost the development of applied biotechnologies.
Research and development in biotechnology companies should be further promoted by the Operational Programme
Enterprise and Innovations (OP EI), which is coordinated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.
We believe that all these programmes will substantially contribute to the establishment of new infrastructures and will
increase the volume of research, development and implementation of biotechnology products in the Czech Republic.
Doc.┬аMUDr.┬аVladim├нr Viklick├╜, CSc.
Director of the Radiopharmaceuticals Division of the Nuclear Research Institute ┼Шe┼╛ plc
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Gate2Biotech Conference Programme
Registration & Coffee
Moderator: Ji┼Щ├н Krechl, Ph.D., Director of R&D Support Department, CzechInvest
Get Inspired by the Best Practices on Cluster Development from Abroad
Welcome and Opening: Milo┼И Pole┼б├бk, Executive Manager for SME Clients at ─МSOB
Mark S. Paller, M.D., M.S., Assistant Vice President for Research, Academic Health Center
and Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota (Rochester, Minnesota, U.S.A.):
Minnesota Partnership тАУ Activities and Impact
Eric D. Wieben, M.D., Ph.D., Director, Mayo Genomics Research Center, Mayo Clinic (Rochester,
Minnesota, U.S.A.) & Co-Director, Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics:
Building Scientific Partnership in Biotech Research between Minnesota and Brno тАУ Challenges and Needs
Dr. Jeff Solomon, CEO, ERBI (Eastern Region Biotech Initiative), Cambridge, UK:
Cambridge and the East of England Biotech Cluster
11:35тАУ12:05Robert David Kirk, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Enterprise Management,
University of Dundee, Scotland (UK): BioDundee
Questions & Discussion
Lunch & Discussion
Do the Key Czech Biotech Projects reflect the Global Trend?
Welcome and Opening
Tom├б┼б K├бra, M.D., PhD., Medical Director, International Clinical Research Center Brno (ICRC Brno):
ICRC Project Update
Prof. Jaroslav Ko─Нa, Masaryk University Brno: Central European Institute of Technology(CEITEC)
Project Update
Peter ┼аebo, PhD., Director, Institute of Biotechnology AS CR, v.v.i.: BIOCEV Project Update
Dr. Michal Kostka, South Moravian Innovation Centre:
Results of Regional Survey on Trends in Life Sciences
Questions & Discussion
Main Partner
─Мeskoslovensk├б obchodn├н banka, a. s.
─Мeskoslovenska obchodni banka, a. s. is a┬аuniversal bank operating in the Czech Republic. ─МSOB was established by
the state in 1964 as a┬аbank to provide foreign trade financing and convertible currency operations. It was privatized
in┬аJune 1999 when KBC Bank, a┬аmember of BelgiumтАЩs KBC Group, became the majority owner. ─МSOB took over Investicn├н
a┬аPo┼бtovn├н banka, a.s. in June 2000. ─МSOB had been active in both Czech and Slovak markets until 2007; the Slovak branch
was separated as of 1 January 2008.
─МSOBтАЩs business profile comprises the following segments: retail (individuals), SMEs, corporate and non-banking financial
institutions, financial markets and private banking. ─МSOB is operating under two retail brands in the Czech Republic
тАУ ─МSOB and Po┼бtovn├н spo┼Щitelna (Postal Savings Bank тАУ PSB); the latter is using the wide distribution network of Czech
Post. To serve their clients, ─МSOB has 227 branches in the Czech Republic while PSB has 32 Financial Centers and approx.
3,350┬аpost offices (as at 30 June 2008). Both ─МSOB and PSB also provide their services through various direct-banking
channels. In addition to its own products, ─МSOB is distributing products and services of the whole ─МSOB Group.
Along with its own products and services, ─МSOBтАЩs branch network offers products and services of the entire ─МSOB
Group. Comprehensive service portfolio thus also includes insurance and pension products (─МSOB Poji┼б┼еovna and
the┬аStabilita and Progres pension funds), financing the housing needs (Hypote─Нni banka and ─Мeskomoravsk├б stavebn├н
spo┼Щitelna) collective investment and asset management (investment funds of ─МSOB Investment company a┬а─МSOB Asset
Management) and specialized services (─МSOB Leasing and ─МSOB Factoring). Services related to trading on financial
markets are provided by Patria, a┬аsister company of ─МSOB.
The primary goal of the ─МSOB Group is to build a┬аstrong, long-term partnership with each client by being a┬аgood listener
and offering suitable solutions, not just products, and providing clients with livelong advisory services in the areas
of┬аpersonal and family needs, SME and corporate finance.
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Enterprise Europe Network
тАЬA┬аone-stop shop for businesses in over 40 countriesтАЭ
The Enterprise Europe Network is the largest network of contact points providing information and advice to EU
companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The network offers concrete and effective solutions to entrepreneurs and companies in more than 40 countries, including
the 27 EU member states, three EU candidate countries (Croatia, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Turkey),
members of the European Economic Area (EEA) and other participating third countries.
Launched in 2008 by the European Commission, the Enterprise Europe Network combines and builds on the former
Innovation Relay Centres and Euro Info Centres (established in 1995 and 1987 respectively). The new integrated network
offers a┬атАЬone-stop shopтАЭ to meet all the information needs of SMEs and companies in Europe.
Instruments include business partner search within technology and business cooperation databases and fast access
to┬аinformation on funding opportunities, individual on-site visits to companies to assess their needs and a┬аbroad range
of┬аpromotion and information material. Representatives of the network can also help businesses understand EU law, how
it applies to their business and how to make the most the internal market and EU programmes.
The Enterprise Europe Network fully exploits the synergies between all support services and helpdesks aimed at
European businesses. The тАЬone-stop shopтАЭ service is accompanied by a┬атАЬno wrong doorтАЭ policy: an entrepreneur or
business actor can enter the network through any contact point, and will then be assisted and personally directed to the
relevant service or organisation.
Business actors are encouraged to share, define and disseminate best practices in fields such as innovation, expansion
to new markets, enlargement of the client base, improvement of market position, etc. As a┬аresult, the Enterprise Europe
Network helps SMEs realise their potential in terms of growth and regional job creation.
Activities of the Czech Enterprise Europe Network are realized by a┬аconsortium of eleven project partners coordinated by
the Technology Centre of Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic.
The project is supported by the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme (CIP)
Speakers Index
Mark S. Paller, M.D., M.S.
Dr.┬аMark S. Paller is Assistant Vice President for Research, Academic Health Center and
Professor of Medicine at the University of Minnesota. He oversees the Office of Clinical
Research, the Biomedical Genomics Center, the Molecular and Cellular Therapy Program,
Research Animal Resources, and all AHC intramural grant programs. He played a┬аkey role in
developing the research partnership between the University of Minnesota and Mayo Clinic,
the Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics, which he co-directs.
Nationally, he was the founding chair of the Association of Academic Health Centers Vice
Presidents for Research Executive Leadership Group. Paller has extensive experience in
basic and translational research with more than 100 publications. His primary research
interest and area of expertise is the cell biology of acute renal failure.
Paller received his medical degree at Northwestern University, performed an internal
medicine residency at Case Western Reserve University and a┬аnephrology fellowship
at┬аthe University of Colorado, and received a┬аMasterтАЩs degree in Administrative Medicine
from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a┬аpracticing nephrologist with interests in
chronic kidney disease, transplantation, pregnancy and kidney disease, and hypertension.
Eric D. Wieben
Dr.┬аWieben is the Director of Mayo Clinic Genomics Research Center and Professor of
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at the College of Medicine-Mayo Clinic. He is also on
the Board of Directors of the BioBusiness Alliance of Minnesota.
As the son of an Army officer, Eric grew up in many locations including France, Japan, and
Senegal. He graduated from high school in Israel and began college at Tel Aviv University.
Dr.┬аWieben earned a┬аB.S. degree in Biological Sciences with highest distinction from
Indiana University and a┬аPh.D. in Biology from Yale University. Dr.┬аWieben completed
his post doctoral fellowship at the Worcester Foundation for Experimental Biology
before joining the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology at Mayo in 1983.
Dr.┬аWieben was Chair of the department for 7 years during a┬аtime when the department
was facing major challenges from the genomic revolution. In 2002 he became the
Director of the Genomics Research Center at Mayo and in 2003 he helped to establish the
Minnesota Partnership for Biotechnology and Medical Genomics, MayoтАШs public-private
collaboration with the University of Minnesota and the State of Minnesota.
Dr.┬аWiebenтАЩs current and primary research interest is in the area of pharmacogenomics.
He is collaborating with Dr.┬аRichard Weinshilboum to determine how genes influence the
response of individuals to drug therapy. They are working to define the range of individual
genetic variation in the genes that code for drug metabolizing enzymes, and how that
variation can influence both the effectiveness of the drug and the likelihood of adverse
side effects.
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Dr.┬аWieben has received many rewards and recognitions, including 5 patents and the
Mayo Foundation Distinguished Educator Award.
Jeff Solomon
Jeff graduated from University College London with a┬аPh.D. in biochemical engineering
and has over 25 years experience working with a┬аvariety of organizations within the
healthcare and life science sectors undertaking and managing R&D and developing
strategy. He joined the ERBI initiative and focused its efforts on the development of
networking and communications within the Cambridge and East of England biocommunity. In April 2000 ERBI became an independent not-for-profit company and
Jeff became its full time Chief Executive. In that time ERBI has grown to over 360 paying
members and ERBI has increased 10 fold in size. In January 2008 ERBI added activities
aimed specifically at the medtech community. Jeff has worked in Cambridge for 25
years and has experienced the growth of biotechnology in the region. In his spare time,
Jeff is a┬аmember of the Institute of Directors, an advisory board member for the Centre
for Integrated Photonics (CIP), sits on the advisory panel for UKTIтАЩs Biotechnology and
Pharmaceutical Services and finally is the Chair of the Council of European Bioregions.
Robert David Kirk
David Kirk is the director of Masters Degree programmes in Spatial Planning at the
University of Dundee, Scotland. Upon graduating in 1972 from the University of Glasgow,
David followed a┬аprofessional career in programme planning and project management
in a┬аvariety of public and private organisations in the UK, positions in which he was
principally involved in economic development. In 1993, he began a┬аuniversity career
and has led programmes in enterprise management and in spatial planning. David
collaborated with a┬аnumber of technical universities and industrial firms in Poland during
the 1990тАЩs for which he received the award of the Knights Cross from the Republic of
Poland in 2002. He has a┬аnumber of published papers on innovation and knowledge
transfer. Over the last three years he was an active participant in the NetBioClue network
sharing knowledge about the processes required for developing biotech clusters.
Tom├б┼б K├бra
Tom├б┼б K├бra, MD, PhD is the Executive Director of the International Clinical Research Center
Brno project that will be constructed at St. AnneтАЩs Hospital in Brno, Czech Republic and
Associate Professor of Medicine at Division of Cardiovascular Diseases at Mayo Clinic
and Mayo School of Medicine, Rochester, Minnesota. Dr.┬аKaraтАЩs main focus is clinical
cardiology and cardiovascular research, including development of new technologies for
cardiovascular diseases diagnostics and treatment.
Arno┼бt Marks
Arnost Marks (41) graduated from Charles University (Prague) with masters degree in
general biology in 1991 later he received PhD. degree on Knowledge and Technology
Management Transformation in Post Communist Countries from University of Cambridge
in 1997. Then he worked for Technology Centre of the Czech Academy of Sciences and as
a┬аproject manager he ran projects for technological companies on EU programmes. He
spent 8 years in public administration working for Deputy Chairman of Senate, Advisor
to the Ambassador of the EU in the Czech Republic and finally as a┬аdirector general
responsible for managing implementation EU Funds in the Czech Republic 2004тАУ2006 and
2007тАУ2013 in the Ministry for Regional Development. Presently he represents project of
Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC) in Brno as its executive director.
Peter ┼аebo
Dr.┬аPeter ┼аebo worked for 6 years at CNRS and Institut Pasteur in Paris, before he returned
to the Institute of Microbiology in Prague in 1995. He is currently the director of the newly
founded Institute of Biotechnology and is in charge of preparing the construction of
a┬аmajor research infrastructure for the Biotechnology Research Center of the Academy of
Sciences with Charles University (BIOCEV).
Ji┼Щ├н Hude─Нek
Ji┼Щ├н Hude─Нek is CEO of the South Moravian Innovation Centre, leading Czech organization
for support of innovative start-up companies. As an entrepreneur and manager with over
10 years of experience in senior positions, Ji┼Щ├н has worked for a┬аnumber of institutions
including GE Capital Bank, LKW Walter International and others. He currently leads a┬аteam
of 20 professionals dedicated to support of innovative enterprises in the South Moravian
region through implementation of the Regional Innovation Strategy.
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Internet portal contains all information about
biotechnology in one place. The website is aimed at biotechnology
companies, suppliers, investors, institutions, students, professional
community and everyone interested in this field of future.
Gate2Biotech maps over all biotech news and its users can also
find a┬а complete database of Czech biotechnology companies and
research entities. The database is searchable by their specialisation,
offers and request of collaboration or jobs, overview of currently
undertaken research projects, contains information on international
conferences, seminars, fairs and other interesting events. Through
the portal the companies can easily search partners for various
technology problem solutions and present their services to potential
partners from the Czech Republic and abroad. The users of the
website are located in more than 50 countries.
Internet portal aims to create a┬а central place for
all Czech subjects interested in innovation by providing targeted
information, linking to other relevant services and assisting in
realisation of their innovative projects.
The website is aimed at researchers, inventors, innovative companies,
research institutions, investors and organisations supporting
The content of the website comprises information on innovation
from the Czech Republic and abroad providing:
Information about funding and support innovative projects
Important contacts, supply and demand for cooperation
News and articles about trends in research and development
Calendar of events
Case Studies
International Clinical Research Center Brno (ICRC)
One of the European UnionтАЩs largest initiatives for the 21st century in the area of biotechnology and medical research will
be based on collaboration between the Mayo Clinic and the Czech RepublicтАЩs International Clinical Research Center (lCRC)
in Brno, Czech Republic. The ICRC partnership will focus on medical research and education, particularly in the areas of
cardiovascular and neurovascular diseases, internal medicine, neurology and oncology. The multifunctional centre will
offer advanced clinical research facilities, a┬аstate-of-the-art cardiovascular clinical centre, international educational centre
and a┬аtechnology cluster. ICRC brings to Czech scientists new opportunities for international collaboration.
St. AnneтАЩs University Hospital
Peka┼Щsk├б 53
656┬а91 Brno
Tom├б┼б K├бra, M.D., Ph.D.
Executive Director, ICRC Brno
Tel.: +420 543┬а181┬а161
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
The South Moravian Innovation Centre
The South Moravian Innovation Centre (JIC) creates a┬аcomplex infrastructure for innovative enterprise in the South
Moravian region supporting innovative companies, science, research and development and students with original ideas.
JIC was established as an association of legal entities in 2003. Its founders are the South Moravian Regional authority, the
Statutory City of Brno, Masaryk University and Brno University of Technology. In February 2005 the group was joined by
Mendel University of Agriculture and Forestry and University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences in Brno.
The services of the Centre are based on four key pillars:
One of the main activities of the centre is operating the Technology Incubator at Brno University of Technology and the
Technology Incubator II of the South Moravian Regional Authority, which concentrate several support tools for starting
entrepreneurs in one place, reduce the risk for start-ups and assist them to achieve the level they could engage selfdependently in commercial-economic activities and compete on the market.
The South Moravian Innovation Centre is the coordinator of the Regional Innovation Strategy of the South Moravian
Region which is a┬аstrategy for increasing implementation and fostering innovation.
JIC is a┬аmember of the Enterprise Europe Network тАУ the largest network of contact points providing information and
advice to EU companies on EU matters, in particular small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
The South Moravian Innovation created and operates 2 web portals: aims to create a┬аcentral place for
all subjects interested in innovation by providing targeted information, linking to other relevant services and assisting
in realisation of their innovative projects, portal, is the main guide-post and information umbrella
covering all biotech activities in the Czech Republic. In 2006 JIC published the first ever annual publication of detailed
information about Czech biotech sector тАЬCzech Biotech ReportтАЭ.
JIC, zajmove sdruzeni pravnickych osob
U┬аVod├бrny 2
616┬а00 Brno
Tel.: +420 541┬а143┬а000
Fax: +420 541┬а143┬а011
List of Participants
Ad├бmek Petr, Ing.┬аMBA
Berman Group тАУ slu┼╛by ekonomick├йho rozvoje, s.r.o.
Ba┼╛ant Petr, Ing.┬аCSc. MBA
├Ъstav experiment├бln├н medic├нny AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Bernatov├б Karol├нna
Vysok├б ┼бkola B├б┼Иsk├б
Bohrn Tom├б┼б
ChipInvest a.s.
Bryndov├б Marta, Ing.
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Bula Daniel
Bun─Нek Martin, RNDr., Ph.D.
Cieslarov├б Jaroslava, Mgr.
─Мin─Нarov├б Lenka, Mgr
Masarykova Univerzita, P┼ЩF
Damborsk├╜ Ji┼Щ├н, Dr.
Enantis s.r.o.
Dita Ilona
Biotechnologick├╜ ├║stav AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Dole┼╛alov├б Anna
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav brambor├б┼Щsk├╜ Havl├н─Нk┼пv Brod, s.r.o.
Domk├б┼Щov├б Jaroslava
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav brambor├б┼Щsk├╜ Havl├н─Нk┼пv Brod, s.r.o.
Fry─Н Jan
V┼аB тАУ TU Ostrava
Fusek Martin, Doc.┬аIng.┬аCSc.
Life Sciences Capital s.r.o.
Greplov├б Marie
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav brambor├б┼Щsk├╜ Havl├н─Нk┼пv Brod, s.r.o.
Grochov├б Diana, PhD.
Centrum prenat├бln├н diagnostiky, s.r.o.
Gu┼Иka Karel, Ing.
Hadam Jakub, Mgr.
Merck, s.r.o.
Havl├н─Нek Martin, Ing.
├Ъstav biomedic├нnsk├йho in┼╛en├╜rstv├н VUT v┬аBrn─Ы
Havr├бnek Ivo
V┼аB тАУ TU Ostrava
Hej├бtko Jan
Masarykova Univerzita
He┼Щm├бnek Ji┼Щ├н, RNDr.,MBA
Genzyme Europe BV
Hettner Michal
Central European Biosystems s.r.o.
Hezinov├б V─Ыra, Ing.
├Ъstav analytick├й chemie AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Holub Petr, Mgr.
NCBR тАУ N├бrodn├н centrum pro v├╜zkum biomolekul
Horna Ale┼б, Doc.┬аIng.┬аCSc.
Hradil Ond┼Щej, Ing.
Masarykova univerzita
Hrdli─Нkov├б Barbara
UPF LF, Masarykova Univerzita
Hudzieczek Vojt─Ыch
Hut┼Иan Ivan, Ing.
BIOHEM s.r.o.
Hutov├б Eli┼бka
VUT v┬аBrn─Ы
Chaloupka Jaroslav, Ing., PhD.
BIC Brno, Podnikatelsk├й a┬аinova─Нn├н centrum
Chalupov├б Pavla, Ing.
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Chl├бdek Petr, Mgr.
Region├бln├н rozvojov├б agentura ji┼╛n├н Moravy
Chr├бst Luk├б┼б
Masarykova Univerzita тАУ P┼ЩF
Chrobokov├б Eva
Zahradnick├б fakulta MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Chrom├б Ludmila, Ing.┬аPhD.
Bioveta, a.s.
Chroustovsk├╜ Ji┼Щ├н
Worthald Partners
Jablonka Radim
V┼аB тАУ TU Ostrava
Janou┼бkovcov├б Eva, RNDr., Ph.D.
Masarykova Univerzita
Jaro┼б Josef, Ing.
├Ъstav biomedic├нnsk├йho in┼╛en├╜rstv├н VUT v┬аBrn─Ы
Kalivodov├б Tereza, Ing.
Brain Logistics, s.r.o.
Kaplanov├б Kate┼Щina, Ing.
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Kle─Нkov├б Zita, PhDr.
CEET s.r.o.
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
Kol├б┼Щ Vladim├нr, RNDr.
BioVendor тАУ Laboratorn├н medic├нna a.s.
Koudelka ┼аt─Ыp├бn, Ing.
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav veterin├бrn├нho l├йka┼Щstv├н
Kowalczukov├б Barbora
Kram├б┼Щov├б Gabriela, Bc.
British Embassy
Krej─Н├н Jan, RNDr., PhD.
BVT Technologies a.s.
Krupkov├б Olga, Bc.
K┼Щepelka Ji┼Щ├н, Ing., CSc.
Kube┼бov├б Barbara, MUDr.
Tk├б┼Иov├б banka FN Brno
Kube┼бov├б Blanka
Masarykova Univerzita
Kupsk├б Eva, Ing.
VOP-026 ┼аternberk, s.p., divize VT├ЪO Brno
Lapka Roman, RNDr.
Zentiva a.s.
Lexa Ji┼Щ├н, Ing.
Centrum ekonomick├╜ch studi├н V┼аEM
Libra Anton├нn, Ph.D.
Linhart Jakub
Bioveta, a.s.
Luk├б─Н R├│bert, Mgr.
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav veterin├бrn├нho l├йka┼Щstv├н
Mad─Ыr├бnkov├б Denisa, Ing.
Maky─Нov├б Michaela, Mgr.
Teva Pharmaceuticals CR, s.r.o.
Markov├б Michaela, RNDr.
Biofyzik├бln├н ├║stav AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Ma┼бek Josef, Mgr.
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav veterin├бrn├нho l├йka┼Щstv├н
Mike┼б Ji┼Щ├н, Ing.
EPS s.r.o.
Moudra Alena, Bc.
Masarykova Univerzita
Mozga Tom├б┼б, Mgr.
Masarykova Univerzita
Mr├б─Нkov├б Martina
Biofyzik├бln├н ├║stav AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Mr├бzek Stanislav, MBA
CEITEC Cluster
Nadiradze Kakha
Biotechnology Center of Georgia
Nicodemou Andreas, Mgr.
BIOHEM s.r.o.
Novotn├б Zlatu┼бe, MVDr.
Masarykova Univerzita
Obru─Нa Stanislav, Ing.
Fakulta chemick├б VUT v┬аbrn─Ы
Opletal Kamil
Mitsubishi Corporation
Partl Martin, Ing.
Passe Jana
Passe Intellectual Property, LLC
Passe Jim
Passe Intellectual Property, LLC
Pavl├нk Adam
Pet┼Щ├нk Theodor, Ing., CSc.
Shimadzu GmbH organiza─Нn├н slo┼╛ka
Pisko Michal, Ing., Ph.D.
ExPS s.r.o.
Pitthart Tom├б┼б
Institut klinick├й a┬аexperiment├бln├н medic├нny
Plch├║t Martin, Ing.
ANF Data
Plucar Bohum├нr, MUDr.
4 RESEARCH s.r.o.
Polzerov├б Hana
V├╜zkumn├╜ ├║stav brambor├б┼Щsk├╜ Havl├н─Нk┼пv Brod, s.r.o.
Proksa Bohumil, Ing.┬аDrSc.
Zentiva a.s.
Prok┼б├нk Jan, Ing.
├Ъstav experiment├бln├н medic├нny AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Pr┼пchov├б Anna
Masarykova Univerzita
Rajnoch Jan, MUDr.
Biotechnologick├╜ ├║stav AV ─МR, v.v.i.
Ra┼бkov├б Petra, Ing.
Jiho─Нesk├б agentura pro podporu inova─Нn├нho podnik├бn├н o.p.s.
Rohrer Michal
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Role─Нek Ji┼Щ├н, Ing.
├Ъstav biomedic├нnsk├йho in┼╛en├╜rstv├н VUT v┬аBrn─Ы
Rusek Jakub, Bc.
Masarykova Univerzita тАУ P┼ЩF
Ru┼╛ovi─Н Tom├б┼б
V┼аB тАУ TU Ostrava
S├бra Petr, Mgr.
Pliva тАУ Lachema Diagnostika s.r.o.
Seidl Petr
Genzyme Europe BV
Sch┼пrek Luk├б┼б
PrimeCell a.s.
Slov├бk Jan
Masarykova Univerzita
Smejkal Petr
├Ъstav analytick├й chemie AV ─МR, v.v.i.
┼аruba┼Щov├б Petra, Ing.
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
┼аurov├б Ivana
BioTest s.r.o.
Tesa┼Щ├нkov├б Zuzana, Bc.
Tich├б Olga
Fakultn├н nemocnice u┬аsvat├й Anny
Tomanov├б Eva, Mgr.
Tomko Jaroslav, Ing.
Ungmanov├б Lenka, Ing.
Merck spol. s┬аr.o.
Weisz Filip
MZLU v┬аBrn─Ы
Z├бbsk├╜ Jan
BioTest s.r.o.
Zimov├б Hana, Bc.
3rd International Biotechnology Conference Gate2BiotechтАВ тАвтАВ How to Create and Grow a┬аSuccessful Biotechnology Cluster
www.gate2biotech.czтАВ тАвтАВ
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