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How to Prepare for Electronic Report Cards

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Semester 1 2012-2013
HS Grade Reporting Workflow for EOCT Teachers
Grades will flow into SASI at 6PM and 6AM each day starting 3 days prior to the end of the term.
Complete grading by adding all assignments and entering the grades. It is recommended that all categories
receiving weight have at least one assignment so the weighting of the categories in the gradebook will be as
EOCT Scores
a. EOCT scores should be entered into the gradebook under the Final/EOCT category and carry the
weight of 20%. It is very important that that the name of the category be Final/EOCT or else the
EOCT will not be pulled into SASI.
b. There are no special steps to determine the 80% Pre-EOCT grade. The Pre-EOCT grade will be
calculated based on the final grade and the EOCT and automatically populate in SASI.
Students who did not take the EOCT or whose results have not been received from the state in time
should get an NT as the EOCT assignment score in the gradebook. This will cause the final grade and
the EOCT test score to populate as an NT.
It is highly recommended that grading be completed before the start of Winter Break as there is an unusually
small window for verification in January.
Complete the verification process as defined by your local school. See your LSTC for more details.
After verification, make any grade changes in the gradebook. These changes will flow into SASI on the
schedule mentioned in Step #1.
For any student who should receive an audit (AUD), the final average should be changed to use the Override
Code (AUD).
a. To do this click in the Sem1 column for the student who will receive the audit.
b. Select the Override Code option.
c. Verify AUD is chosen as the code and
then select SAVE.
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End of First Semester Instructions
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