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ABS Information and How to Apply (1) - Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Employment Information
The following information is to provide you with an overview of employment
related matters within the ABS.
Employment Conditions at the Australian Bureau of Statistics
The Public Service Act 1999, the Public Service Regulations and the Public
Service Commissioner's Directions govern all employment in the Australian
Public Service including ABS.
Specific employment conditions for ABS employees are covered by the ABS
Certified Agreement unless you elect to be covered under an Australian
Workplace Agreement.
As an Australian Public Service employee you will be required to uphold the APS
Values (section 10 of the Act) and comply with the APS Code of Conduct
(section 13 of the Act).
Eligibility for Employment
To be eligible for employment with ABS you must:
• Be an Australian Citizen (at the time you commence with ABS) or a
current ongoing APS employee;
• Be of good character as evidenced by satisfactory police clearance (which
we will obtain prior to your commencement with us);
• Be assessed as medically fit to undertake the duties of the position;!
• At the time you commence with ABS, not have received a redundancy
benefit from an APS agency or non-APS Commonwealth employer within
the past 12 months.
All new ABS employees who are not already ongoing employees within the APS,
are required to serve a minimum period of six months probation. The purpose of
the probation period is to ensure that work performance is satisfactory, with
applicants possessing the necessary capability to perform duties, and
demonstrating expected behaviours.
Performance Management Scheme
The ABS Performance Management Scheme encourages discussion and
feedback between employees and their supervisors based on a clear statement
of job goals and performance expectations. Annual pay rises are linked to work
performance through the Performance Management Scheme. It is mandatory for
all staff to participate in the scheme.
Salary Rates
Salary on commencement will be at the minimum pay point for that level.
Salaries above the minimum will be considered on a case by case basis.
Classification Annual Salary Range
APS6: $57,004 to $62,704.
Ongoing employees have automatic membership in a Commonwealth
Government Superannuation Scheme. The majority of new ongoing employees
will become a member of the Public Sector Superannuation Scheme (PSS). A
new accumulation plan came into effect on 1 July 2005 and it is expected that
most new starters will join this new scheme. APS employees who are already
members of the CSS or PSS will remain in those schemes.
A generous package comprising:
• Annual Leave (20 days at full pay or optionally 40 days at half pay).!
• Purchased Annual Leave (option of purchasing up to an additional four
weeks leave per year).
• Personal/Carer's Leave (annual credit of 18 days - 15 days of which
accrue if not used).
• Parental Leave (for parenting responsibilities following the birth or
adoption of a child where the employee is not entitled to paid maternity
leave - 10 days per occasion).
• Other Paid Leave.
• Leave Without Pay.
• Maternity Leave (14 weeks full pay or optionally, 28 weeks at half pay).
• Long Service Leave (3 months after 10 years’ service).
Flexible Working Arrangements
Access to flexible working hours within a 7 am to 7 pm time period.
Other Benefits
Employee Assistance
Employees have access to free and confidential counselling assistance to help
them resolve personal and/or work related problems.
Learning and Development
The ABS Corporate Plan gives an undertaking to provide appropriate training,
opportunities for career advancement and development of skills. The recently
established National Statistical Training Institute designs, develops and delivers
statistical training for staff, while staff are also encouraged to participate in
leadership and management, information technology and project management
Studies Assistance
Employees who are undertaking tertiary studies that are of benefit to the APS
may be granted paid study leave whilst undertaking those study activities. They
may also be granted financial assistance towards their study expenses.
ABS House
This modern building has been designed to meet the specific needs of the ABS.
Some features include specialised carers rooms for short term emergency care,
quiet rooms for prayer and meditation, and a bicycle store room together with
shower/change rooms.
Careers with the ABS
How to Apply
Applying for a position
As an applicant, you will be competing with several other candidates for the
position and you will benefit from time spent on some basic research and
planning before submitting your application.
We recommend you:
• carefully read the Selection Criteria and other documentation provided.
• ring the Contact Officer to discuss the particulars of the position, the proposed
selection process, the work environment and any other matters.
Having done the above, you should now know if you can satisfy each of the
selection criteria of the position, if the Australian Bureau of Statistics is the type
of place you would like to work and whether or not you should proceed any
The resume
A resume or curriculum vitae is a summary of your personal history. Essentially
it is a marketing tool; its primary purpose is to interest us in your suitability for a
position. It should provide all the relevant information about your education
background, employment experience, achievements, abilities and interests.
It is recommended that you keep your resume updated at all times as it makes it
easier for you to concentrate on the application for the position itself.
The Selection Criteria
The Selection Criteria provides the basis for shortlisting and for further
consideration of an application. It is important that in your application you
address each selection criterion thoroughly and succinctly and only include
information that is relevant to the position. Under each criterion you should
outline your relevant skills and abilities and give examples of your work
performance, qualifications and other relevant experience.
The Personal Particulars Form (job application cover sheet)
All applicants must complete a Personal Particulars Form, and include with your
Before submitting your application, you should ensure that you have
the following:
resume outlining qualifications and/or employment history.
statement of claims against each selection criterion.
personal particulars (job application cover sheet)
names and contact details of referees who can provide comments on your
performance history.
a tickbox referees report where requested.
The ABS Selection Process
Selection for all vacancies with the Australian Bureau of Statistics is based on
merit. This means that an assessment is made of the suitability of applicants
using a competitive selection process.Specific matters that selection panels
consider in shortlisting of applications include:
skills and knowledge
qualifications, training and competence
standard of work performances; demonstrated potential for further
There are several ways that a selection panel may assess you.
Some examples are:
Application and Referee reports
By delegate or panel
Testing relevant or specific skills
An informal interview - although all interviews are formal in some sense, it is
quite common that an interview (or part of it) can be somewhat
unstructured. The interviewer may want to get to know you a little better
and to find out more about the person behind the resume.
One-on-one interview - in this type of job interview the applicant is
interviewed by one person. The style of interview can vary from the formal
to relaxed.
Two-on-one interview - in this type of interview you are questioned by two
interviewers who will generally have worked out who will ask which
questions and in what order.
Panel interview- the panel interview consists of at least three interviewers.
They all have their set questions in which they will ask you, so be prepared.
Whether the selection process is to be formal or informal, it is best that you
revise your selection criteria questions and answers so that you can
confidently answer anything that arises.
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