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THIS WEEKEND “How to Know Im Really in Love with Christ

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Keith R. Smith
ext. 222
Senior Pastor
Ron McArthur
ext. 245
Interim Team Leader of Operations
Jan Mokund
ext. 273
Assistant Pastor – Outreach and Discipleship;
Converge (25 to 39)
Cathy Tollefson
ext. 285
BEGIN Pastor
Austin Moore
ext. 246
Discipleship, Outreach and Junior High Pastor
Chris Chase
ext. 244
Assistant Pastor – Student Ministries, CreativeAPC
and Resonate Post-High (18 to 24)
Marilyn Muller
ext. 233
“How to Know I’m Really in Love with Christ”
Children’s Pastor
Will Natividad
ext. 266
Pastor Keith Smith speaking | Summer series: “Letters from John” – Part 2 of 5
Senior High
Valerie Barnes
ext. 238
Pre-school Director
Matthew Smith
ext. 253
Saturday, August 3 at 6 pm
Sunday, August 4 at 9 & 11 am
Team Leader
Natalie Stewart
Today’s Courses and Meetings
ext. 237
11 am – Elevation High School Sunday School, Room 211
6 pm – Resonate Post-High (18 to 24), Community Groups, The Loft
Vocal Director
Dale Tollefson
ext. 284
Assistant Pastor – Pastoral Care,
Toronto Community Churches and Missions
Jim McKenzie
ext. 228
Learning times for your children during our Saturday & Sunday services
ext. 232
Saturday at 6 pm
Pastoral Care, part-time
Keith Preston
Visitation & Seniors
Denise Munroe
ext. 230
Singles and Small Groups
Charles Yates
Honourary Pastor
Dennis Oxford
Ages 3 years & under
with parental supervision
Yellow Room
Nursery (0-24 months) Blue Room
Toddlers (ages 2 to 3) Yellow Room
Intergenerational Service for children
ages 4 to Grade 5 – they will remain with
parents in the service.
Sunday, August 4 at 9 & 11 am services
Sunday, August 4 is our Intergenerational Service with all children ages 4 to Grade 5.
They will take part in the 9 and 11 am Sunday services. There will be Nursery (24 months and
under), and Toddler (2 to 3 years) supervision depending on proper ratio of volunteers and children.
APC Kids Children’s MInistries are led by Pastor Marilyn Muller [ | ext. 233].
ext. 283
Hope Community Church
Kaarina Hsieh
Self-serve Nursery
Sunday at 9 & 11am
Intergenerational Service
ext. 282
Visit us at the Information Desk located in the Student MInistries Building for questions and comments!
Parkway Forest Community Church
Sam Perriccioli
ext. 252
Kingston Road Community Church
Kai Duan
ext. 263
Ling Fu Pastoral Assistant
Dr. Van Johnson
ext. 256
Seminary Dean
We’d love to meet you! Drop by the Welcome Centre (located in the center of the Main Foyer).
We have a welcome packet for you.
For children’s programs Grades 5 and under, see reverse. Please speak to an usher for more information.
From our Senior Pastor...
Staff Update
Resonate Post High’s Sundae Sunday Night
Begin with Christ – A three-week
class designed for those who are new
to Jesus. Join us and get your spiritual
journey off to a great start.
Sunday, August 3 at 6 pm, in THE LOFT
Our Master’s Bible College (formerly Eastern Pentecostal Bible
College) recently asked our Pastor Chris Chase to join their staff as
Director of the first year program. Although Pastor Chris, Becca and
their two precious children will continue to make APC their church
home and will still help out on occasion, their new responsibilities
of teaching and training leaders in a College context will mean that Pastor Chris will
soon be finishing his APC responsibilities as Assistant Pastor and Team Leader of Student
Ministries. Here it is in Pastor Chris’ words:
This holiday Sunday night, join us for some ice cream sundaes, worship and teaching from Pastor Chris with the
Resonate (18 to 24) group. If you ever wondered what it would be like to worship while eating ice cream, you’re
about to find out! We ask that you bring a toonie to help us with some of the ice cream and toppings cost! Looking
forward to seeing you there!
Resonate Post-High is led by Pastor Chris Chase [ | ext. 244].
Membership - A one-day course for
those who are interested in becoming
members at APC.
Ladies Fall Retreat - September 20 to 22, at the Holiday Inn Hotel
Ladies, join in for a weekend of fun, relaxation and spiritual refreshing. Register now to secure your spot – rates
start as low as $132 each for four persons to a standard room for a whole weekend! Visit us as Kiosk C for more
information, or online at to register.
Next Session: Fall 2013
For more information please contact Pastor Denise Munroe [ | ext. 230].
Singles Fellowship Events
Picnic and Corn Roast at Niagara-on-the-Lake | Saturday, August 10 at 8 am
Singles, this is the time for you to pack your picnic bag, bring a blanket, food, games, and be ready for a fun-filled day
with other Singles. Worship will be part of our time together, and then we will move right into the games, food and
fun! Let us escape the every-day and enjoy a refreshing time with each other. Tickets are available at Kiosk B for $25
per person.
Bowling at Parkway Bowl | Saturday, August 17 at 2 to 6 pm
I am so proud of Chris, but am also already very much feeling the loss of having him on
our staff team. He is truly one of my sons in the faith. Also, be praying for us as he and I
begin searching for the right next Team Leader of our Student Ministries.
Join Singles for a fun-filled evening of bowling at the Parkway Mall (Victoria Park and Ellesmere). The cost for three
games, including shoes (and tax), is $12 per person. Come on out and let’s have some fun and exercise! Register
today at Kiosk B following the service.
For more information please contact Pastor Denise Munroe [ | ext. 230].
Pastor Keith Smith
Saturday, August 17 from 3 to 7 pm, the Wave Pool (Richmond Hill)
P.S. Pastor Chris will be spreading his time between the College, APC and vacation until
• Resonate (post-high to 24 years)
• Converge Young Adults (25 to 39)
• Married Life
• Singles Fellowship (40+)
• Women’s Ministries
• Men’s Ministries
• Young at Heart (60+)
Many exciting & fulfilling
opportunities are available for you to
discover meaningful ministry in your
church, community and world.
Our pastors are here to equip you, so
that together we can take new steps
toward all God has planned for us.
One Parent Family Outing!
APC Senior Pastor
Begin at APC - A three-week class
designed for those who are new to
APC. It will include an overview of the
church, an introduction to our staff
and ministries. It is a good first step!
Next Session: Fall 2013
Women Without Borders
... our next chapter, while exciting, is the very definition of bittersweet. Becca and I are
moved in our hearts to serve our Bible College and the next generation of leaders (as we
here have benefited from the school in our recent hiring of Pastor Will Natividad) in the
classroom and in our churches. At the same time, we’re saddened at the saying �goodbye’ (in a sense) to what has become our home. We are indebted to Pastor and Esther
Smith, this staff and you (especially those we’ve pastored and led with closely) for loving
and shaping us. Because of you and God’s work in and through you towards us, we move
forward with sober joy; we love you and we honour each of you!
Next Session: Coming soon
Enjoy yourself at the Wave Pool with One Parent Families! You can play in the wave, lounge on water mats, soak in the
warm water of the swirl pool, ride the thrilling 160 ft. twisting water slide or simply relax in the on-deck sauna. Join us
and catch a wave, before summer is over! Come over to register at Kiosk A after the service.
he speaks here on the August 24/25 weekend. He will also be joining us for our “Pass the
Baton” SUNDAY AT SIX on September 15.
For more information please contact Pastor Denise Munroe [ | ext. 230].
MONDAY, August 5
TUESDAY, August 6
Civic Holiday
No Programs Today
Elevation + Launch Jr Highs
The Meeting Place (Chapel)
7 pm
7:30 pm
THURSDAY, August 8
FRIDAY, August 9
“A Time to Pray” – Prayer Gathering
6 am
Community Connections Sorting 11 am
Sunday Rhythm Section Rehearsal
7 pm
Community Connections Foodbank 7 pm
Prayer Meeting (Room 211)
Converge (25 to 39)
SATURDAY, August 10
7:30 pm
7:30 pm
Singles at Niagara-on-the-Lake
Self-Serve Nursery (Ages 3 & under)
WEEKEND August 10/11
8 am
6 pm
Saturday Night Gathering
Sunday Worship Services 6 pm
9 & 11 am
“Confident to Ask God for Anything –
3 Secrets to Get There”
Series: Letters from John
Pastor Keith Smith speaking
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