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How to get here
From the Airport of Cancun to the
bus station of Cancun
By Taxi:
Share a taxi (collective) for approx. 150M$ pesos per
If you prefer a private taxi, you have to spend a lot,
about 400M$.
Don’t forget to bargain hard especially in late hours!
By Bus:
Otherwise there is a public ADO ( bus that
runs approx every hour from 8:15am till 00:40am for
42M$! This is the best option!
The bus leaves across the parking just in front of the
arrival building “National”. If you ask in the airport about
this bus, they usually won’t tell you.
Many flights arrive in Cancun too late to make these
connections so you might have to spend one “difficult”
night in the airport or grab a taxi and find the closest
hostel to the central bus station).
From Cancun to Holbox
By Bus:
The easiest way to reach Holbox from Cancun
is on the daily direct bus (3-3,5hr) for Chiquila’,
the closest mainland town by ferry. The
bus leaves Cancun at 7.50AM and 12.45PM.
Careful!!Keep your bag with valuables close to you on
the bus! There is a thief that knows how to pull cameras
and wallets out of your bags!
By Car:
From Cancun, you take the “Libre” to Merida (No Cuota),
you’ll pass through a town called Leona Vicario, 15
km after that you’ll slow down for a Speed bump in a
cross road called “Nuevo Valladolid”, there you’ll turn
RIGHT. You’ll pass two small villages until you’ll arrive
to a T turn and you’ll go RIGHT. The brand new road
will take you through a town called Kantunilkin; you’ll
keep going another 40 km on the same road, until you
reach the port town of Chiquila’. Once there, try to find
the best deal in one of the plenty parking of Chiquila’.
The cost should be around 30-40M$.
By Bicycle:
For you crazy people, the directions are the same as
for the car. Just remember that cycling by night on
Mexican roads can be dangerous, with some crazy
drivers! You’ll also get a 25% of discount, just because
we admire you!
From Merida to Holbox
By Bus:
A bus from Merida (5-6hr) and Valladolid (3hr) leaves
at 23:30pm from Merida and arrives for the ferry of the
6 am. Transferring in Tizimin (3hr) is a little easier, with
a choice of three daytime buses. You can also take any
second-class bus along Hwy-180 “Libre” and get off
at the tiny town of El Ideal; from there you can catch a
taxi north to Chiquila’ for about 300M$, or, if you time
it right, transfer to the bus coming from Cancun, which
passes through around 10:30am and 3.30pm.
By Car:
Coming from Merida (more or less 4hr) by car you will
take Hwy# 180 libre east towards Cancun, passing
and continue until El Ideal. Here turn left to the
north and the road will lead you strait to Chiquila’, while
passing little “pueblitos” as Kantunilkin and Solferino.
Park your car (30-40M$ per day) and take the ferry to
From Chiquila to Holbox Island
Once you get to Chiquila’ there is just one more type of
transportation left, the ferry!
The transfer costs 60 pesos per person. Duration
approx. 30 minutes and air condition on maximum!
Arrived at Holbox, you can reach Tribu in a walking
of approx. 9 minutes or you take a taxi (for about
20-40pesos). If the taxi driver wants to take you to
hostel or hotel, insist him to bring you to the Tribu.
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