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Project Grant Applications: How to Qualify for Award Money

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Project Grant Applications: How to Qualify for Award Money
Applications for award money from the Young Lawyers Division should consist of a narrative
summary of your project, divided into sections using the bold section headings below. Please
note that these headings have been revised in the past couple of years. Past affiliate projects
that have applied for award money have received awards up to $5,000.00, although typical
awards range from $500.00 to $1,500.00. The submission of a grant application does not
guarantee the receipt of award money. Award decisions will be made at the sole discretion of the
YLD Board of Governors following project presentations at this year’s Affiliate Outreach
Conference (“AOC”) on January 19, 2013.
Short Project Title: Provide a title for your project for use in the AOC materials.
Contact Information: Provide the name, mailing address, telephone number, and email
address of a contact person or persons at your Affiliate. Additionally, please identify the
individual(s) who will present your project at the AOC on January 19, 2013.
Describe Your Affiliate: Please provide a brief description of your Affiliate, including:
п‚· the total number of members of your Affiliate, if known.
 the past attendance of your Affiliate at an AOC in the past. If this is your Affiliate’s
first time attending an AOC, please state so in this section. If your Affiliate has
previously presented this project before at an AOC, please state so in this section.
Summarize the Purpose of Your Request: Please provide a brief overview of an
organized and well-conceived project to be completed within one calendar year from the
date funds are received. Your project should not be primarily political or partisan in its
purpose as these purposes will not be funded. Likewise, projects that are inconsistent
with the activities and priorities of the Florida Bar will not be funded.
Project Objectives/Description: With specificity, describe the nature of the project. In
so doing, please also address the following questions:
п‚· What needs does the project address? Why are these needs important to your
п‚· To what groups will the project provide services (young lawyers, the community at
п‚· How many people will the project serve?
п‚· What other projects in the area provide similar services to the same group(s)? When
and with what success? How is your project different?
п‚· How will the public benefit from the project?
п‚· What impact will the project have in the community?
п‚· Will the materials, if any, be sold or provided to participants?
п‚· Is this an easy project for other young lawyer affiliates to replicate?
Project Evaluation: Please provide the results you expect to have achieved by the end
of the funding period. Explain how you will measure the effectiveness of your project.
With specificity, describe the criteria for success or failure of the project.
Project Organization: Provide a narrative and an organizational chart showing the
proposed project structure. Outline the lines of authority and role of your Affiliate, senior
bar, bar staff, other law-related organizations, community groups and appropriate
governmental agencies, and how they will relate.
Budget: Develop a preliminary line item budget of monies needed to complete your
project. State whether additional funds can be obtained, if necessary, to achieve the
project objectives and continue the project in the future beyond the one year AOC grant
period. You may incur costs that exceed the YLD grant requested. If so, please state the
projected source for those funds. Show the total cost, the amount requested from the YLD
and contributions from all other sources (cash or in-kind). If you budget for
expenditures to cover refreshments, staff or attorney time, rental or meeting space
or travel reimbursement, you must show income outside of the YLD grant funds to
cover these expenses, as YLD funds cannot be used for these expenditures.
Timetable: Provide a timetable for the project’s major activities.
Exhibits: Please attach any exhibits supporting your Affiliate’s project grant application.
However, given copying costs, please only include essential exhibits with your
Page Limitation: Applications should not exceed five (5) typed pages, not including
Project Presentations: Each Affiliate shall present the project and answer questions
about their project at the AOC on January 19, 2013. Presentations should not exceed five
(5) minutes. Any request to use technology in the presentation, including A/V
equipment, must be made to AOC Co-Chair, Matthew Welch, before the start of the
Follow-up: Affiliates are encouraged to submit a closing report upon completion of the
project. This report should inform the YLD of the success of the project and the use of
the YLD funds.
The early deadline for project applications is Friday, December 14 at 11:59 p.m. Early
submissions are encouraged and may receive additional points in the scoring process.
The regular deadline for project applications is Friday, January 4 at 11:59 p.m. Late
submissions are subject to exclusion and loss of points in the scoring process.
To submit your project application, email one electronic copy (via Word, Wordperfect, or
PDF) to AOC Co-Chair, Matthew Welch, at You will receive a
confirmation email. Submitting an application will serve as authorization to post,
duplicate, and/or disseminate all or portions of your application at the sole discretion of the
YLD Board of Governors. For any questions, please contact Matthew Welch at (386) 2521561 or
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