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How to Get Rich in the Coming Silver Boom - Contrarian Profits

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Silver Venture Caps:
How to Get Rich in the Coming
Silver Boom
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Silver Venture Caps:
How to Get Rich in the Coming Silver Boom
Dear Reader,
It takes literally millions and millions of dollars for the labor, permits and heavy mining equipment needed to
develop a mine…
Not only that, but it could take years, and many more millions of dollars, before a company mines a single ounce
of silver. Even then, a mining company could spend all of this money… only to discover that the mine is a bust.
Yet the lure of silver is getting harder and harder to resist… In fact, several major forces are converging right now in
the silver market.
And the collision of these profound forces is about to drive an historic upward move in the price of silver in the
very near term.
Silver prices have been actively suppressed by big banks betting against the market for years… but the game is up.
Names like JPMorgan and HSBC have been implicated in price manipulation, and now that their hands are out of the
cookie jar, silver prices are free to soar.
And soar they will.
Especially considering the unprecedented economic uncertainty… fiscal cliffs, debt ceilings, double-dip recessions.
We haven’t had this much fear in most of our lifetimes.
The collision of these two forces could push silver prices as high as $208 per ounce… a whopping 542% gain from
current prices!
Folks, including billionaire asset managers like Eric Sprott, Clint Carlson and Jim Simons, have been rushing into
the silver market.
But what if I told you that one silver company that’s attracting millions of dollars in investments from these
billionaire asset managers isn’t a mining stock, silver coin company, option or ETF?
How to Bag Massive Silver Profits Without Owning a Single Mine
Yes, it’s possible! The company I’m talking about is a “silver venture cap,” and it’s very profitable.
A silver venture cap pays a premium to a miner and then has the option to buy all of the miner’s silver production
at a low, fixed price in the future.
The miner gets some capital up front. It can use this money to expand operations, acquire new assets or just
guarantee more time to bring its find to the market.
The silver venture cap gets cheap silver it can turn around and sell at market prices, sometimes booking big profits.
Silver venture caps are much safer than your typical mining stock (which spends millions of dollars developing one
or two mines that may or may not be winners).
As Forbes points out, their “business model gives an advantage over traditional mining companies.” They’re the
perfect investment opportunities… in terms of both risk and reward.
And the company I want to share with you could give investors the chance for reliable, outsized gains over the
coming years.
In fact, it’s one of the few precious metals companies in the entire world that pays you a dividend… a sign of
strength and safety!
As I said, billionaire asset managers such as Eric Sprott, Clint Carlson and Jim Simons are loading up like crazy.
And you can access this company right through the stock market.
The master silver venture cap is Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW). The company currently has 17 silver purchase
agreements with high-quality mines located in politically stable regions, and four agreements with mines in
And its agreements are with some of the best (and lowest-cost) mining companies in the world, like Barrick Gold
Corp. (NYSE:ABX).
That means SLW has access to about 28 million ounces of silver production, and that figure could rise to 48 million
by 2016.
Indeed, SLW has seen its contracts pay off
with more production for each of the past three
And it seems as if there’s no end in sight for
its ability to grow.
The best part is that SLW’s agreements are
long-term deals… The price the silver-streaming
company pays for the silver isn’t going to change.
But with the price of silver potentially soaring to
$208 per ounce, SLW’s share price will be running on rocket fuel.
SOURCE: Yahoo!
If “production” jumps by 71% over the next four years and prices jump 542%, SLW’s share price could climb
Add it all together…
• Outright suppression of silver prices
• Unprecedented financial uncertainty
• The smartest way to play silver without buying a coin or a mine.
You’ve got the potential for silver prices to reach the sky.
You cannot pass up this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Once silver hits $208 per ounce, it’ll be devilishly hard to
squeeze out gains like this. The moves are already happening, and SLW could rake in triple-digit gains.
Position yourself now for the big gains.
Action to Take: Add Silver Wheaton (NYSE:SLW) to your portfolio for a potential triple-digit gain without
touching a single ounce of silver!
But we’re not done yet…
I’ve got two more silver plays for you…
Collect Your Share of Nearly $3.4 Billion per Year
in Silver Mining Profits
Now, Silver Wheaton gives you access to the massive potential in silver without the risk of actually owning a mine,
but when silver starts to move, the biggest winners are the miners that pull it directly out of the ground.
That’s why I also want you to know about the largest U.S.-based silver producer: Coeur d’Alene Mines Corp.
CDE has produced 18 million ounces of silver. At today’s silver price, that’s $529.2 million worth of silver. And it’s
expanding its reserves at a rapid rate. In 2012, CDE added 85.2 million ounces and a further 462,000 ounces of gold
to its reserves. But get this… Operating costs are less than $8 for each ounce of silver CDE pulls out of the ground.
With silver selling for $29 per ounce, you can see how this company is already making big profits.
But when the market corrects the silver glitch, this miner could see even more amazing profits than ever.
Just imagine what the balance sheet would look like with silver at $208…
That would be an additional profit of $3.2 billion per year!
That could add $36 per share to the stock price.
And that makes investing in CDE an easy pick. A gain of 177% would really turn your portfolio into a silver vault!
Even though CDE is the top dog when it
comes to U.S.-based silver producers, it’s still
growing. A $3.2 billion injection would more
than double this company’s market cap, and
that’s when CDE becomes a global powerhouse.
We’ve already seen shares start climbing, so
now could be the best opportunity you have to
get into CDE before silver goes north.
Action to Take: Add Coeur d’Alene Mines
Corp. (NYSE:CDE) to your portfolio and keep
SOURCE: Yahoo!
growing your profits right alongside its reserves!
It’s not often we get to say you have a “once in a lifetime” opportunity. But we’ve done the math and found that the
potential in the silver market is absolutely outstanding.
And in a market in which there are thousands of ways to invest in silver, it can get confusing trying to pick which
investments are best for your portfolio.
Holding actual silver is the surest way to capture these massive gains in silver. We’re talking about coins, ingots,
bullion. The hard stuff.
But for some of you, this might not be practical—especially in large quantities.
The Easiest Way for You to Benefit From the Coming Silver Boom
You could turn to a simple and easy silver-backed ETF like the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV). It’s not a bad
option… but it’s not the best option, either.
That’s because there’s another choice that gives you the best of both worlds. Imagine actually owning silver with the
ease of buying an exchange-traded fund. You can…
It’s the Sprott Physical Silver Trust ETV (NYSE:PSLV). This exchange-traded investment gives you access to
physical silver bullion -- stored in a secure location in Canada -- with fewer costs than buying, storing and securing
bullion yourself.
And the best part is you can actually take delivery of your silver if you want it.
From the website:
Unitholders who hold certain minimum dollar value equivalents have the ability to redeem their units for physical
bullion on a monthly basis. Please see “Redemption of Units” in the prospectus for details.
The bullion custodian can deliver the bars almost anywhere in the world via an armored transportation service
carrier. Physical redemptions will never dilute remaining unitholders.
For big-time silver investors, the ability to redeem your silver is the perfect characteristic in any investment.
Action to Take: Add the iShares Silver Trust (NYSE:SLV) to your portfolio to take advantage of the easiest
way to hold silver.
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