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How to Kick Someones Ass - Adams Media

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How to Kick Someone’s Ass
365 Ways to Take the Bastard Down
Written by E.R. Silverman
What’s the story?
Some juiced-up meathead starts trouble at the gym—take him down to size with an
Aikido Wrist Twist.
Your neighbors have loud sex which keeps you up at night—unleash a couple hundred
crickets through their open window.
There’s more than one way to skin a cat—or kick someone’s ass. But how? When?
Where? Luckily, professional tough guy, E.R. Silverman’s here to break it all down.
Forget mere revenge, there are actually 365 ways to nail the bastards to the wall.
With How to Kick Someone’s Ass (Adams Media, June) readers transform from
unsuspecting, sorry sacks into masters of hand-to-hand combat and mental torture.
Written under an alias (of course) by a man who’s been there, done that, and lived to
deny it all, this is all readers need to protect and avenge themselves against any
possible threat—be it physical, emotional, psychological, financial, or otherwise.
Wickedly resourceful and widely entertaining, this how-to manual proves forewarned
really is forearmed.
What does it mean for your audience?
Taking the high road isn’t always the right road. Truth is, some people deserve a kick in
the ass. From lazy coworkers to the guy hogging the leg press to the bitchy the toll-booth
operator, morons are everywhere—and they’re pissing people off on a daily basis.
How to Kick Someone’s Ass is every reader’s guide to protecting, defending, and
avenging oneself—every time. Written by a tough guy whose career in “law
enforcement” demanded that he kick someone’s ass on a regular basis, this collection of
creative tactics includes the use of cue balls, steel-toed boots, spiders and Krazy Glue,
to name a few household weapons. Add martial arts to the mix and readers become
their very own ultimate fighting champion.
How to Kick Someone’s Ass—because killing them would be too easy.
Who is the author?
E.R. Silverman is an undercover alias used by the author while he was working for one of those
three-letter alphabet agencies run by the U.S. government. For twenty-five years, he carried a
concealed weapon and has seen his share of violence. His other writing credits include several
articles, and about sixty short stories, including those in Easyriders Magazine and Outlaw Biker.
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