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How to Offer aMAZE! as a Weekend Event for Middle-Schoolers

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How to Offer aMAZE!
as a Weekend Event
for Middle-Schoolers
First, attract girls by promoting the weekend with a fun title
and introduction. You might try something like:
An Insider's Guide to Middle School:
An aMAZE'mg Weekend Adventure,
or Acing Middle School: An aMX\ZEing
Weekend Adventure
Find out how to navigate the twists and turns of getting
along in middle school and in your life-by being a leader!
Have fun exploring everything from making good first
impressions to making genuine, long-lasting friendships,
from peer pressure to no pressure to passing it forward.
It's all here in one fun-filled weekend!
Next, plan your schedule for the full weekend. Here's a sample schedule to use in full or adapt
as you see fit.
girl scouts
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How to Offer aMAZE! as a Weekend Event for Middle-Schoolers
• Beneath the Surface:
inflatable beach ball
marked with "Beneath
the Surface" questions
(page 31, adult guide)
• What's in Your Maze:
paper and markers
• Peacemaker Kits: an
assortment of small
empty containers (tins
from mints, jewelrysize boxes, even
small take-out food
containers); odds and
ends for decorating
the containers (beads,
buttons, stickers,
wrapping paper) and
glue; CDs and player
• Going for Goals: paper,
pens, and envelopes
FRIDAY NIGHT (activities relate to Girl Scout Discover leadership outcomes)
Total time: Two hours
• Opening Ceremony 10 minutes (page 31, aMAZE! adult guide): Icebreaker that uses
"Beneath the Surface" activity with beach ball. Girls start off by introducing themselves, then
peel masking tape off the ball to uncover a question, answer the question, and toss the ball
to another girl. Then move on to Beneath the Surface/First Impressions discussion for 15
minutes (page 36, adult guide).
• What's in Your Maze? 30-45 minutes (page 32, adult guide): Introduce the theme and
the idea that transitioning to middle school is like entering a brand new maze full of twists
and turns, and they'll be learning new skills and strategies to bring more confidence to their
relationships and create better relationships that can actually improve the world around
• Peacemaker Kits 30-45 minutes (pages 39-40, adult guide): Girls decorate empty
containers, which become their "scrapbooks." If the girls want some music, they can
suggest songs that inspire them (page 95, girls' book) or play songs about friendship such as
"Umbrella" by Rihanna, "You've Got a Friend" by James Taylor, or "With a Little Help from My
Friends" by The Beatles, or others of their choice.
• Closing Ceremony 15 minutes: In Going for Goals (page 37, adult guide), girls brainstorm the
relationship issues that most affect them; each girl chooses which issue (or two) she wants to
solve for herself and writes it on her sheet of paper and seals it in an envelope addressed to
herself. (They'll unseal the envelopes at the end of the weekend.)
• Circle of Friends and
Peacemaker Kits:
paper, markers, pens
• Design-your-own
note cards: paper,
envelopes, assorted
craft materials
(stickers, stamps, ink
pads, colored paper,
• Cliquish?: large paper
and marker
SATURDAY MORNING (activities relate to Girl Scout Connect leadership outcomes)
Total time: Two hours and 30 minutes
• Opening Ceremony 10 minutes: Girls' choice, or girls can go around the circle and name one
quality they look for in their friends.
• Circle of Friends 20 minutes (page 44, adult guide): Girls recognize the characteristics they
look for in a friend, and identify the qualities they bring to a friendship.
• Craft time 40 minutes: Girls create design-your-own note cards, then write notes to three
friends, telling them a few specific qualities the girls enjoy about them and their friendship, and
encouraging the friends to pass the gesture forward (pages 31-21, girls' book). Note: This fulfills
one of the Interact Challenge requirements.
• Cliquish? 20 minutes (page 54, adult guide): Activity and discussion about cliques and circles
of belonging; then practice l-Statements: The Key to Resolving Conflicts for 30-45 minutes
(page 55, adult guide). During this activity, girls gain confidence in communicating difficult
feelings with sensitivity and respect.
girl scouts
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• Closing Ceremony 15 minutes: In the For Peacemaker Kits activity (page 47, adult guide),
girls share skills or tips they thought about today that they can use in their lives and pass on to
others. Once written down, the girls put the tips in their peacemaker kits.
Total time: About an hour
• "Twists and Turns" food ideas: Spaghetti (twirled and twisted on a fork!); fusilli, gemelli, or
corkscrew pasta dish; tossed green salad; cheese sticks made from frozen puff pastry dough
and grated parmesan cheese.
• Snack idea: whole-wheat pretzels.
After lunch, the girls can get up and moving with Friendship Games (page 51, adult guide), a hike,
or maze-like obstacle course.
• Movie
• DVD player
• TV or screen to
view movie
Total time: Three hours and 45 minutes
• Opening Ceremony 10 minutes: Girls' choice, or girls name a quality they value or admire in
a new friend they've met during the weekend.
• Definitions, Please 15 minutes (page 60, adult guide): Girls explore bullying behavior, and
then spend 30 minutes on Take Back the Power (page 62, adult guide). They discuss ways to
respond to bullying behavior, and then Flip the Script for 45 minutes (page 63, adult guide) and
role-play bullying scenarios (pages 85-87, girls' book).
• Movie 90 minutes-2 hours: Girls view a movie that features cliques, then discuss how the
cliques resemble (or not) those they know at school. They see if they can think of even one
small thing to do to try to shift a real-life dynamic they dislike. (Movies to consider: Mean Girls,
Clueless, The Princess Diaries, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, and Bratz. Note: This
fulfills another Interact Challenge.
• Closing 10 minutes: Girls sing a round or two of "Make New Friends, But Keep the Old."
• For Peacemaker Kits:
paper and pens
• Where Do You
Stand?: masking tape,
paper, marker
• Life is a Maze: paper
and pens, assorted art
Total time: Two hours and 30 minutes
• Opening Ceremony 15 minutes: Using Take a Peace Break (page 94, girls' book) as a guide,
engage in a simple yoga session or spiral maze meditation (walking along a spiral path or
viewing a spiral painted on canvas or a drawn on a blackboard).
• Peacemaker Kits 15 minutes: Girls reflect on what they've learned so far, and add to their
Peacemaker Kits.
• Where Do You Stand? 40 minutes (page 52, adult guide): Girls take a stance on peer
pressure. Move on to How Do Relationship Skills Impact the World? for 15 minutes (page 72,
adult guide), and spend 20 minutes on Who Is a Real Leader? (page 72, adult guide). During
this time, girls get involved in thinking big about linking the relationship skills they've explored
to examples of leadership skills to make the world better.
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How to Offer aMAZE! as a Weekend Event for Middle-Schoolers
• Craft/art activity 40 minutes (page 33 sidebar, adult guide): Girls create "Life is a maze"
poems, drawings, or song lyrics on their own or in small teams.
• Closing Ceremony 10 minutes: Girls share their creations and say what they mean, what their
inspiration was, or how they hope to use the meaning behind their creations in middle school
and/or beyond.
• Going for Goals:
envelopes from Friday
• Closing: Interact and
Peacemaker awards
Total time: 1 hour and 15 minutes
• Going for Goals 15 minutes: Girls gather in a circle, receive the Going for Goals envelopes
from Friday night, and have a moment to review what they'd written and how they've
progressed toward their goal. They can share their goals with the group if they like.
• Girls' choice of Interact Challenges 30 minutes: Girls pick one of the challenges and
complete it. Note: This fulfills the third Interact Challenge.
• Closing 30 minutes: Invite girls to create a little ceremony to share some of the ideas they
have put in their Peacemaker Kits, and how they might use those ideas going forward. The
girls earn their Peacemaker and Interact awards.
Don't have a whole weekend? Here's an easy way to spread the activities over six
afternoon sessions:
Session 1: Beneath the Surface, First Impressions, What's in Your Maze?, Going for Goals
Session 2: For Peacemaker Kits, Circle of Friends
Session 3: Cliquish? l-Statements
Session 4: Definitions, Please; Take Back the Power; Flip the Script
Session 5: Where Do You Stand? How Do Relationship Skills Impact the World? Who Is a Real Leader?
Session 6: Going for Goals, award ceremony of girls' choice.
Keep it all girl led by asking the girls to create their own opening and closing ceremonies. Invite them
to add to their Peacemaker Kits and complete Interact Challenges as time allows or on their own.
girl scouts
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