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How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - Alston Moor Partnership

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How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website
How to access and manage the admin section.
Admin Page
Log in to the Admin Section
This is at the bottom right of the AMP home screen under the little "yellow note". Or you
can just put /admin at the end of the home page URL e.g.
Select the function you want
1) This is a log-in for the blogs - Main News, PO News and SO News. The same log-in can
be used for the Events calendar and to upload pictures
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 1
Copyright Alix Martin
2) This is the login for the Newsletters. Please the log-in email address of and the usual password. Please DO NOT change the
password on any of these facilities. Please see the separate Help Doc for this facility to
learn more about how to create a newsletter.
3) This is where you can find this document and other help documents.
4) This is where you can view the galley of website pictures. You can use these pictures for
AMP purposes by dragging them to your desktop.
The following steps explain the log-in for the General Admin Section
Information for log-in to the General Admin Section
Here you will find 3 separate log-ins. They represent 3 different databases. Database 1 - the
PO Officer's news, Database 2 - the SO Officer's news and Database 3 - is for the main
news, the image gallery and the events calendar.
Please log-in to the appropriate database. All Log-ins: Password is "where we live" as all
one word!
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 2
Copyright Alix Martin
General Admin Section
Once logged in, you will see this screen.
The following is an explanation of these facilities. Please scroll down for instructions on how
to use each facility.
1) Blocks: This is button for the Events calendar.
2) Blog: This is the button for the blog/news and is the same in all the 3 databases.
3) Galleries: This is where you can upload pictures and images to be shared in the Image
Gallery. (This function is not set up in the PO and SO databases)
4) Stats: This is where you can view the the site statistics. They run from the middle of
March 2013.
5) Form: Is not set up
6) BackUp: This facility will back up the database that it is linked to. PO and SO Officers:
Please back up your posts as appropriate.
7) Settings: Each database setting is under this button. Please do not change anything. If
you think anything needs changing please get in touch.
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 3
Copyright Alix Martin
1) Blocks and Events
This is where you can add new events to the calendar.
Enter an Event
Click on this folder to find the different months calendars.
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 4
Copyright Alix Martin
Pick the month you require
Pick the month you require by clicking on the block
Pick a Date
1) Click in the day that you want to enter an event, and write as required. Try to not expand
the fields too much with too much text.
2) Remember to "Save" at the end of your changes.
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 5
Copyright Alix Martin
2) Making the News - Creating Content via the Blog Block
To create a new post in the blog, click on the "Blog Block"
Once you click on the "Blog" block you will find a similar screen above.
Here is where you can add new posts
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 6
Copyright Alix Martin
Enter Content
When you add "New Blog Post" you will come to the screen above. Add your content....
words, images, links, email addresses and videos.
The red arrow points at the tool bar, which you can use to format your content. Hover over
a "tool" and it will tell you what it does.
You will probably need to play with this a bit to get the formatting and positioning correct
in the actual website.
Remember to click "Save" and then check the actual website to see that the content is
formatted as you want it.
Have fun!
3) Image Galleries
Click on the Galleries Block to Upload an Image.
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 7
Copyright Alix Martin
Uploading Photos/Images
Click on the Photos icon
To add a photo to this gallery, click on "upload photos".
To use a photo from this gallery, go to the main admin login page and click on the Gallery
page. There you can just drag a photo from the page to your desktop and use it from your
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 8
Copyright Alix Martin
4) Stats
There is statistic code installed on every page of the site. Clicking on this link will give you
the stats for the site as well as where people have been referred from.
5) Form, 6) Back Up and 7) Settings
The form does not do anything. Please back up as appropriate and please do not change any
of the settings. Thanks.
Final Stuff
On most of the pages you will see "Embed Code" and "Move to" Please do not use or change
these. Thanks
Hope this helps.
Hope this tutorial helps you find it easy to post, change and upload to the website. Please
get in touch if something doesn't work or doesn't make sense. Thanks
How to ~ Back Office of the AMP Website - 9
Copyright Alix Martin
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