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How to change your HSA contribution amount 1. Login to the

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How to change your HSA contribution amount
1. Login to the Benefits Portal at, similar to what you do to make your Open Enrollment
* If you are unable to login to the Portal, please contact Mike Stevens or Sue Hong for access.
2. Once the portal has opened, go to the “Benefits” tab near the top and select “Health & Welfare” from
the dropdown menu.
3. Once your Health & Welfare homepage has opened (which may take several seconds), click on the
“Report an Event” button within the Enrollments “Welcome” banner.
4. When the Report an Event popup appears, use the first dropdown bar to select “HSA Election.” In the
date box, enter today’s date.
5. Once the Summary loads, scroll down to the list of Benefit Elections and click on “Health Savings
* If you are not able to select the Health Savings Account, or if it says it is “View Only,” please contact
your HR representative for assistance.
6. Enter the amount that you would like to contribute to your HSA into the “Annual Contribution
Amount” box. Click “Done” to submit the change.
* Click the “Calculate Cost” button to see the amount that will be deducted from each paycheck toward
your HSA.
7. Your Summary page should now reflect the new amount that you would like to contribute to your HSA.
To confirm the amount, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Confirm Elections.” You will
be redirected to a Certification Statement. If you agree with the statement, select “I Agree” to
8. On the next page you can choose whether or not to have an email sent to notify you that your updates
have been accepted. You can select to have it sent to the email that is currently on file, a different
email that you provide, or not to receive an email. When you’ve made you selection, click “Submit.”
9. At the top of the next page there will be a blue banner saying that your enrollment is processing. Wait
for this banner to turn green and display a confirmation number. Your election is now confirmed. Click
“Done” at the bottom of the page.
10. Once you’ve been redirected to the Enrollment page, you can log out to close the session. If you would
like to print a copy of the confirmation for the change, click “View Printable Confirmation.” This will
open a new window with a printable confirmation behind your current browser window.
** Please be aware that due to administrative lag time your new deductions may not take effect until the
next pay period**
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