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How to activate your Tunstall Caresse GSM alarm

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How to activate your
Tunstall Caresse GSM alarm
- self-installation guide
Ports & connections
Small status warning LED
SIM card slot
Large status warning LED
Cancel/ Reset button
Function button
Alarm button (Red)
External alarm GSM antenna
AUX - accessory
AC - power adapter
How to self-install your Tunstall Caresse GSM alarm
Please note: This alarm has been pre-programmed to connnect to the
Tunstall emergency response centre.
Simply follow the setup instructions as below to install your alarm.
Step 1. If your alarm has not been provided with a SIM please arrange and
insert a SIM card.
(NB. If your alarm has been provided with a SIM please go direct to Step 2.)
In order to use the GSM mobile network a SIM card must be fitted into the
Tunstall Caresse GSM.
• The SIM fits into the slot on the left hand side of the unit. Insert the SIM
card with the gold contact side of the SIM facing down by pushing it into
the home unit until it clicks, then release. If required, a SIM PIN number
can be entered using the keypad on the underside of the home unit.
• To remove the SIM card, push the SIM gently into the unit until it clicks
and then release. The SIM card will eject and can then be taken out of
the home unit.
Please note: When operating over a GSM network, the home unit will not
work unless there is satisfactory GSM availability. See p.11 of the user guide
for further information on status LED signal strength.
IMPORTANT: The Tunstall Caresse GSM is a safety product that needs to
work in an emergency therefore �prepaid’ SIM cards should not be used as
they may run out of �talk time’ credit or unused credit may expire. Tunstall
recommends that a contract SIM should always be used.
Step 2. Connect the external GSM antenna
Connect the external GSM antenna into the alarm unit socket labelled
Place the antenna upright in a suitable place to give optimum signal strength,
using either the magnetic base of the antenna or the Velcro pads supplied.
Note: The signal strength can be checked by pressing P*802P on the
programming keypad (which will announce the signal strength) or by viewing
the alarm unit’s status LED.
Step 3. Connect the mains adaptor
Plug the mains adaptor into the alarm unit socket labelled AC and plug into
a powerpoint in your home (mains power). Note – ensure the mains power is
switched on.
Step 4. Place a test call
Tunstall Australasia t/a Tunstall Healthcare, 1/56 Lavarack Ave, Eagle Farm, QLD 4009
ABN 44 059 121 863 ACN 059 121 863 t: 1800 603 377 f: 07 3637 2255
e: w:
Press the alarm button (red) on your alarm to place a test call to the Tunstall
response centre. Advise the response operator that you are installing your
new Tunstall Caresse GSM alarm. The response operator will confirm your
details and guide you through a check point test of various points around your
property. This ensures the radio range provides sufficient coverage for the user
to raise an alarm call via the radio trigger pendant.
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