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How To Handle Your Kid Golfer - Limerick Golf Club

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The Voice of Midwest Golf by Ivan Morris
Demise Of Limerick County
County Limerick is not over-endowed with golf courses. We
have fewer courses here than in the vast majority of the other
31-counties. It is particularly sad to learn of the demise of
Limerick County GC at Ballyneety but when you build a golf
course in the wrong place against wise, professional advice, it is
likely to come back to haunt you. It’s a shame because there
were several �good things’ about �County’ – some fine golf holes,
I particularly admired the 6th, 15th and 17th. County had the bestconditioned greens around, a well-designed clubhouse, well
appointed, driving range (apart from the cardinal sin of facing it
the wrong way), a hard-working staff and an enthusiastic team
of teaching professionals – no more, sadly.
GUI AGM - Delegates to the Golfing Union of Ireland’s AGM
held last Friday week in Carton House heard a variety of subjects
being discussed. There was some good news and some not so
good news. Most of the latter was on the playing front as
Ireland’s representative teams fared badly last year. Playing
success is cyclical, so I wouldn’t worry unduly about it. Much
more worrying are �events’ on the financial front, GUI-affiliated
Clubs �lost’ another 8,000 members in 2010. Sponsors are also
dropping out in droves. Key sponsor, Bulmer’s, who for 19 years
funded the All-Ireland Cups and Shields have withdrawn, a big
loss. Other sponsors are not continuing their valuable backing;
Foursomes) and Algarve Tourist Board has vacated the Seniors
Amateur Open. The prospects for the union continuing to
operate in profit in the years ahead is coming come under
increasing threat and yet the best that Honorary Treasurer, Rollo
McClure (Malone GC) had to say was: "Unfortunately, we can only
sit on the sidelines and watch what's happening. There's not an
awful lot we can do. We can't offer money. All we can do is offer
advice, which we've tried to do through the year in our material
about retaining membership."
Is he serious? Is that all that the GUI can do? Sit idly by –
just like Mr. Cowen’s disgraced Government, ignoring problems
and hoping that they will go away? The GUI is a representative
body that looks out for the interests of Golf Clubs – not golfers,
not even �the game’ itself but if golf is losing its ability to
attract new participants, there will (eventually) be no Golf Clubs
and no need for a GUI – do something, lads! There are several
important issues worth taking on – do you want a list?
Distance Measuring Devices - Looking back over my long
career the number of poor clubbing decisions I made due to
eyeballing misjudgments must be at least as numerous as spoiled
votes in the General Election. No �eyesight’ excuses from now on
as the GUI has legalized the use of Distance Measuring Devices at
all levels of competitive play at the discretion of the host club. I
must admit to mixed feelings. Measuring devices don’t come
cheap and I’ll be at a serious disadvantage if I don’t purchase
one. It’s important to note that a DMD must only measure
distance. If a player uses a device that is designed to gauge or
measure other conditions that might affect his play, such as wind
speed, temperature, elevation change, the player is in breach of
Rule 14-3, regardless of whether any such function is used or
not. Here is the full wording: "A player may obtain distance
information by using a device that measures distance only. If
during a stipulated round, a player uses a distance-measuring
device that is designed to gauge or measure other conditions
that might affect his play (e.g. gradient, wind speed,
temperature etc.) the player is in breach of Rule 14-3, for which
the penalty is disqualification, regardless of whether any such
additional function is actually used."
Foley is Mid West Alliance Golfer of the Year – A hat trick
of birdies at holes 9 through 11 on Dromoland’s notorious, water
infested Amen Corner saw the home pro, Dave Foley, pull away
from the chasing pack and win last Sunday’s final Alliance Outing
as well as securing the overall prize for the best three out of
four scores which Foley covered in a highly impressive 4-under
par. Foley’s final round featured six birdies but a shaky finish of
bogey, bogey, par took the shine off what would otherwise have
been a truly outstanding round of golf. Sunday’s Result: Gross,
1st- Dave Foley, Dromoland, 70; 2nd- Eddie McCormick, Galway,
72; 3rd- Paudie McGrath, P&M Golf, 73 and Joe Lyons, Galway,
73. Nett: 1st- Declan O'Leary (7) Dromoland 69. 2nd- Harry Bugler
(7) Dromoland 72. Golfer of the Year/Overall Results: 1st- Dave
Foley, 71,71,70; 2nd - Paudie McGrath, 70,72,73; tied 3rd - Eddie
McCormick, 74,72,72 and Seamus McEnery (Dromoland) 71,71,76.
Words of the Wise: Wise is the man who knows how to play
each hole as he should play it, and skillful the golfer who can
place his shots after he knows where they should go. Such a
player is exceedingly hard to defeat - GEORGE THOMAS.
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