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Say What You Need to Say How To Dress To

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Anthony J. Fulginiti PRSSA
Chapter Newsletter
Say What You Need to Say
By Diana DiNapoli
ou have two minutes to convince an employer to hire
you. But how do you convey
everything you need or want to say in
a short amount of time? The answer
is: you cannot say everything about
yourself in two minutes. The key is to
convince a future employer you
revealed everything he/she needs to
know to hire you for that dream job or
For PR professionals, it is essential
to develop an elevator pitch. This
two-minute speech should comprise:
who you are; what skills you possess;
and what other professionals think of
you. This professional monologue
should set you apart from other candidates an employer could interact with.
To complete the elevator speech,
have a business card ready and easily
accessible to hand the possible
The key to creating a successful elevator pitch is to think of you as a
brand and the employer as a consumer. You want the consumer to buy
your product, just like you want an
employer to hire you. The ultimate
question to answer is: why should we
hire you?
Another tip is to keep it new and
exciting. You never want to sound like
you are reciting a speech; it should
sound natural and conversational.
Finally, be confident in yourself
and what you are saying. Even though
it can become intimidating meeting
new professionals, it is important to
show you are confident in your skills.
It is perfectly normal to be nervous,
just breathe and relax. v
How To Dress To Impress
By Casey Sickler
any of you may be wondering, “What should I wear to
the conference?” I will give
you the dos and don’ts on how to
dress appropriately for the upcoming
conference. Dressing for a conference
is not your usual classroom attire.
Conference attire means dressing
“professionally and classy,” according
to Rowan AJF PRSSA President
Diana DiNapoli.
During the presentations, members
should dress in business attire. Standard business attire for women
consists of dresses, suits, skirts, and
shirts, neither too short, low cut nor
form fitting. Men may wear a suit and
tie. Men and women may opt for dress
pants and dress shirts with a jacket to
complete the outfit. Makeup should
be professional and subdued.
Shoes should be tasteful and comfortable for both sexes because members will be on their feet all day.
Women should consider flats, dress
boots, or petite-heeled shoes. Men
should wear dress shoes or boat shoes.
Make sure you are comfortable in your
outfit from head to toe because,
according to Diana, “If you look
uncomfortable it will show.” Corinthea
Harris, VP of special events, added
that you want businesses to remember
your face and personality.
However, when the sessions are
over, members should bring casual
clothes for dinner, relaxing and enjoying the city. This may consist of nice
jeans, shirts, khakis, and sweaters.
Members should also remember to
bring scarves and jackets because it
will be a little chilly at the end of Ocplease see DRESS page 4
In This Issue
Dress To Impress
Business Cards
Best First Impression
Conference Breakdown
Oct. 23: “What Not to
Wear” - National
Oct. 23: Wendy’s
Nov. 3: Samurai
Nov. 6: “Working in
Corporate PR”
Nov. 8: Dance-A-Thon
7-10 pm
The Grammar
Which of the following is written
Tips & Tricks to Get the
Most Out of Conference
By Brian Kearney
RSSA National Conference is an
experience of a lifetime and has
something to offer every
attendee. You can expect to establish
meaningful professional relationships,
unlock doors, discover new opportunities, and learn from some of the most
brilliant minds in the field of public
Although a plethora of opportunities
await, there are some insider tips and
tricks that will help you make the most
of your time at conference.
Do your homework. In a recent
blog post by Rebecca Timms, PR coordinator for the Philadelphia 76ers,
carving out time to look at and
research who’s speaking can help you
choose which sessions to attend.
Sit with strangers. National
Conference is a diverse group of
people, and Timms suggests getting
out of your comfort zone and meet
new people.
Explore. Take advantage of what
the location has to offer. Check out
popular nightspots, indulge in local
cuisine and learn about the culture.
Give your thumbs a rest. While
staying socially connected and sharing
your experience at conference through
social media are encouraged, don’t
forget to be mentally present.
Ask Questions. Each session has a
distinguished professional who wants
you to succeed in the innovative field
of public relations. Now is your
chance to ask questions.
Drexel University will host the
2013 PRSSA National Conference in
Philadelphia with the theme, “Foundation for Innovation.” v
A. Over-rehearse
Building Business Cards
B. Overrehearse
C. Over rehearse
By Abby Grasso
Correct answer: b
RU Connected?
Follow these Twitter
handles to stay up-todate with all PR news!
f you plan to attend this year’s
PRSSA National Conference, you
should also plan on taking business
cards with you. They are a must-have
for networking and will be key for
keeping in contact with everyone you
Some important things to have on
your business cards include your
name, cell phone number, Twitter handle, LinkedIn address, your school and
your position in Rowan University’s
PRSSA. Remember, these business
cards are for conference – you do not
need to include extra information
about yourself that doesn’t pertain to
public relations.
For your layout, choose colors that
go together while representing you.
Most stores and websites have preset
layouts to choose from as well as customizable options.
After picking a layout, choose a
paper quality. The matte option is
cheaper than glossy, but keep in mind
to always keep the back matte. This allows for people to add notes and additional information on the back.
You can order your business cards
from websites such as, and
They have many types of business
cards as well as many other products.
Keep in mind that they may take a
while to ship, so order early.
In case it’s too late and the shipping
will take too long, there is always Staples. You can order online or in the
store and ask for rush delivery. It may
cost a little extra, but the extra money
is worth the networking opportunities
that business cards will create. v
How to Make the Best First Impression
By Gia Gallone
ithin the first seven seconds of meeting an individual, he or she forms an opinion about you that lasts forever.
Whether you are attending a job interview, a conference or a networking event, you want each person you meet
to form a positive opinion about you. To make the best first impression, follow the six Bs:
1. Be prepared. Plan what you want to get out of your event and create goals. Having specific intentions will help you
focus. Have business cards, copies of your resume and work samples on hand. You must know your work samples and be
ready to answer specific questions.
2. Be dressed appropriately. You must decide what is appropriate to wear for your specific professional event. Make
sure you are well groomed, especially your hands and fingernails. Shoes should be in good condition, and men should
wear dark socks. Women should wear knee-length skirts and make sure blouses are appropriate. Wear soft colors, minimal
jewelry, light perfume or cologne, and natural makeup. You want the focus on you, not on what you are wearing.
3. Be on time. Do not make a professional wait for you. Arrive at least five minutes before your event. Contact the
professional as soon as possible if you think there is a chance you may be late.
4. Be yourself. Show the professional who you are. Share what makes you unique, but make sure it relates to your
event. Your individuality will stick out in the professional’s mind.
5. Be positive. Relax, be confident, and smile. These things will make you much easier to talk to.
6. Be professional. Speak clearly, make eye contact, and pay attention. Be aware of your body language. Shake hands,
do not fidget and have good posture. At the end of your event, thank the professional for his or her time.
Beyond Conference Doors
By Holly Bitter
s a new fall semester begins, there's much to look forward as the annual
PRSSA National Conference quickly approaches. Philadelphia is the
host city this year, and apart from our scheduled events and seminars,
we have the opportunity to explore the city and all it has to offer.
Our days during conference start bright and early, and if your regular breakfast cereal won't do the trick, make sure to check out Federal Donuts. This fairly
new eatery joins the bizarre but winning combination of donuts and fried
chicken. The chicken and the donuts can be paired or taken separately, either
way it is a “must stop” on your trip.
Reading Terminal is a famous downtown farmers’ market established in 1892.
The market features an eclectic mix of Amish markets, fresh produce from
around the world, poultry and other meats, homemade jewelry, and various other
wares, making a trip to Reading Terminal a vibrant and fun adventure right in
the heart of the city.
No trip to the city of Brotherly Love would be complete without a trip to
some of the historical sites such as Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell and The
Betsy Ross House. Even if you've seen them before, you won't regret another
visit, as the spaces are constantly being updated and improved.
PRSSA conference presents the members with an exciting chance to, not only
learn more about our field, but also allows us to discover the dynamic city of
Philadelphia. v
Places to
Check Out in
Federal Donuts
1219 S 2nd St
Philadelphia, PA 19147
Reading Terminal
51 North 12th St
Philadelphia, PA 19107
Independence Hall
520 Chestnut St
Philadephia, PA 19103
The Liberty Bell
525 Market St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
The Betsy Ross House
239 Arch St
Philadelphia, PA 19106
Breaking Down Conference:
What’s It All About?
By Courtney Klauber
his year’s National Conference
kicks off on Friday, October 25.
We begin with a regional conference workshop and a student firm
workshop. These workshops will provide insight on what it is like to hold a
successful event such as regional conference, as well as give us advice on
how to learn and grow as a member of
a student firm.
Up next, our first chapter development sessions will begin. These sessions allow us to hear from other
chapters and gain knowledge on the
following topics: developing our chapter by a building a brand, effective networking, community service, diversity
of thought, creating a win-win for
local businesses, big ideas on a small
budget, and restructuring for greater
success. At night, we will attend the
Ivy Lee Club Opening Night Celebration, a 1920s-themed dance event.
Saturday, October 26 will start with
a keynote address by Mary Henige,
APR of General Motors. She will
share her knowledge on social media
strategy, employee policy, community
engagement, and crisis response. Following the keynote speaker, National
President Brian Price will announce
PRSSA awards and then begin the
Chapter Roll Call.
Next, the professional development
sessions for the day will take place.
These sessions will focus on different
areas such as sports PR, PR in the
health care industry, hospitality indus-
DRESS continued from page 1
tober. During the whole conference,
you want to remain professional and
look the part.
Remember, you dress to impress
and represent yourself, Rowan University and the chapter. Conference is a
time to network with businesses and
prospective employers to obtain an in-
try PR, creating your personal brand,
exploring your passions, targeting
diverse travelers, choosing the agency
path, a media relations panel, publicity
for the entertainment industry, event
planning, and public affairs.
The final event of the day will be
officer discussions. These discussions
are beneficial toward those who
currently serve on, or plan to serve on,
our chapter’s executive board and will
review the responsibilities of each
Living Legends in the public relations industry will hold the keynote on
Sunday, October 27. They will answer
questions and discuss issues of importance to new professionals. The professional development sessions of the
day will include presentation skills,
ethics, corporate social responsibility,
balancing work and life, fashion PR,
and using data to communicate.
Monday, October 28 is the day of
the Career Development Exhibition.
This exhibition will allow students to
talk to professionals from all around
the nation, share resumes with them,
and help allow dreams to become a reality. Then, after learning about life at
an agency, working in association and
nonprofit, and secrets of media pitching success, we will wrap up this
year’s National Conference by celebrating the nation’s top chapters at the
awards ceremony and dinner. v
ternship or potentially a job. Looking
the part is half the battle. If you want
more tips on how to dress for conference, attend PRSSA’s business etiquette and fashion show in the Student
Center Pit on October 23, from
6-7 p.m. v
PR Director
Jonathan Pepper
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Casey Sickler
Brian Kearney
Abby Grasso
Gia Gallone
Holly Bitter
Courtney Klauber
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Suzanne FitzGerald
Joseph Basso
Claudia Cuddy
c/o College of Communication
Bozorth Hall
201 Mullica Hill Road
Glassboro, NJ 08028
PR Quote of the
“Why would you do
anything and not be the
best at it?”
—Anthony Fulginiti
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writing for
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to build your portfolios. Articles
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