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How to Add Labels to Graphs in Graph Builder - JMP

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How to Add Labels to Graphs in Graph Builder
Hi there!
In this demonstration, I’m going to show you how to add labels in one click to pie and bar charts in Graph
Builder. Adding labels allows you to add another layer of clarifying information to your graphs.
First, I’ll get the report how I want it.
Then, I’ll select the type of label that I want to use.
I can label by the value of the bar or the pie slice, or the percentage of the total column values. If there is
more than one graph in the report, these percentage values are out of the total column values in one
unique graph. I can also label by row label.
In this example, I’m going to use the row label type.
Back in the data table, I’ll designate this as my label column. See this little yellow tag? This shows that
the values in this column will now be used as the labels in my report.
I’ll select Row Label as the label type and now I have each bar labelled by geographic region type.
Thanks for watching!
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