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How to Enable and Use FTP Service

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How to Enable and Use FTP Service
Step-1: Enable FTP Services
If the option “Allow anonymous access” is checked,
Then, a folder /FTP will be created under the selected network volume, which is where all
anonymous users will login to and access.
For ADS/Domain users to use FTP service, please check mark the option “Create Home
directory on login”
Step-2: Enable Home Directory in Logical Volume
STORAGE MANAGE пѓ Logical Volume Manager
When create a Logical Volume (LV), or modify an existing Logical Volume (LV),
Please check the option: Assign LV as home directory
This enables the option to assign a home directory for an user or not.
Step-3: Assign User Home Directory
USER & ACCESS пѓ Local User Management
Check the option of “Assign home directory” for the user(s) that you allow to have home
directory created.
Without his or her own home directory, an user is not allowed to have FTP access even
though the FTP service is enabled.
If the “FTP Chroot to home” is not checked, then after login to the FTP, the user can crawl
out his/her own home directory, and explore the entire directory tree in the NAS.
(of course, the ACL permission assignments will still apply to all folders )
#1: Currently, FTP services are for Local users, ADS user and NFS users.
#2: Quota can be applied to user’s home directory folder as well.
#3: /volume_name/ftp folder is where all the anonymous users will login to and access to.
#4: /volume_name/user_name is the user’s home directory, and it is where an user login to
and access to when not as anonymous.
#5: if the “FTP chroot to home” is not checked, after the user gains ftp access, he/she can
crawl out of his/her own home directory, and explore the rest of the directory tree in the NAS
by using those ftp utility (such as FileZila, etc)
If the “FTP chroot to home” is checked, then, the user is limited to access his/her own FTP
home folder only.
#6: In order to allow a group of specific people to share some files besides the /ftp folder,
use the “ACL-Local” page to create a local folder within the NAS network volume. Then,
assign the folder permission/access-rights to this group of people.
Then, after this group of people gaining access to the FTP, he/she can get out of his/her own
home directory, and navigate to this special sharing folder.
But the draw-back is, the administrator must take the efforts to manually and specifically
assign ACL to all the rest of the folders.
#7: is for anonymous user accessing
while is for specific user accessing who has account on the
NAS. and it will prompt for password.
New Feature - SFTP Supported – starting from release verion 100420K5
Now SFTP is supported. SFTP is enabled/disable by the exact same option for FTP:
“NETWORK SETTING” пѓ вЂњFTP Service” пѓ вЂњEnable FTP Services”
SFTP follows almost the same rules as for FTP:
“Assign LV as home directory” in the LV page.
“Assign home directory” for users in the Local User Management page.
Except two things:
(1) In order to use SFTP, a SFTP client program must be used, such as: SSH Secure
FileTransfer, or Core FTP Lite, or some thing alike, etc.
(2) the “FTP Chroot to home” won’t work for SFTP. With SFTP client program, user
will login to his/her default home folder, but he/she can crawl out of the home
directory to whatever folders that he/she has access rights for.
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