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How to Be First – Call #4 Raw chat log 2:52 PM Welcome to the

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How to Be First – Call #4
Raw chat log
2:52 PM Welcome to the 'howtobefirst' room.
2:53 PM JeremieMiller mod: that was just a sound check for those of you listening
2:54 PM kristi ban: It was beautiful
2:54 PM kristi ban: was that you on guitar?
2:54 PM Jennifer ban: 'twas groovy
2:54 PM JeremieMiller mod: I get very tired of listening to this hold music
2:54 PM kristi ban: I can play tamborine. Jennifer - do you have the spoons?
2:55 PM Jennifer ban: I have spoons! WOOT
2:55 PM JeremieMiller mod: wll someone else joined me, hold music is gone!
2:55 PM kristi ban: NOOOOO! I was just getting my groove on...
2:55 PM Jennifer ban: Hold music... is it playing Girl From Ipanema? It almost always seems to be Girl
From Ipanema...
2:55 PM Jennifer ban: particularly in elevators
2:56 PM Jennifer ban: <--- observant
2:56 PM kristi ban: stop bragging
2:56 PM Jennifer ban: just sayin'
2:57 PM kristi ban: <-------- awesome
2:57 PM Jennifer ban: *proceeding to the punishment area*
2:57 PM kristi ban: Ha! No, no punishment area
2:57 PM kristi ban: that's what spending time with me is for
2:57 PM Jennifer ban: they have cookies...
2:57 PM kristi ban: Oh excuse me.... proceed
2:57 PM kristi ban: and bring me back one
2:57 PM Jennifer ban: white chocolate macadamia?
2:58 PM kristi ban: Please.
2:58 PM Jennifer ban: ignore the bite mark
2:58 PM phyllz ban: is there sound from the livestream right now?
2:58 PM kristi ban: :)
2:58 PM kristi ban: No, phyllz. Just waiting for start. :)
2:58 PM phyllz ban: thank you, kristi!
2:58 PM cynbish ban: hi all
2:58 PM Jennifer ban: Nobody else is hearing those voices?!? *headsmack*
2:58 PM Doris ban: Hallo Ihr Lieben! :-)
2:59 PM Doris changed their nickname to Doris@expats_MBTI.
2:59 PM cynbish ban: I hear a little sound but no voices
2:59 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Howdy from Texas
2:59 PM kristi ban: Ha!
2:59 PM Jennifer ban: (kidding) I can just see Jeremie scrambling like WHAT THE?!? hehe
2:59 PM kristi ban: HELLO AJL!
2:59 PM cynbish ban: oh is SAT San Antonio, Texas?
2:59 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Hi
2:59 PM Jennifer ban: Hey!
2:59 PM kristi ban: I have no idea what you are referring to
2:59 PM Jennifer ban: *looks away*
3:00 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: Hello
3:00 PM JeremieMiller mod: luckily I was checking smething so you didn't get to freak me out!'
3:00 PM donnakb ban: What's that about cats and mice playing? Val Heart's fault!
3:00 PM Lynnmoore ban: yup
3:00 PM cynbish ban: good job, yes!
3:00 PM Jennifer ban: D'oh! Mayhaps another time, Jeremie. Mayhaps.
3:00 PM JeremieMiller mod: but in reality, it really isn't nice to play jokes about audio. You may kill me
3:01 PM Jennifer ban: Kristi = a bottle of fun
3:01 PM JeremieMiller mod: you can listen to Andrea either here on the channel or via the phone Dial
in: 760-569-7676Participant Pin: 337299#
3:01 PM kristi ban: :) x 2
3:01 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Hello from Janice in Seattle
3:01 PM JeremieMiller mod: if you use the phone make sure to mute your channel audo
3:01 PM kristi ban: Hello all!
3:02 PM erinferree ban: hi everybody!
3:02 PM JeremieMiller mod: To join the chat: 1. Type "hello" beside teh word "Say" 2. Hit enter 3. Type
your name beside "Nickname" 4. Hit enter 5. start chatting
3:02 PM Corina ban: :)
3:02 PM Jennifer ban: Hi Erin! Hi Corina!
3:02 PM giacr ban: Hi everyone!
3:02 PM Debi ban: Hello :) Excited for another session!!
3:03 PM Corina ban: Hi Jennifer! :)
3:03 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: No, all cool!
3:03 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: Hi! and yep, kinda draggin'!
3:03 PM stedebarber ban: how do you listen here on the channel?
3:03 PM giacr ban: Hi deb!
3:03 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: hi gia!
3:03 PM JeremieMiller mod: stedebarber: you should just get audio while on the channel. If you don't
hear anything try refreshing your screen
3:04 PM JeremieMiller mod: if that doesn't work check that the speaker symbol in the bottom left of
the video player is not muted
3:04 PM JeremieMiller mod: and that sound is turned up on your computer
3:04 PM stedebarber ban: yay, got it! Thanks
3:04 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Yay for audio on the computer!
3:05 PM JeremieMiller mod: great!
3:05 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Hello, Fabulous Ones...
3:05 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: hi
3:05 PM kathy nyc ban: hi, all!
3:05 PM giacr ban: And here I thought Andrea had super powers!
3:05 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Thrilled to get audio online.
3:05 PM giacr ban: Round of applause!
3:05 PM donnakb ban: Yay team!
3:05 PM JeremieMiller mod: I have trouble with the Berler part still (Chelsea recently got married)
3:05 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Yay for all access by computer!
3:05 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: :)
3:05 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Kari, where you be?
3:06 PM Jennifer ban: *applause* team!!
3:06 PM Corina ban: Kari's with her kiddo. :)
3:06 PM JeremieMiller mod: I believe Corina is this sessions Kari
3:06 PM DAVID from SAT ban: thank Corina..
3:06 PM cynbish ban: is that goal ninja or gold ninja?
3:06 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Aw thanks@!
3:06 PM giacr ban: I actually followed that Jeremie
3:06 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Goal
3:06 PM cynbish ban: thank you
3:06 PM JeremieMiller mod: giacr: good....not sure I did
3:07 PM giacr ban: pull on your hair at the roots...feels good!
3:08 PM erinferree ban: genius, gia!
3:08 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "Your business is a collaborative process built with those you want to
serve most" and "the value to OTHERS overrides what people think of you (self-less-ness)
3:09 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: build business up from the soul, begin each day by checking in with
heart, mind, body, and spirit
3:09 PM donnakb ban: Your life as a Living Prayer
3:09 PM cynbish ban: start at a place of feeling with self and animals
3:09 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "Who would be hurt if you stopped doing it?"
3:09 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: no biting good to know
3:09 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Opening to new possibilities.
3:10 PM Sauer ban: Dare to be original!
3:10 PM Debi ban: If you don't charge enough, people don't respect your work. Right pricing = right
3:10 PM kathy nyc ban: gleeful explore
3:10 PM kathy nyc ban: explorer
3:10 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: slowing down; if you don't have something, go out and live for a while
3:10 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Be OK with being "wrong" sometimes
3:11 PM Debi ban: Do in your heart what you know you were meant to do.
3:11 PM DAVID from SAT ban: necessity to invention as discontent to innovation
3:11 PM Lynnmoore ban: I got my p.butter cup combo! Had it and didn't know I did!
3:12 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Oooh - exciting Lynnmoore
3:12 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "create fresh combinations"
3:12 PM erinferree ban: woohoo lynn!
3:12 PM giacr ban: creative S.E.O...isn't that an oxymoron?
3:12 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: yay!
3:12 PM janblount ban: permission to not follow the tried and true business "wisdom" ...if my thing is a
new thing it may not fit the norms...probably DOESN'T fit the I can freely break the rules
3:13 PM DAVID from SAT ban: SEO = Selflessness Enough for Others
3:13 PM giacr ban: totally makes sense!
3:13 PM Jennifer ban: y
3:13 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: ooooh... that is a gut kick... nobody might want my thing...yet
3:13 PM donnakb ban: "SEO is behind reality" OMG- this has been my struggle w being original & a
creative - so I've been trying to ''create demand'...
3:13 PM erinferree ban: they might not even be able to imagine that your thing could exist.
3:13 PM davit ban: THANK YOU for that truth!!!
3:13 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Yes! Need to evangelize the need.
3:13 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Love that Erin
3:13 PM DAVID from SAT ban: CEO = Creative Enough for Others
3:14 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: ugh, that's why the relo-industry is so frustrating - everybody knows
how important expat support is, but still nothing's changing.
3:14 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: yes
3:14 PM Debi ban: y
3:14 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: h
3:14 PM Sauer ban: y
3:14 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: yes
3:14 PM HollieHH ban: Yes to the how!
3:14 PM phyllz ban: y
3:14 PM cynbish ban: y
3:14 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: YES!
3:14 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: y
3:14 PM janblount ban: yep
3:14 PM giacr ban: Heck yes!
3:14 PM DAVID from SAT ban: woo hoo
3:14 PM lindamickle ban: yes, yes, yes!
3:14 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: yes
3:14 PM DAVID from SAT ban: and HELL YES!
3:14 PM davit ban: y!
3:15 PM donnakb ban: Especially how to create demand BEFORE people recognize they actually want
it...but they know it when you articulate it...
3:15 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: yes donna...
3:15 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: good point
3:15 PM donnakb ban: Danke Doris!
3:16 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: Bitte! :-)
3:16 PM DAVID from SAT ban: slow learner here..SEO is great, and SEO stands for ?
3:16 PM Debi ban: Absolutely Donna
3:16 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Search Engine Optimization?
3:16 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: Search Engine Optimization
3:17 PM phyllz ban: search engine optimization
3:17 PM DAVID from SAT ban: thanx
3:17 PM JeremieMiller mod:
3:18 PM DAVID from SAT ban: all the time
3:18 PM lindamickle ban: oh yeah!
3:18 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: y
3:18 PM Debi ban: y
3:18 PM Jennifer ban: "must be something missing"
3:18 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Definitely a version of that..
3:18 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "not good enough"
3:20 PM andreajlee ban: technical word = ucky
3:20 PM JeremieMiller mod: I believe the proper spelling is "ookie" :)
3:21 PM andreajlee ban: rhymes with cookie!!!
3:21 PM Jennifer ban: *snort*
3:21 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Become aware. Accept everything.
3:21 PM andreajlee ban: become even more vulnerable and soften
3:21 PM giacr ban: If I feel "something's wrong with me" I assume it's your feeling and not mine...ha ha
3:22 PM DAVID from SAT ban: no numbing, medicating, covering over
3:22 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Absolutely giacr.
3:22 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: book suggestion re: vulnerability: brene brown, daring greatly
3:22 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Brene - fantastic!!
3:22 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "fix it now" vs. gradual process
3:22 PM cynbish ban: I was thinking of Brene Brown too
3:23 PM lindamickle ban: Brene is fabulous!
3:23 PM JeremieMiller mod: in the Lab we are discussing this as "the slow business movement"
3:23 PM DAVID from SAT ban: patient with yourself; what a concept...
3:24 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: love it, jeremie
3:24 PM lindamickle ban: I just had the conversation this morning about it taking time.
3:24 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Time...well, this explains a lot of my angst :)
3:24 PM andreajlee ban: Kit - I feel you SO much. :)
3:24 PM giacr ban: I always want to give up just before something happens...
3:25 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Expectations of things being different than they are can really eff us up!
3:25 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: I absolutely know you "get me," AJL...and I'm grateful to you!
3:25 PM andreajlee ban: definition of stress, eh Julia?
3:25 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Love the expression "Don't quit 5 minutes before the Miracle"
3:25 PM Debi ban: Hi Julia!
3:25 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Hi Debi! Yes Andrea - we can create our own stress in our own minds!
3:27 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: All stress comes from how we perceive things, how we think about
3:27 PM andreajlee ban: sai maa - conscious parenting
3:27 PM giacr ban: Ooooh, Julia, going to write that in my journal...
3:27 PM giacr ban: the 5 minutes before miracle comment
3:27 PM JeremieMiller mod: did anyone on the phone get that pause that just happened? (I am trying
to troubleshoot)
3:27 PM stevecozart ban: I heard the pause
3:28 PM DAVID from SAT ban: been happening all day
3:28 PM JeremieMiller mod: and you are on the phone line Steve?
3:28 PM andreajlee ban: i'm not getting any pause - i'm on the phone lol
3:28 PM stevecozart ban: sorry, on the web
3:28 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: :) Gia I think what you wrote was for me too :) All together now - Keep the
3:28 PM DAVID from SAT ban: I'm on computer too
3:28 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Jeremie I've heard two pauses now
3:28 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: Lots of pauses on the phone.
3:28 PM giacr ban: (Raising right hand) I Swear to Keep the Faith!
3:28 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: I'm listening on the computer
3:29 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: @Gia - And Only the Faith!!
3:29 PM JeremieMiller mod: hmmm...thanks everyone. Didn't mean to distract. Thanks fo rthe info!
3:29 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: sounds like a call waiting thing
3:29 PM giacr ban: lol
3:29 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Mmmn smart Ruthi
3:29 PM andreajlee ban: anyone picking up the 'how to create a demand' parts in this bit?
3:29 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: gia I always think about you saying that even if my work is just for
myself, that is enough
3:29 PM JeremieMiller mod: Ruth: hmmm...that is true.
3:29 PM giacr ban: I'm not...enlighten me
3:29 PM DAVID from SAT ban: nurturing DEMAND before trying to supply. is what I'm waiting for
3:29 PM Debi ban: me too
3:30 PM giacr ban: Thanks, DebDD!
3:30 PM Jennifer ban: Gia and Julia, so there we have it: wanting to give up is the precursor for an
awesome something that is positioned to happen soon. :)
3:30 PM andreajlee ban: wisdom school tv is a web tv show, where she holds conversations for free,
openly, and she gets to attract a ton of people to hang out with her without trying to fill a program with
1000 people in it.
3:31 PM DAVID from SAT ban: oh, now I got it
3:31 PM andreajlee ban: she backed up from trying to sell sell sell something it was very hard to explain
3:31 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: what? what when she offered the upgrade?
3:31 PM andreajlee ban: and built a certain 'machine' that is about educating the market.
3:31 PM DAVID from SAT ban: third time this recording we've lost sound
3:31 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: awww...
3:31 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Audio pause on computer again
3:31 PM JeremieMiller mod: you are not actually losing sound, there is a internet lag and then it picks
up right where it left off
3:32 PM JeremieMiller mod: so you are hearing all the words
3:32 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: @Jennifer - Love it! Thanks for the reframe!
3:32 PM DAVID from SAT ban: good to know - was not hearing that continuity
3:32 PM andreajlee ban: if that is troubling, you can also go back to the phone for audio
3:32 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: gone back to computer as losing sections on phone in number of places
3:32 PM phyllz ban: i think we lost some words, Jeremie. She cut off after "offered the upgrade" - when
it came back on, Andrea was speaking.
3:33 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Andrea gives us sound on computer and now we complain about
bufferring..."accepting everything" time!
3:33 PM giacr ban: You have to comb your hair for video!
3:33 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: I am listening on both! :)
3:33 PM andreajlee ban: @helen that is die hard :)
3:34 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: what's wrong with showing your messy hair??
3:34 PM JeremieMiller mod: phyllz: hmmm interesting. then the pause lengths are person specific. I am
not losing any words in thepause. I will have to think about what combo of tech is causing this.
3:34 PM DAVID from SAT ban: once again, "being yourself" the key
3:34 PM JeremieMiller mod: you can try phone: Dial in: 760-569-7676Participant Pin: 337299#
3:36 PM cynbish ban: I went back to the phone for audio
3:36 PM cynbish ban: those 3 big pauses threw me off and I think some words were lost
3:36 PM giacr ban: Rebecca is so great with being real...
3:36 PM HollieHH ban: Hear you on this one Rebecca/Andrea. As a Hemingway type of writing style (i.e.
love & hate relationship with writing, birthing it from the soul)...much more ease and grace for me on
the vocal side.
3:37 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: I believe Livestream offers a greater level of connection. I can "get"
someone more when they're on live and their real self shows up
3:37 PM JeremieMiller mod: should be back shortly. skype crashed
3:37 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: I've got the audio back Jeremie
3:37 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: back on
3:37 PM DAVID from SAT ban: yet another reason to purchase $97 special!
3:38 PM JeremieMiller mod: that was a BC mountain internet issue. My apologies
3:38 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Volume is lower for me now...anyone else
3:38 PM andreajlee ban: :) you guys are being very patient... this is why we mostly recommend the
phone with chat as addition
3:38 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Rebecca's voice is softer than Andrea's on the recording usually
3:38 PM JeremieMiller mod: I upped it a bit Kristi
3:39 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: What was the playback link again, please?
3:39 PM HollieHH ban: I'm have been using Andrea's recommendation (phone AND chat working well
3:39 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: "My big work is me"! Powerful wisdom there Rebecca!
3:39 PM stevecozart ban: yes it came back with lower volume
3:39 PM DAVID from SAT ban: For audio only, dial the following numbers:Dial in: 760-5697676Participant Pin: 337299#
3:39 PM stevecozart ban: I found my laptop's voume buttons!
3:39 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: And me is a big project :)
3:40 PM Jennifer ban: Indeed, Julia, and a valuable project!
3:40 PM davit ban: that was so great - thanks rebecca and "first" team!
3:40 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: @Jennifer - with great ROI!
3:40 PM HelenOnPurpose ban: I have found computer audio better than phone, Andrea! I'm doing both
at same time but phone cutting out more than computer.
3:40 PM Jennifer ban: Julia YES! WOOT! :)
3:40 PM donnakb ban: Emerge into what our Big Work & it's me/us!
3:41 PM lindamickle ban: potent statement: my big work is me.
3:41 PM JeremieMiller mod: Andrea: My big work is me (from Rebecca)
3:41 PM cynbish ban: create demand
3:41 PM donnakb ban: Tender- Fierce Emotion...yikes- we better pay attention to this!
3:41 PM DAVID from SAT ban: As a coach, you learn this big point: work on you and clients come
3:42 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: @David - Love! My energy can be attractive or repelling :)
3:42 PM DAVID from SAT ban: I'm inkling the connection with attraction and nurturing demand
3:43 PM JeremieMiller mod: Three ways to create demand:
3:43 PM JeremieMiller mod: 1. Show don't tell
3:43 PM JeremieMiller mod: Don't try to find the words for your thing, get out and show it to people
3:44 PM lindamickle ban: can you give some other examples of showing?
3:44 PM DAVID from SAT ban: demonstrations show
3:45 PM DAVID from SAT ban: brochures tell
3:45 PM JeremieMiller mod: Linda: instead of trying to explain WebTV to my group, this week I started
my own WebTV show to give an example for people to see
3:45 PM donnakb ban: @lindamickle -like on earlier calls, Andrea had the speakers demo examples of
what they 'do'
3:46 PM JeremieMiller mod: 2. Don't rely on your new thing for cash flow right away
3:46 PM JeremieMiller mod: then you can lead your new thing through generosity
3:46 PM JeremieMiller mod: (my paraphrase on that one might be slightly off)
3:47 PM JeremieMiller mod: 3. Make sure you set up a circular structure
3:47 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "feedback" too
3:48 PM kathy nyc ban: would appreciae more clarity on 'circular structure'
3:48 PM JeremieMiller mod: it is sort of like teaching live to a completely silent and non-responsive
audience. You have no idea how things are going
3:48 PM DAVID from SAT ban: chat also engages in a special way
3:48 PM lindamickle ban: thanks, Jeremie! and donnakb~
3:49 PM Debi ban: A communication circle with your audience
3:49 PM kathy nyc ban: thx :-)
3:49 PM Jennifer ban: Creating a circle in conference room to entice interaction vs. lecture 1 to many
and no interaction.
3:49 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: lots of take-aways & learnings happen in the coffee breaks. :-)
3:49 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: or on the chat, respectively.
3:49 PM Jennifer ban: absolutely, Doris! Like the "meeting after the meeting". :)
3:49 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Premise is "teacher" does not have all the answers and learn from each
3:49 PM JeremieMiller mod: "constructivism" in teacher's college
3:50 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: important to keep in mind that it may not work in all cultures
3:50 PM JeremieMiller mod: which is notnearly as nice a way of saying it as circles
3:50 PM lindamickle ban: fantastic!
3:50 PM Sauer ban: Makes sense
3:50 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: USofA is great for interaction, far east may be more comfy with
3:50 PM DAVID from SAT ban: nothing works perfectly all the time, but good ideas here
3:50 PM Corina ban: All set. :)
3:52 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: I have chills in ANTICIPATION of this interview :)
3:52 PM Jennifer ban: same here, Kristi!
3:53 PM andreajlee ban: :)
3:53 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: so sorry for your loss.
3:53 PM Sauer ban: Interesting that all of the speakers are women.
3:54 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: oh yes. This question
3:54 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Learning is what happens when you really don't know what to do
3:54 PM andreajlee ban: :) Oh DAvid, bestill my heart.
3:54 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Thanks Jeremie (volume) :)
3:54 PM andreajlee ban: @Sauer we have Tim Kelley coming to us on the final call :)
3:54 PM JeremieMiller mod: you are welcome
3:54 PM DAVID from SAT ban: somebody I know said that Andrea...
3:55 PM JeremieMiller mod: I went to one too. It was one of the most fun events I ever attended
3:56 PM andreajlee ban: :) David. :)
3:58 PM DAVID from SAT ban: consider they may be looking for something via SEO that has yet to be
innovated; the quandry is finding you...
3:58 PM giacr ban: real that!
3:59 PM Jennifer ban: "this takes real ovaries to do" Andrea I lurve you....
3:59 PM Encorecoachjw ban: The singing was tremendously transformational!!!
3:59 PM JeremieMiller mod: you got to sing with a full live band
3:59 PM andreajlee ban: :)
3:59 PM donnakb ban: singing- fun and vibrational resonance!
3:59 PM DAVID from SAT ban: is "real ovaries" related to "growing a pair?"
4:00 PM andreajlee ban: indeed!
4:00 PM Jennifer ban: Testify!
4:00 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: :)
4:00 PM Debi ban: LOVE that Andrea ♥
4:00 PM JeremieMiller mod: show don't tell
4:00 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: ^^^ yes
4:00 PM andreajlee ban: :)
4:00 PM donnakb ban: Singing is also about 'using our voices'!
4:00 PM DAVID from SAT ban: so the lesson is show people you can't carry a tune rather than just
telling them...
4:01 PM Jennifer ban: hehe
4:01 PM giacr ban: lol
4:01 PM donnakb ban: @ David- ha ha! Better practice in the shower!
4:02 PM cynbish ban: it's like foreplay!
4:02 PM DAVID from SAT ban: evolution of entrepreneural path nice phrase Andrea
4:02 PM andreajlee ban: :)
4:02 PM andreajlee ban: foreplay it definitely is!!!!!!
4:03 PM DAVID from SAT ban: wouldn't it be twoplay, as in a pair?
4:03 PM andreajlee ban: ding ding cynbish.
4:03 PM Jennifer ban:
4:03 PM donnakb ban: SF 'unification of disparate parts'- that means LOTS of peanut butter cups! :)
4:04 PM Jennifer ban: (that rimshot was for David) ;)
4:04 PM DAVID from SAT ban: time and again it comes up with our speakers, i.e. they are "following
their inner 'must'"
4:05 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: she has a great low pitched voice
4:05 PM DAVID from SAT ban: "I know I should be doing this"
4:05 PM andreajlee ban: @ruthi :)
4:05 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Conviction and confidence "sells"
4:06 PM HollieHH ban: What a great framing by Suzanne-- for us to know that each of us is the Supreme
Authority on what I/we are here to do when being first. Amen!
4:06 PM andreajlee ban: spiritual rituals that involve cooking
4:06 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Firsting all over the place ~ Andrea's on a roll with this interview
4:06 PM andreajlee ban: lemon fluff for making wishes
4:07 PM andreajlee ban: is one of the new recipes from the
4:08 PM andreajlee ban: curried soup for a broken heart
4:08 PM giacr ban: Hmmmm, wonder what happens to people who are eating that food?
4:08 PM DAVID from SAT ban: This sound so familiar, but in an environment of watering the yard
instead of cooking...guy thing?
4:08 PM andreajlee ban: 'like water for chocolate' :)
4:08 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: It's amazing to me that people will pay big money for this. Dif strokes
for different folks,I guess.
4:08 PM giacr ban: Exactly, Andrea1
4:08 PM Jennifer ban: Eureka! Huzzah! Had similar idea but with painting pictures. hmmm...
4:08 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Loved that movie
4:08 PM donnakb ban: Sounds so yummy & poignant!
4:09 PM andreajlee ban: @ruthi i think everyone will be amazed by at least one of our interviews in the
way you describe :)
4:09 PM andreajlee ban: (maybe that was my secret goal) :)
4:09 PM JeremieMiller mod: Ruth: that is the key for all of our businesses! we can each fit in with a
different group of people
4:09 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: Yes,viva la diferences
4:09 PM JeremieMiller mod: fit=find
4:09 PM giacr ban: It's what we take for granted about ourselves that is pure genius to others....
4:10 PM Jennifer ban: amen to that Gia!
4:10 PM DAVID from SAT ban: @Ruthi "Who knew?" that 'firsting' was this fun?
4:10 PM Jennifer ban: ajl = ninja
4:10 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: yeah:)
SAT ban: cleft for me..
4:11 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: Not to mention the various tones of Andrea's voice depending
which day she recorded! :)
4:11 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Expanded
4:12 PM davit ban: grateful
4:12 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: oyster gritty
4:12 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: A little intimidated because she is doing so well and happy and all
so shortly after her daughter's death.
4:12 PM Lynnmoore ban: much more hopeful
4:12 PM JeremieMiller mod: Suzanne always blows my mind. I am on the edge of being spiritual and she
always makes me want to jump in with both feet
4:12 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: More grounded
4:12 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: I love hearing the joy she expresses
4:13 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Jeremie: aren't we supposed to stay off for newbies?
4:13 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Oh Jeremie, exciting to hear that )
4:13 PM Jennifer ban: Ruthi, I was honestly not sure how I'd receive Val's info earlier today because of
preconceived notions about connecting with pets... BUT she (perhaps unwittingly) had pearls of wisdom
for me.
4:13 PM Sauer ban: Slightly overwhelmed, everyone seems to have it all figured out!
4:13 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Both a sense of great vulnerability and renewed courage: I
am the authorithy on my thing...
4:13 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: I haven't heard that one yet (animal)
4:13 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: Jeremie, that is funny, on the edge of being spiritual. Like my
friend who I always tell, you just think you're a pagen.
4:13 PM JeremieMiller mod: Andrea: the importance of creating demand
4:14 PM cynbish ban: Andrea I was quoting you when I said foreplay, fyi
4:14 PM Gwyneth Anne ban: Loved the 'big work' concept. Powerful.
4:14 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: Educate the market
4:14 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: show don't tell
4:14 PM DAVID from SAT ban: show, don't tell
4:14 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: by showing them not telling
4:14 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: be generous
4:14 PM Jennifer ban: start with generosity
4:14 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: start with generosity
4:14 PM DAVID from SAT ban: start with generousity
4:14 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Show, don't tell; start with generosity, circular structure
4:14 PM lindamickle ban: people don't know what we don't know - it's up to me to show them
4:14 PM cynbish ban: start with generosity
4:14 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: circular structure
4:14 PM giacr ban: Creating a demand helps you better define some of those "hard to explain"
4:15 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: #3 set up a circular structure
4:15 PM Jennifer ban: set up a circular structure
4:15 PM DAVID from SAT ban: like CHAT
4:15 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: set up a circular structure to complete the communication loop
4:15 PM giacr ban: Oops mine doesn't fit in
4:15 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Gia you ALWAYS fit in my world!
4:15 PM JeremieMiller mod: How do you create a demand? Entertain and delight (#4)
4:15 PM giacr ban: thanks @kristi!
4:16 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Sock Oprah comes to mind
4:16 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: Love the word 'delight"
4:16 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: :) ha Kit. She retired ;)
4:16 PM DAVID from SAT ban: superior to bore and turn-off...
4:16 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: gustatory
4:16 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: auditory
4:16 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: visual
4:17 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: vibration
4:17 PM DAVID from SAT ban: FEELINGS
4:17 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Sock Oprah memories count
4:17 PM Jennifer ban: nothing more than.... feelings....
4:17 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: :)
4:18 PM JeremieMiller mod: #5 Make sure you engage the senses
4:18 PM DAVID from SAT ban: THE BIG 5
4:18 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: I am percolating deep on the cooking and engaging the senses
4:18 PM cynbish ban: gamification
risti Shmyr ban: brilliant
4:20 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: Any tips for how to avoid that landmine...over supplying?
4:20 PM JeremieMiller mod: Andrea: release one thing at a time and test
4:20 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: what's an example of oversupply
4:20 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: GOT IT...thanks!
4:21 PM RuthiBackenroth ban: thank you
4:21 PM DAVID from SAT ban: Andrea, tell how you and Thomas had 89 ideas a day in the past...
4:21 PM DAVID from SAT ban: implementation...
4:21 PM Jennifer ban: Advent Calendar approach - one chocolate a day.
4:22 PM Jennifer ban: one chocolate at a time, rather
4:22 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: I will absolutely to that!!
4:22 PM DAVID from SAT ban: thought it would be an example of one thing at a time - off topic?
4:22 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Oh love that @Jennifer!
4:22 PM JeremieMiller mod: are only supposed to eat one chocolate each day?
4:22 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Yay Gia!!!
4:22 PM giacr ban: whoo hoo!
4:22 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Shh...stop scaring Jeremie!
4:22 PM Jennifer ban: "supposed to" = key ;)
4:23 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Yay Gia! Always entertaining!
4:23 PM giacr ban: And by the way....don't pay attention to my math
4:23 PM JeremieMiller mod: exciting Gia!
4:23 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Yes!
4:23 PM giacr ban: int he interview
4:23 PM Jennifer ban: SARK! yay!
4:23 PM giacr ban: ha ha ha
4:23 PM cynbish ban: I know SARK
4:23 PM Julia Aspinwall ban: Gia always has great energy and great useful info to share!@
4:23 PM cynbish ban: I too love SARK
4:23 PM janblount ban: love SARK
4:23 PM Debi ban: y
4:23 PM janblount ban: me
4:23 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: y
4:23 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Recieved a SARK book a few years ago that totally changed how "writing a
book" could look liek to me
4:24 PM giacr ban: it's hard to get passionate about passive
4:24 PM giacr ban: :)
4:24 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: h
4:24 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: i will
4:24 PM Tara Kachaturoff ban: yes
4:24 PM JeremieMiller mod: me
4:24 PM kathy nyc ban: y
4:24 PM KitFureyWholeMindMastery ban: YES
4:24 PM davit ban: y
4:24 PM Jennifer ban: y
4:24 PM Encorecoachjw ban: y
4:24 PM cynbish ban: me on Saturday
4:24 PM Debi ban: me
4:24 PM Lynnmoore ban: y
4:24 PM Sauer ban: yes for Sat!
4:24 PM phyllz ban: y
4:24 PM DAVID from SAT ban: one of them
4:24 PM janblount ban: maybe
4:24 PM DebDawsonDunn ban: yes
4:24 PM SharonTheMDMentor ban: yes
4:24 PM Gwyneth Anne ban: WIsh I could - company from out of town...
4:25 PM giacr ban: Thanks, Andrea1
4:25 PM giacr ban: !
4:25 PM DAVID from SAT ban: already have - BYE
4:27 PM Jennifer ban:
4:27 PM Jennifer ban: (testing)
4:27 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: it works :)
4:27 PM Jennifer ban: yay!
4:27 PM Jennifer ban: *happy to serve* :)
4:27 PM Encorecoachjw ban: Thank you for more great wisdom!
4:27 PM Kristi Shmyr ban: Jeremie... *shakes head in disappointment
4:27 PM JeremieMiller mod: thanks Jennifer, I had to track it down on a
different window
4:27 PM Lynnmoore ban: yes!
4:28 PM Jennifer ban: ;)
4:28 PM JeremieMiller mod: I'm Sorry Kristi!
4:28 PM HollieHH ban: Keep on keeping on! ;-)
4:28 PM Lynnmoore ban: Good to know I'm not alone!
4:28 PM Jennifer ban: hehe
4:28 PM Doris@expats_MBTI ban: put video up to show what i do
4:28 PM Lydia The Doubt Doctor ban: Yes, definitely
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