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How to download a library eBook or audiobook to a Kindle Fire:

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How to download a library eBook or audiobook to a Kindle Fire:
You will need:
A valid library card
A registered Kindle Fire
A wireless internet connection
To download EPUB ebooks or MP3 audiobooks to your Kindle Fire:
1. Allow installations of apps on your Kindle Fire. Here are the steps:
1. From the home Screen, tap the “Quick Settings” icon (looks like a gear wheel in
right corner) and select “More”.
2. Tap “Device”.
3. Tap the switch for “Allow Installation of Applications” to the “On” position.
2. Install the OverDrive Media Console (OMC) Android App on your Kindle Fire. It is not
available in the Amazon Marketplace.
Go to:
Kindle Audiobooks
SMC 06/12
3. Select the “Mobile” “Android” version. (there may be a delay reloads)
4. Tap on the linked phrase below:
“If your device doesn’t support Android Market/ Google Play, you can download
Overdrive Media Console for Android from OverDrive.
(Again, there may be a delay before this phrase appears from the reload of the page)
5. Tap “Accept” or “I Agree” on the terms and agreements page to allow the download to
6. Once the app setup has downloaded a number will appear next to your Kindle Fire’s
name in the upper left hand corner of the screen (this shows your downloaded items).
Tap on the number.
7. Locate the “Overdrive Media Setup” file and tap it. (ODMediaConsoleSetup.apk)
8. The next screen will ask “Do you want to Install this application? Tap the “Install”
button at the bottom of the screen.
9. Tap “Open” or “Done”
10. This will load the app onto your Fire. The app will appear on your Kindle’s Carousel
and also on your App Store page.
11. Now, you can search the library’s Digital Downloads catalog for an MP3 audiobook or
EPUB ebook to download onto your Fire. The book, once downloaded, will appear in
your OMC app.
NOTE: You MUST have a WiFi connection to download Overdrive books to a Kindle Fire.
Kindle Audiobooks
SMC 06/12
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