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There should be no space b\w the initials and the name.
there should be no dots or lines below the signature
should not lift there fingers while putting there signature
They should write all the names continuously.
Anticlockwise movement should be avoided eighther at the beginning or
through the signature.similiarly a downward slant should be avoided.
A signature that extends horizontally does not indicate progress life will
have its own up and downs and with medium result. This signature
indicates moderate life.
When the signature is given a changed form, there will be changes in the
body and mind almost immediately.
The slanting down signature indicates ill reputation, legal disputes,
imprisonment, mental affliction, family problems and stagnant business.
Many such problems that beset a person will ultimately push him down
the drain. He will have no chance of moving up words in life.
Signatures that slant upwards while give on upwards swing to the person.
Every effort will be crowned with success. The mind will become full
with contentment, one will come to have strong mind that could achieve
any thing on earth.
The length of signature should not exceed 6CM; a longer signature will
lose its life force and will subsequently lose. Its mesmerizing effect also.
Similarly too short a signature will be short of mesmerizing effect of
signature. Therefore it should not be of a length less than 3 CM.
When the signature is devised in accordance with matching standards b\w letter
with the powers of a charm and its number such signature will definitely bring
success in life. So those contact your nearest signature therapalogist.
Signature therapalogist.
Both the handwriting and signature are very slow in a way that seems almost
unreasonable. The writing and the signature are more drawn or painted rather than
written and express a personality that is full of anxieties on one hand, yet the writer has a
strong drive to prove himself on the other hand.
This creates a conflict that makes it very difficult for the writer to deal with reality. It
creates a very frustrated man with difficulty to feel content from his achievements and a
need for constant attention.
The size of the signature indicates a megalomaniac tendency. This is partly demonstrated
in the signature, which is comprised of two circles, black and white. His drive for attention
is greatly noticed and can take a positive or negative form. As long as he is noticed, he feels
a temporary relief from his seeded and tremendous urge to prove himself.
He is protective and at the same time domineering with a strong need to rule. He constantly
fears others taking over his place and as a result he keeps his guard and is continuously
under a great deal of pressure.
He is very prudent, fears failure and avoids risks. Lacking improvising skills, he carefully
calculates his steps and tries to avoid uncertain situations.
He aspires for perfection at what he does and is often obsessive about his unwillingness to
accept any form of mediocrity.
Every action he takes is carefully examined and he advances only after every detail has
been meticulously planned and taken into account. This significantly slows down his
activity, but at the same time, makes his actions thorough and prudent.
His personality expresses a double standard, as if he is two individuals This can also be
seen in the signature, which shows two circles: black and white. In actuality, the writer is
an individual without gray areas, agility or compromises.
The Signature unveils a personality that us analytical and clear. A balanced mind that has
an uncanny abil
Illegible signature belong to the economically sound ones especially business
magnet and successful industrialists.To avoid major problems never underscore
or place dots under your illegiblesignatures.80% of those who had a naming
underscore continuously to left and then turning right
(as illustrated) will give bad events in their personal life and their business.
Never sign at angle 15' (or )
30' right up.
According to the changes that happen in a person's life his/her signature changes. For
The most wanted person BIN LADEN
1. What does handwriting and signature analysis tell us?
Graphology is the art of assessing a person's character & nature and then extrapolating
these details to indicate the various parameters of his life relating to :
family & relationships
This is entirely a new art & is gaining rapid popularity in India. It is also useful in business
as it helps to highlight the character, nature of employees & business associates on various
parameters like
Loyalty integrity
Work drives etc.
It would be of interest to know that handwriting helps to indicate more complex and
intriguing problems and also helps solve them. Were you ever worried with any of
these questions?
Should I get into a joint venture or Partnership with this person?
Is my business partner taking me for a ride?
My net worth is very high. Still I suffer from a liquidity crunch. Why?
Is my Marketing Manager giving out trade secrets?
Whom should I hire among the crowd of new applicants?
Which employee is most likely to engage in anti corporate activities and
could also backstab me?
Who should be promoted in order for the organization to grow?
Is my financial controller siphoning away cash?
Will this person ever pay me back?
My file is lying with an influential personality. Is he holding it back on
merits or does he want me to grease his palm?
There is no serious problem with my spouse but then there exists a severe
lack of understanding?
Will there ever be mental peace for me at least from the family side?
Why am I not able to get along with my children?
How do I control my temper?
Will my children be able to manage business or make a career for
Is my joint family due for a bitter break up? Who will start the painful
disintegration process? How do I tackle him?
Is my spouse having or is likely to have an extra marital affair?
On the basis of personal experience research and logic graphology can be described as a
skill that has benefited and proven its high degree of accuracy, efficiency in problem
solving, compatibility analysis for marriage and a number of events. For those who need
further evidence, feel free to engage my services!
2. Is graphology scientific?
Yes. Handwriting is also known as "brain writing"--the brain directs the act of writing.
In cases where disability prevents use of the hands, a person may hold the pen in his teeth
or between his toes. Research studies have proved that he unconsciously produces the
same writing that he would if he could use his hands. After all it is the brain that helps us
write, the hands are only a medium of implementation.
The accuracy is directly proportional to the skill and talent of the graphologist it takes at
least 8 years of study and experience to excel in this art. It is like clinical psychology. No
psychology test works out 100% accurately graphology fares very well in being 94%
accurate. In the US and Europe they have recognized universities undertaking
graphological studies but in India there is no institute of such grade or magnitude.
3. Is it true that Graphology is used in United States and
Europe for personal selection?
You would be surprised to know that it is very common in France."80% of European
Corporations use it for employee screening and hiring the best talent for a job"Wall Street Journal September 03, 1985.
Companies like General Electric, International Harvester, US Steel, Firestone Tire Company
and over 3000 other United States Companies have used graphology for personal selection.
4. My handwriting changes all the time. Can you analyze
people like me?
Yes. Generally the basic character and the analysis would remain the same. Of course a
change in handwriting is caused by a change in moods of persons, we react differently to
new situations. These changes are reflected in writing size, uppercase letter sizes, slant,
spacing between words and letters and more importantly rhythm.
5. Can you tell if I try and fake my handwriting?
You may fake a couple of lines but then you would not be able to keep it up while
writing on a full sheet of paper. Handwriting comprises of a number of elements like
slant, pressure, rhythm, zones. It is impossible to fake all these aspects. Even experienced
graphologists like me cannot do this.
6. Is it more or less same as astrology?
Unlike astrology you need not have to find the date, place and time of birth of a person.
There is no need for a horoscope as I analyze on the basis of signature and handwriting,
which can be acquired easily. This makes the science such a big hit with the corporate of
Europe and US. It is very unique to astrology. Here there is nothing called the active hand
of God. The arrangement of the heavenly bodies are absolutely immaterial .The most
important aspect is that two people in the world cannot be enjoying the same level
of living although being born at the same place and time and two people in the
world do not have similar handwriting patterns as brains function differently and our
fate is decided by the level of brain functioning.
7. What has been your success rate so far?
Since this whole science is based upon logic and the power of the brain I would say the
success rate is tremendously high because on events that I speak I am invariably correct.
The variation is one of magnitude only.
8. What is the general profile of your clients?
For obvious reasons, my clients' identities are subject to confidentiality agreements
both written or implied. I do not give out details of my clients for personal and
professional gains. I can tell you that my client base ranges from private individuals and
companies to students. You would be interested to know that teenagers and college
students form a reasonable share of my client profile. They engage my services to indicate
career path, increase concentration and efficiency.
9. What do I need to give you to have an analysis
I require a half-page sample of cursive handwriting and a signature. The sample should be
written without the aid of lined paper (Blank paper). Use only dot pen; no marker,
calligraphic pen or pencil.
Original samples enable me to perform more accurate analyses, but you can send your
sample by photographing it with a digital camera, scanning it in, faxing it to me.
10. When should I consult a graphologist?
I highly recommend you employ a graphologist whenever in Business you are about to
enter into any type of contract, agreement or partnership involving money,
emotional or intellectual risk and personal security. A graphologist is equally
essential while advancing loans to individuals and Companies and alo while selling
on credit to customers-After all you want your money back don't you?
Handwriting analyses are also a dynamically accurate way of co-coordinating teams and
groups, whether for business or pleasure.
You can never be too under prepared for any situation, and I guarantee you will thank
yourself in the long run for investing a small sum of money in a service that provides you
with a definitive answer
11. Why would I need a handwriting analysis?
Why spend your entire life in second gear when you can use all five gears
instead? Graphology is not just a mechanical science that analyses handwriting. It is also a
psychological method of determining how one can best use the inherent qualities and nature
of a person to perfection.
People spend substantial amounts of money each year on enlightenment workshops in
search of their 'inner self' when a handwriting analysis can tell them in five minutes all they
need to know! :) It is also able to develop positive growth drivers within people who
are burdened with negative energy. Seriously though, a handwriting analysis
uncovers all the unknown and hidden aspects of a personality and more importantly,
provides you with a practical method of applying your talents, intellectual and emotional
intelligences and unique personality in your life.
It helps you overcome temporary barriers and enables you to express your true potential.
(Grapho therapy)
12. How Significant is the signature in Graphology?
Signature is a very important tool for a graphologist. The differentiator of a signature is
Sign and nature. In other words your sign reflects your nature. Many people rely
only handwriting and there are many who analyze only signatures I analyze both and it
helps me provide a very accurate method of analysis. Choosing between what you analyze
signature or handwriting is choosing between mother and the father.
13. Is it legal to request a graphology analysis?
Yes, it is. There is no law in India which prohibits you from having an analysis performed. It
is a standard practice for all parties involved to be fully cognizant that their handwriting will
be used for evaluation and assessment purposes but in some cases it is not necessary. The
United States Supreme Court has held that a person's handwriting is a public document and
is not a form of privacy invasion
14. All right I know my drawbacks after I meet you how
do I get them over?
Your are referring to Graphotherapy. Yes by making small changes in our writing
habits and signatures we can to a very large extent change our habits and thereby
also the events that are associated with our present style.
Let us assume that there is a married couple who are extremely stubborn, egoistic and
inflexible and very sensitive to criticism. To explain the point further an analysis of their
handwriting will reveal the specific pen strokes that bring about these aspects in
the nature. While I ask the couple to practice writing in a fashion that is flexible,
compromising, insensitive, the hand tells the brain to accommodate these specific
characteristics and slowly the brain changes focus and compatibility is restored.
This also helps us to live life in a mode of self-awareness and with greater productivity. It
works in a somewhat similar way to NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) by helping to
create new neural pathways - or, in handwriting terms, more positive habits in the way we
represent ourselves symbolically on paper. Positive feedback, via the unconscious mind, can
be achieved, as new, helpful habits replace old, unhelpful ones
Once a person changes his handwriting and signature there is a very strong
possibility that his life would also change.
I do suggest changes and people have benefited tremendously over the past several years.
15. How long does it take to observe the benefits of
The answer is the same as to the question as to how long would it take for me to burn
calories in a gym. Coming back to the question the idea of Graphotherapy is to change
the mindset the functioning of the brain the attitude. The revised and changed
signature should be practiced at least for 1000 times after that the changes would definitely
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