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How to Use and Apply Essential Oils - Sharing Great Health

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How to Use and Apply Essential Oils
by Debra Raybern
Essential Oils are the aromatic, volatile liquids distilled from plants. The oil can be
obtained from the seeds, roots, an entire shrub, flowers, leaves, and trees. Each plant may
contain hundreds of molecular chemical compounds with names such as terpenes,
sesquiterpenes, phenols and aldehyes, just to name a few. For example, Clary sage has 900
different molecules and lavender over 400. Essential oils are very complex and currently under
much study for their remarkable benefits to our health.
The majority of our plant essential oils are obtained by steam distillation to release their
precious oil. Young Living uses a proprietary steam distillation process using low heat, proper
pressure, time and of course fresh, properly, organic grown and harvested plants to deliver
essential oils whose quality and purity are unmatched in today’s market. There are many
essential oils out there to choose from. There are essential oils used in the textile manufacturing
industry, cleaning products, in rubber and plastic manufacturing, for food flavoring, cosmetics
and perfumes. Whether an essential oil is adulterated or synthesized in many cases makes little
difference to these groups, as they are not looking for a therapeutic effect.
Young Living Essential Oils go through numerous independent lab tests and are graded to meet
or exceed Young Livings own high standards which often exceed common AFNOR and ISO
standards. They are never adulterated, synthetic or chemically enhanced. If they do not
make the grade (which many oils from plants not grown on their 4,500 acres of farm land do not)
– they are not given the Young Living label. They are returned and the grower simply sells to the
next person in line – this was the recent case for helichrysum.
The old adage – you get what you pay for is true in the essential oil industry.
Let me give you an example = Cypress: It has 280 known chemical constituents. If it is distilled
for 20 hours you only get 20 of the 280 properties. If distilled for 26 hours you get zero properties.
Most market cypress is distilled for 3 1/2 hours. The correct length of time for distilling cypress
is 24 hours, you will get the full 280 properties. If you want cypress to the job it is intended to do,
you must get all 280 constituents.
Before YL, I used many brands of essential oils for nearly two years, names you would all be
familiar with – but neither I nor my clients were very impressed, so I went back to my master
herbalist background and just helped people with standard herbal preparations.
Then in early 2000 a student at one of my workshops told me about Young Living. I said thank
you, I’ve tried essential oils and was not overly impressed. She persisted that Young Living was
different so I decided to give them a try – it’s now been 9 years and I have seen Young Living oils
change and save peoples lives. I, for one, would rather not use essential oils if I couldn’t use
Young Living. There is a definite difference.
Did you know that in 2004 when the human genome was mapped, that more covered the
olfactory system (smell) than any other part of the body?
Cheap, synthetic, diluted oils are potentially toxic. Therefore, it is very important that you use
only high quality essential oils from a trusted source – right from the farms. Young Living has
over 4,500 acres of aromatic farm land where properly grown, harvested, distilled, bottled and
blended oils are produced. Young Living is the largest therapeutic grade essential oils producer.
Other aromatic farms where we get oils are personally inspected by Gary Young, founder of
Young Living, to be sure our high standard of cultivation, harvesting and distillation are met.
Now let’s discuss some oil applications.
For inhaling – 2-3 drops of the oil in your palm, rub together gently, cup your hands over
your nose and mouth and inhale slowly 6-8 minutes. You may use up to 3 oils at a time. Oils
travel through the nasal passages into the lungs and then to every cell in the body. They also
pass into the brain via the limbic system. Some people just by inhalation experience physical
changes, more mental alertness, clarity, relaxation, emotional release and much more. They
affect the hypothalamus gland – which in one sense controls our health.
Diluting an essential oil for inhaling is not generally necessary. Smell straight out of the bottle
as well. To really encode the oil into your body, close one nostril, hold the bottle up close to the
open nostril and take a deep, slow sniff. Move the bottle away and exhale through the mouth.
Repeat with the other nostril and then smell with the nose completely open. Some may even
experience lightheadedness as they may never have had this much oxygen to their brain before.
Don’t snort the oil though, the vapors can irritate the nasal passages, and while no harm is done,
you’ll be slightly uncomfortable for a while.
Inhaling may be good for head discomfort, nervous conditions, anxiety, restlessness, energy,
stamina, concentration, blood pressure concerns, and respiratory conditions of all sorts. In fact
Aroma Therapy is the science of smell and how it affects the body, mind and spirit. Essential oil
research shows how these oils actually increase oxygen in the body. In the Bible there are 188
references to the use of essential oils or the plants where we get them.
Diffusing - If you don’t yet own a diffuser, I highly recommend you purchase one of the
Young Living diffusers soon. If you are a new distributor you have a coupon for 50% off a
diffuser which must be redeemed within 60 days of enrolling. There are three to choose from.
You always want to use a cold air diffuser so as not to harm the many molecules. After all, when
you diffuse Thieves for instance you want to know that you indeed are killing germs in the air.
The diffuser can be moved from room to room and run for about 15 minutes twice per day not
just for a great smelling home, but truly clean air in your home.
Now let’s talk about topical applications.
Neat applications of oil to the skin. First the word neat here means to apply the oils
without diluting. For instance you have a bug bite, you simply grab the Purification oil and
drop one or two drops of the oil right onto the skin where the bite occurred, rub around and
you’re done. Be sure to wash your hands/finger so as not to then later rub your eye, though it will
not hurt your eye – it will sting for a bit and most likely cause your eye to water. You also may
experience the side effect of improved eyesight – but it is not recommended to place essential oils
in the eye.
So let’s get out your bottle of Pan Away and drop some on your knee or elbow and rub around, 12 drops is fine. You will notice in a few seconds that the area will feel cool then warm as the
peppermint and other ingredients go to work. Even if you have nothing wrong with your knee,
you will still feel the sensation.
I personally apply at least 12 different bottles of oil to my body each morning and 4 at bedtime,
making sure that every single oil offered by YL is somewhere on my body, from the top of my
head to my toes, I do not start the day without my oil application. By the way, most books on
essential oils, including the Essential Oils Desk Reference, suggest that you dilute essential oils
50/50 with carrier oil (V6) for topical applications. If you are new to oils and you do not know
how they will react to your skin type, this is a good way to begin, but I can tell you from my
experience and those of my clients, we do not often dilute except with infants, small children,
some of the “hot” oils or those with sensitive skin.
Experiment yourself and you will know which ones and when to dilute. If you apply oil and your
skin begins to turn red, itchy or hot, just dilute with the addition of olive oil or V6 oil. Nothing is
wrong the oil just brought blood to the skins surface quickly. If you have been in the habit of
using chemical cleansers, soaps, cosmetics, lotions and such with synthetic ingredients, these
toxic ingredients penetrate and accumulate in the dermal layers of the skin. Applying essential
oils to these areas may cause skin irritations, as they cleanse the skin. So make the change to
using only all natural Young Living personal care products.
Ears and eyes – essential oils can be used for all sorts of ear complaints. Apply to the
outer back area, under the ear lobe and down the throat to relieve an ear ache. A cotton ball with
a few drops of oil tucked in the ear can also relieve ear aches. Eyes benefit from using oils on the
boney area around the eye, never directly in the eye. Many people have improved eyesight,
pinkeye gone, sty’s gone, just by using essential oils between the eyes on the bridge of the nose,
around the eye, sometimes full strength, other times diluted.
Full body massage is another excellent way to experience the power of essential oils.
The selected oils are diluted in carrier oil – this could be YL V6 enhanced oil blend or olive oil,
almond oil, jojoba oil – your choice. 30 drops E/O per ounce of carrier oil. Then the blend is
massaged over the whole body, usually by a professional therapist, but let family members
massage your back or feet for that ooh aah feeling. There is nothing like a massage to greatly
impact your health.
Another massage technique, unique to Young Living is the Raindrop Technique. A full
explanation can be found in the EODR, but in a nutshell, the Raindrop is a set of specific oils
applied onto the spine and feet. Anyone who has ever had one can tell you just how amazing this
technique can be. Learn the technique by buying the Raindrop kit and the training DVD and
give the whole family the Raindrop experience. I recommend my clients receive at least 4 per
Vitaflex is a special technique similar to reflexology, using essential oils on various
pressure points on the bottom of the feet. You may be surprised at the results you can achieve
by adding oils to the feet. Dilution, even on children is generally not necessary on the feet.
Consult the EODR for complete instructions and to find the various points.
Bath time can be very relaxing with lavender or Peace & Calming oil. Combine one cup
Epsom salts with one cup non-refined salt and then add 5 drops of the oil of your choice. Stir to
fully spread the oil throughout. Add ВЅ cup of this mixture to running bath water, very warm to
hot water. Relax and let your cares melt away. Why not give this a try tonight. You can omit
the salt if you do not have any, or it may be replaced by dead sea salt.
Foot or hand soaks are also very easy. Combine one ounce V6 oil, with 5 drops of
essential oil – myrrh, lemon and frankincense oils are good choices for nails. Add this to 2 cups
warm water and let your hands or finger tips soak until the water cools. Another application is
to just bottle the nail oil blend and apply to the nails nightly. For feet, add regular lavender or
the awesome St. Maries Lavender to Вј cup Epsom salts to a basin of hot water and soak away.
For any type of foot or nail fungus, add Melrose or Purification oil to the Epsom salts instead of
lavender. YL started with the St Maries farm in Idaho and the lavender seeds were actually
brought over from France in Dr. Young’s shoes.
Hair and scalp massage can be very helpful for many hair conditions. Select the oils
from those mentioned in the EODR and combine ½ tablespoon V6 oil or wheat germ oil and 5 –
10 drops of essential oil. Dip your finger tips in the oil and massage into scalp. Cover with warm
towel for 20-30 minutes, shampoo as normal. By the way, the Young Living shampoo and rinse
products are loaded with essential oils for specific hair types. And they are very concentrated, so
you will use less than previous products. Many families dilute the shampoos and conditioner
50/50 into another bottle so there is no waste – you do not use the same amount as other
products. You can also just use the essential oils neat – non-diluted, to clean scalp. I like to use
Present Time, Clarity, and Brain Power.
Compresses are often used to drive oils deep. Select your oils, drop into your hand, mix
in a clockwise motion, apply to the area (liver, back, knee, etc) and top with a warm wet cloth.
Then top with a warm dry cloth. Leave on until cool. Peppermint drives oils deeper.
NOTE - Smelling through inhaling, diffusing and topical application MAY bring up old
memories – some good, some not so good – this is a great time to deal with those negative
emotions that are holding you back from achieving your highest potential, forget the past and
move forward.
Now for some internal applications.
Ingestion is our next topic and I need to warn you up front – if you are not going to use
the Young Living essential oils –DO NOT ATTEMPT TO INGEST ESSENTIAL OILS. Other
companies, even on their website sayWe use partially synthetic or hybrid ingredients when necessary in order to deliver the best
aromatherapy experience possible.
Select your oil and drop directly from the bottle with it’s built in orifice reducer into empty
capsules, cap and swallow with water, may dilute w/olive oil 50/50. You can also place the oils in
spoonful of maple syrup, honey, Agave, add to almond or rice milk or on a cracker and ingest.
Ingestion may be beneficial for intestinal problems, supportive of the immune system, digestion,
endocrine system balancing and a host of other body functions. We ingest several essential oil
capsules daily. Inner Defense, ParaFree and Longevity are already created for us.
OK, get out your peppermint, this is a fun experiment. Place one drop of peppermint in the
palm of your hand, stick the tip of your tongue in the peppermint oil. Now put the tip of your
tongue on the roof of your mouth. Inhale through your mouth 3-4 times, then close your mouth
and breathe through the nose. You will feel your sinus’s open up in a matter of a few seconds.
Note: A 00 capsule mixed 50/50 (half essential oil and half olive oil) will give you 400 mg of the
essential oil. A single 0 capsule mixed the same way will give you 200 mg.
Now that we have fresh breath with the peppermint oil, let’s talk about oral care.
Oral care – If you want great oral health, YL carries toothpaste and mouthwash with the
Thieves blend. A study by the American Dental Association showed that rinsing with essential
oils was better protection against gum disease than flossing, but YL also has a Thieves Floss.
You can also make your own gargle with 2-3 drops essential oil in 1oz. purified water, mix,
gargle, spit or swallow—they’re safe. In the case of a gum sore, canker sore, fever blister, etc, you
can put just a touch of essential oil on a clean finger and then rub the gum or place the oil on a
sore. I have seen people with fever blisters and canker sores neutralize them with lemon oil,
Thieves and Melissa oil. For an abscess tooth, a little Thieves on the tooth area, and it is history.
For sore throats - one drop under the tongue or placed on the middle to back of the tongue,
combine with salvia swallow, wait a few minutes for it to absorb into the mucosal lining of the
mouth. This is also great for coughs. Tonight try adding a drop of Thieves to your toothbrush
for an exhilarating brushing experience, your breath will be fresh for hours.
Retention implants or boluses for vaginal or rectal implanting. This is largely
reserved for more serious health concerns. The Essential Oil Desk Reference will make
suggestions for certain conditions. I have known of many female conditions, including cervical
and uterine cancer to go away using these methods of application. Gary Young has used rectal
implants for serious mold in the intestinal tract and recommends for many lung conditions. You
bypass the digestive system this way, getting the oils into the bloodstream and into the body
very quickly. Mix 1 part E/O with 9 parts V6 or vegetable oil, insert and retain overnight. A
“part” in this case is usually drops. The EODR has specific recipes listed to give you examples to
Food preparation, cooking and drinks with essential oils. You can have loads of
fun preparing food with essential oils. Did you know that as a member of Young Living, if you
place orders monthly you will receive the quarterly Lifestyle magazine that features several
recipes using the YL oils, plus there are two YL cookbooks you can purchase? Try adding a drop
of cinnamon oil to a batch of oat bran muffins, salad dressings and sauces. Make lemonade with
Agave and lemon oil, add this to iced water and stir – delicious. You will have endless fun
experimenting with delicious foods. Remember with strong oils, such as oregano for spaghetti or
other Italian sauces, even one drop may be too strong. Take a toothpick, insert in the bottle of
oregano and then stir into the finished sauce. You can add more after you taste it. And
remember, it is best if the food you prepare is not heated in the oven to retain more than just
flavor. Why not make some Lemon oil aid right now?
Just like a treadmill won’t help you lose weight if you don’t use it, neither will you experience the
power of essential oils if you do not use them daily. So do not be afraid to use them. In the
Essential Oils Users Guide that you receive with your Distributor kit and every essential oil
purchase, it contains a great guide to determine neat or diluted applications, and which oil may
be photosensitizing (they give you a sunburn if applied in excess and then exposed to the sun).
With all the oils and lotions I wear, I have never had this problem.
The Essential Oils Reference Book has several helpful charts categorizing the essential oil as to
topical applications, dietary supplements and aromatic oils. Safety guidelines are also listed.
The most important guideline is to test an oil on a small area of the skin first, and start slow –
unless you are following a specific protocol recommended by a professional. Use oils for
everything and for everyone! Babies and children – feet are a great place to start, dilute other
areas, start slowly, not with ten oils at once.
So to wrap up our time together, I wanted to applaud you for taking time to learn more about
your family’s health and how you can use God’s original medicine – essential oils – to have
vibrant health. I hope you will begin to experience the hundreds upon hundreds of benefits of
using essential oils and essential oils products for health, home and body, daily. If you want an
in depth study on how oils work and their chemistry - the book by David Stewart , The
Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple is an excellent resource.
Required disclaimer: Please note that the information shared in this lecture is for educational
purposes. The opinions expressed are solely that of Debra Raybern. If you suffer from a disease or
illness, you should contact and work with the health provider of your choice.
To order Young Living products go to when it asked for enroller/sponsor number
please insert 1013977 Sharon Raybern.
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